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Give her the Juice [Best girl on earth]

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It was a gorgeous fall day in the Port town of Hargeon. The sun was just setting over the day as white light peeped over the cobalt ocean. Gentle waves caressed the shore line, dancing over the sand with gentle kisses. Resting atop of the sand in front of the rolling waterfront was the raven haired adventurer that went by the name Baron. He wore faded black jeans along with a black tank top. His feet were dipped in the muddy sand before him, the water frequently washing over them. In his right hand was a mostly full beer bottle, think ale of the gods it was considered by some. Enjoying a beer was something he often did while he enjoyed the sight of the sea in front of him, its beauty the only thing taking his mind from the woman in his dreams.

Taking a swig of his beer with a smile, Baron placed his empty hand over the sand. The beach seemed to be lacking life, given it was fall so it would be too cold to truly enjoy the day without risking a cold. “Hm, so this is the land where the Pegasus roam,” Baron thought to himself as he downed what remained in his beer bottle, “Eh.” he grabbed another bottle from his six-pack that rested between his legs. Opening his mouth he’d bite down over the cap of the beer and tilt it downward popping it open in a way that probably wasn’t too good for his teeth, but what did he care about oral health? Not like he was kissing anyone today. Life on his own had taken a light turn over the past few days. He was just a week or so into his new life and things while looking up were getting stale.

Despite having a partner for quest and a travel partner, he was without companionship for a time since both were usually doing their own things around town. When offered to tag along he would respectfully decline and go back on his own, back to the beach where he began his adventure so to say. He was hopeful he would find the woman from his dreams, but that was little more than a pipe dream. At this point, the only thing he had to drive him was the thought of her smile.

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#2Rosa Salvatore 

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Rosa Salvatore
What a lovely sight! Though, it wasn't as if lovely could actually sum up the magnificence of such panoramic landscape. Rosa's eyes glimmered at the beauty that was before her; the soft-colored sand, the crystal seas and, most of all, the burning sky that stretched across the Hargeon Beach. Passionate colors painting the skies as the sun slowly melted into the horizon-- how could anyone not feel blessed and lucky after seeing something as grand as that? Yes, she always doubted her mother's words about the Holy Capital being the most prepossessing area in Fiore, but she wasn't exactly expecting this.

A chilly breeze blew from behind that gently swept the girl's hair and dress forward as if encouraging her to tred closer. She did so with no resistance and with her shoes held by one hand, eased on her sides. Soft and warm, it was such a waste to walk on the smooth seaboard with hard leather covering the skin. Furthermore, she always wanted to know how it felt to have the sand against her; it certainly tickled but overall it was pleasant, something she'd want to feel a few more times. Her gaze was casted on the ground, watching dainty footsteps be imprinted in her trail as she navigated her to the coastline. It wasn't all that long also until she found herself treading on cool sands and struggling to walk.

Her eyelids fell in one swooping motion, perhaps much heavier than the usual blink, upon seeing the water rolling over the shores. The sea. With child-like wonderment, the blue-haired forged ahead, the hair on her arms and legs standing up the moment her feet touched the cool waters. She continued further- lifting her skirt to keep it out of her way but not actually minding the salty water ruining its ruffled ends- only stopping once the sea reached her calf. There she watched the waves for a moment before raising her head, only to be greeted by a larger view of the sunset. Her expression softened at the scenery, slowly closing her eyes in attempt to savor the moment. The soft breeze, the sounds of the waves and the warmth of the sun-- it was during these times would she feel that she had done the right decision of leaving home.

A small smile unconsciously pressed on her lips, and with one gust of the wind her veil fell down on her shoulder, revealing her face. Ah, she was so absorbed with the experience that she failed to notice anything else around her, including that figure that she walked past by.


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Downing his second beer of the day he had four more in his pack. He’d have to save those for a rainy day, with his budget already dry for booze he’d have to keep himself afloat by doing more jobs later on. Baron’s eyes fixated on the water for a moment as it continued to brush over his feet in the sand, though once the water began to touch his pants he’d back up just a tad bit to get away from the coming waters. Normally, he wouldn’t mind getting a little wet, but at the moment he merely wanted to keep dry in case he wanted to go out to eat later on. Catching his own food was great and all, but he could use a nice cooked meal every now and again.

“Mm, not a cloud in sight…” he mumbled to himself looking across the water, the dazzling orange the sky took on signaling the passing of day into night. He paused, after so much rain he expected more on the way after the last few storms but now there wasn’t a single cloud insight, seemed to be quite an overcast at the moment. With a lick of his lips he finished the last of his beer before planting the bottle into the ground next to the other one. “Eh, no harm in taking another.” he reached for a second beer, though just as he reached down someone passed him up, the sweetness of perfume caught his nose and his eyes shifted upward to see a skirt blow past his face wit the wind.

