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Crash the Cash House [Quest: Bianca]

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#1Bianca Fleur 

Crash the Cash House [Quest: Bianca] Empty on Fri Nov 03, 2017 10:19 pm

Bianca Fleur
It was the first of November already, and Bianca was done with Halloween. She was basically done with having to see ghosts for like an entire week. Well to be honest, she actually only saw three ghosts in total, but that still bothered her to no ends when it happened. But, she was not being honest if she said she did not enjoy helping them out, well except for the one where she had to cook a meal literally in the middle of a fucking forest, where she had to find the ingredients from all over it. That was one weird situation, but it was her first time seeing a ghost who wanted her to help him out with something so she just did it to make him go away. However, for the next two - wait actually three! - ghosts, she actually enjoyed doing what they asked her to do. Starting with Elma the vengeful singer or actress or whatever - she already forgot, and then the mercenary captain who was also seeking revenge, then finally the ghost boy who wanted the doctor who basically killed him fired! So now that Halloween was over, she prayed that seeing ghosts was also over because she felt like she had more important things to do now that a month was over and a new one was beginning. That was what she felt every time when a month ended and a new one started, like she was busy or something.

But today, she was actually busy and not just thinking that she was busy. She had taken a job from one of those remarkable Oak Town folks. She was helping a Martello man, and this was no ordinary job. She was not going to have to be all silent about it because at the end of the job Martin wanted the crash house burned down to ash. That was no problem for Bianca! So at the moment, she stood right outside of the Martello family’s house, holding the map that she was given by her clients. Before she started with this job, she needed to get some things to end it the way Martin wanted it to. Normally it would have been just stealing the money and done, but Martin was pretty pissed at Vincenze, which was probably why he wanted the building burnt down after she got the money. He even assured Bianca that the money had to be there and there was no doubt that it would not. So she had to look every fucking where. Apparently Martin was pretty confident in that and she was kind of thinking at first. ‘What if the money isn’t there?’ But fuck that. She was working for Martin so she had to look everywhere like he asked her to to make sure that the job was complete and she got the full reward. So after studying the map and trying to locate the cash house in her mind, she headed to the place she could get her things.

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#2Bianca Fleur 

Crash the Cash House [Quest: Bianca] Empty on Fri Nov 03, 2017 10:31 pm

Bianca Fleur
The first thing she needed was something flammable, and because she smoked cigarettes, she already had a lighter to start the fire. And she was going to use the old fashioned way of using oil to light it up like in the movies and shit. Bianca knew where exactly she could get that and so she headed to the Phantom Lord guildhall. The bartender greeted her warmly and she returned the greeting, even asking about how he was and all that, since she had not actually seen him in quite a while. She actually wondered before getting back to Oak, if the bartender she knew was even going to be there still, or if they might have got him replaced with someone else. She was glad to see that the bartender she knew was still bartending at her guild. The bartender replied saying that he was well, and so was his family. Bianca nodded and said that she was glad to hear that, telling him that she was doing great as well and was actually on a job at the moment. He wished her luck and Bianca headed into the store of the guild, where she could find what she was looking for. She had already brought a black drawstring bag and also wore black clothes so the only thing that stood out on her body was her hair. It was fucking purple, so of course it stood out. She did not care though. She loved her hair. It was pretty damn thick and shiny and silky and all that good stuff.

So after getting the flammable thing and shoving it into her little drawstring back - after making sure that shit was not going to spill, of course - she headed out once again. She had her lighter in her pocket, together with her cig pack as well. It was starting to get dark, which was perfect because she did not want to waste any more time out here and sit somewhere waiting for the sun to set. Now that she was all ready and time was on her side with it getting already dark, she headed for the cash house. Well it was winter already and that was why they were having shorter days and longer nights, so it got darker earlier than usual. Which was good, all good for her plans. The cash house was some diner that was abandoned and had not been used for a long time. She loved how it was kind of secluded from the rest of the buildings in the area, like it was in its own little world. Being the vampyre she was, she snuck in easily and started digging around, looking for the money which she found under a pile of tiles that were messily stacked. Once that was done, she spilled the oil on literally everywhere should in the cash house until the last drop. She then tossed her lit lighter into the house from a window and simply dashed out of the scene. After a while, she passed by a Martello man who took the cash from her and gave some to her as a reward.

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