The chilly air sent goosebumps around his form, he cleared his throat and dropped his beer. She looked just like her, the woman from his dreams. She dressed the same, her hair didn’t match up but he couldn’t think of that any further. He tried to speak, but all he could muster was a slow ‘uh’ in reply as he stood up on shaky legs. Wobbly and weak kneed he began to walk towards her, reaching out for her shoulder as he tried to speak, beer bottle somehow back in hand as he held onto the neck with a tight grip. “E-excuse me…” he muttered under his breath as he finally made contact. It felt like a dream, he must have been asleep, yet soon it became evident that he wasn’t dreaming as the fabric of her clothes contacted his fingers. “Mam?”

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#4Rosa Salvatore 

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Rosa Salvatore
The wind blew stronger the more time that passed, and with that the waves started getting bigger. It was something that should be obvious but- believe it or not- Rosa failed to notice. It was like she was hypnotized by the artwork before her, and it was only when something touched her shoulder did she come back to her senses. "Mam?" Was there someone else around? The girl's eyes widened in surprise and disbelief as she turned around to see a stranger. Dark messy hair, tall, tanned and muscular. Something-- or someone, rather, she found hard to react to.

Her gaze remained on the man, though no other movements were made. She just kept on staring at him, at his face, as if memorizing every detail. There were just too many things in her head right now: who was he, how long had he been there and had he been watching her. She had questions to be confirmed, but she wasn't exactly sure what to ask first, because for all she knew she could be wrong. He might be completely indifferent and embarrassing herself wasn't something she wanted to do.

A gust of wind passed marking a full minute of silence. Rosa finally found the heart to throw inquiries, but it seemed like someone from above didn't like the idea. Just before she was to open her mouth, a rather large wave came by and threw her off her balance. She let out a soft yelp, faint enough to be overpowered by the sound of the ocean, as she tried to keep herself on her feet. It was a feeble attempt. Sooner, the blue-haired found herself falling towards man with hands all prepared to hold onto him the moment she reached him.


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HIs mind was racing with assumptions and assertions about her, the more the thought the more frightened he was at the prospect of meeting the woman from his dreams. There was no way, it was silly to believe in such foolish things like premonitions and predictions, in fact he was positive it wasn’t her as he approached given the woman in his dreams took multiple forms and her appearance would always change from a nightingale ravenette to a ashen haired and even took the form of a bluenette… Just as she turned to him he fell stunned, his heart pierced by adrenaline was racing, pumping, beating against his chest as he studied her with a dumbfounded wide eyed gaze.

Golden eyes kept steady on her features as he remained still as if he were made of marble. Just as she stared at him he would keep his eyes locked on her as he was mesmerized by her appearance. Soft flawless ivory flesh was revealed, just as her icy blue eyes further dazed the tanned male. She must have been her! Never in his life had he seen such a radiant beauty outside of his dreams, the setting sun illuminating her almost angelic glow in Baron’s eyes. This must have been a dream, it had to be, a nightmare tormenting him once again and he would wake up any moment now. This woman, she was so… Pure, damn he’d say perfect if he coudl muster the words.

The words wanted to roll off of his tongue any minute now, if this was a dream he would finally asks her a question without any interruption. Despite the desire, his mouth would only hang open as he tried his best to force himself to address her properly. Anxiety fueled his rushing heart as he finally mumbled incoherently, just one word was all he needed to start just one. Yet, mother nature was a cruel mistress as the wind picked up in their silence. Had he been staring at her the entire time? She must have thought him to be a creep, “Uh, I-” just behind her the ocean’s tide gave the two an assist with a large wave. As soon as the water hit her he flinched leaning forward out of instinct to catch her.

Having not registered what he had done Baron didn’t realize that now in his arms was the nameless woman that had infatuated him so. His right arm had wrapped around her waist, his left hand found itself on her back as he held her. “You are alright?” he spoke brokenly, nerves still ever present just as he had managed to play her ‘hero’ for a few moments.

“I mean… Uh, sorry.” he looked up to avoid her gaze, blissfully unaware that he still had her in his embrace. While it would have been easy for him to let her go now, he felt reluctant to. It felt right? Was that it? It felt right to hold her like this, though at the moment his entire face was beet red.

Give her the Juice [Best girl on earth] MJmwSQc
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#6Rosa Salvatore 

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Rosa Salvatore
The fear momentarily lingered, passing as quickly as it came the moment she realized that she wasn't anywhere near drowning or soaked. A deep sigh of relief left her lips, her shoulder slumping along with her whole body, yet the muscles of her arms refused to relax. Her hands remained clutching with nails burrowed onto firm flesh- onto the stranger. However, it was proven to be unnecessary as she was caught in his arms, held gently yet protectively. They were warm. He felt warm. Despite their proximity, nothing else came to her senses but the pleasant heat of his touch. How could she though, when everything she perceived was dulled by her racing heart? Perhaps, it was because of the suspense and the panic, but then again, if one thought about it, she had never been this close to a man before.

A deep voice came with a poorly-constructed inquiry along and, out of instincts, Rosa looked up to find the source. Golden orbs greeted her gaze, looking at her as if enchanted. Now, it would to be a lie to say that she had never received glances like that, but she could have sworn that her heart stopped beating for a split second. Ah, those eyes- how they reminded her of the sun. However, the wonderment sooner ceased when he spoke once again, uttering a silent apology. It was a wake up call, one that pulled her away from the shock and disbelief. The blue-haired lightly flinched; turning away with a light shade of pink spreading across her cheeks.

Although she appreciated his heroic deed, acting like a knight in shining armor to a damsel in distress, she felt as if this man had no plans on letting her go any sooner. "Yes, umm.." She muttered silently as she pulled away from the 'embrace', if one could actually call that one. Admittedly, it was hardly a hug and they probably looked awkward with their faces and gazes averting one another. But, given their proximity, this innocent little stance may pass as romantic to a bystander's point of view. Also, just look at the background. Rosa had already read too many romance novels not to know what kind of atmosphere the sunset in the beach scenario brought. And that was something she'd want to avoid.

With the overwhelming emotions fading, reacting became easier to do. Her head was clear; she was reasonable and was no longer intoxicated by a cocktail of feelings. Rosa heaved a shallow sigh, gathering poise and composure, before looking up to the male. "Thank you," She mumbled, offering him a small smile. She began to take small and careful steps towards the shore, occasionally losing her a bit her footing whenever a wave approached.


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For the few moments he held on to her the world fell silent, excusing all but the crash of the waves behind them as they stood frozen in one another’s personal space. There was a dull, almost sharp pain in his torso her nails driving into his flesh but he did not mutter a word about it as he looked down at her. For him, all felt right in the world at that moment despite her getting his clothes a tad bit wet it was a necessary sacrifice to be in the company of someone so unique. It was obvious that he was being overly protective of her, he didn’t know her nor had he met her before this chance meeting, but to such thoughts Baron offered a cold shoulder as her cool and petite framed grew warm against his. This was all too pleasent, he was getting too comfortable with her in his arms, though even as his brain registered orders for him to release her his rampant heart beat overpowered his senses as all he could do was stare at her with glimmering, inquisitive eyes. Though, in defense of his actions never before had a woman fell in to his arms.

Reality came back to him as she peered up at him, icy, astonishing eyes making his pulse jump and flutter. Whatever magic she had behind them worked all too well on him as he felt himself mumbling again. Sadly, all good things came to an end and his shabby embrace was broken by her, and rightfully so as anyone viewing the scene would have mistaken the two for lovers. As if Baron would mind! Honestly, he wouldn’t have minded at all, but he had to show some reserve as she drew away from him. Fearful, he was certain that she must have been disgusted with him and assumptions and question began to run havoc over his mind: Did he hold on for too long? Did his soap stink? Was he too hairy? He knew he should have shaved off his stupid goatee this morning, a hand stroking the patch of black hairs under his chin.

“Yeah, yeah totally.” he scratched the back of his head with a cheeky, goofy grin. At least one of them remembered that it was an accident, while the other played the situation by ear and instinct wanting to protect a woman he didn’t even know from the force of those dastardly waves. He would keep up with his grin, eyes shutting as he tried his best not to take note of any disgusted looks she may have been giving him, though much to his surprise instead of a scolding or even a mild insult he got a squeaked ‘thank you’ out of her. Typically in the books the thug would get yelled at by the pretty girl, but in this case maybe he got to play bad guy with a heart of gold! Yeah, no, that wasn’t him. Heck, he could barely keep himself together after an accidental hug, how was he supposed to play anyone’s bad boy?

As his eyes opened that was when he caught a glimpse of a site that rivaled the heavens themselves in all of their glistening glory. A smile, small and petite in nature but more telling to the emotionally charged wolf. His feelings, if he had them, were weakened now and anything he felt before was now in the back of his mind, locked away as emotions should have been. Then again, who was he kidding? Just as she parted from him he got into a mental tussle with his emotions and common sense. He should have left it at that else he ran the risks of looking like a buffoon, but since when did he care about that? There was nothing wrong with wanting to carry out a meeting. His emotions would eventually win, he couldn’t let this chance pass him by even if he did look like a creep he was going to go out with a smile at the very least.

“Excuse me, mam…” he felt himself tensing again, this time however his mind was more than ready to set its gaze upon her, “I know that was uh, something and all with the water and stuff but…” he was dragging on what should have been an easy sentiment to extend.

“I was wondering if uh… You and me, I or us could… We’s could partakes in some brew I have procured and watch the views of the sunset  togethers. Least I could do.” easy question right? Nothing out of the ordinary, in fact he sounded like one of those posh types even! Or atleast in his mind he did.. ball was in her court and damn was he nervous.

"I should... Go..." he nervously turned beet red as he scampered away, he was kicking himself, he didn't want to leave her but she was so beautiful... If only...


Give her the Juice [Best girl on earth] MJmwSQc
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