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Restless Souls: Old Vengeance

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#1Bianca Fleur 

Restless Souls: Old Vengeance Empty Sat Nov 04, 2017 5:05 am

Bianca Fleur
It had been almost two days since she saw that Elma ghost. What a peaceful life. This was a time when she appreciated the life of someone who did not see ghosts regularly. She knew some people did, like they were ‘special’ but oh no. That kind of life did not sound the least bit appealing, or special to her. That made her think a lot about some things. Did she see ghosts because she was a creature of the night? But that meant that she would have seen them since she became a vampyre. Realising this, she confirmed with herself, that it was because of halloween. All about the veil between the living and the dead getting thin and whatnot.

That morning she went to a breakfast place she liked, getting a huge breakfast set all for herself. There were plenty of other people in the place, some who knew her and some who did not. That was because this was Oak Town and folks here knew her. “All by yourself?” asked the waitress who took her orders. She recognized her.

“As usual,” said Bianca with a small smile. She was not a big fan of small talk, so she averted her gaze to the large window on her left, staring at the people walking by. The waitress left after scribbling her order on a piece of paper attached to a board and left. What she liked most about this place was, the food arrived fast, so there was no time wasted. She did not even bring a book to read like she would to other places. She was pretty fidgety, so she needed something to do while waiting, otherwise she would get impatient. Speaking of fidgety, she grabbed a tissue from the tissue box and started folding it into a crane. That was one of the things she did during her pastime as a child. Her mother would buy her a bunch of those origami sets and she would follow the instructions to make cute animals that she displayed in her room.

Her order arrived sooner than usual, probably because she was the only one who did not already have food on her table. Everyone else had ordered and were eating away. She thanked and smiled at the waitress who grinned at her. Bianca then started digging into her meal like a hungry wolf. She did not care that people would stare at her, because she left all of that behind. Acting like a proper noble kid, and all that. Sometimes her inner noble girl would take over, but usually she was almost like a barbarian. After all, she was of noble blood, but also a creature of the night. So she was two things at the same time. It depended on the situation, which side of hers showed.

“Here’s your drink,” said the waitress as she arrived. Bianca had ordered a milkshake. Even though that did not really go with what she was eating. She would save that for after she was done with her meal so that it did not mess with her taste.

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#2Bianca Fleur 

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Bianca Fleur
After finishing the entire meal, she was stuffed. She did not even feel like moving out of her seat to leave the place, so she sat there for a while, enjoying the perfectly made milkshake that flushed away the taste of the food she just had and replaced it with a sweet, milky one. There were more people on the streets now, as she could see through the large window beside her, and the sun had risen higher in the sky, bringing a little warmth to the town. Since it was winter already, she could finally embrace the cold like a vampyre. Nocturnal creatures definitely appreciated the cold and she could confirm that with her turning into one. She had adjusted her sleeping pattern so that it matched with the humans so that she could blend in without trouble. After all there were more things to be done in the day time. Because that’s when everyone operated. She had an advantage though. Sleep was no big deal to her. She could operate with like 3 hours of sleep and even 2 sometimes. But 2 was the minimum hours of sleep she needed to operate without making mistakes caused by sleep deprivation.

Once she finished the milkshake (which took her around fifteen minutes, since she was slowly waiting for her food to digest and for herself to feel less lazy), Bianca called for the waitress to pay for her meal. The waitress hurried over with some excitement which made her wonder if she was always this cheerful with every customer or if she was getting special treatment because she was a regular customer and from Oak Town. This place also usually got a lot of tourists. Even though it was just a breakfast place, it was a pretty popular place and some people stopping by at Oak Town came here. That was why the place was almost full every time. Plus Bianca usually came at the peak time for people to have breakfast it seemed. She liked to see what was going on in Oak Town and all that. She liked seeing new people, and hoped to see some faces that she knew as well - such as Roman. The guy never showed up again, at the guildhall, and she never bumped into him, which was something that happened frequently before. She hated to think it, but she was actually starting to believe that he was dead.

Back on the subject of happier things, Bianca was given a large grin and a candy by the waitress. It was something they always gave. Sometimes it was a small dessert, like coconut jelly or something, but this time it was candy, an orange one too. It was probably part of the whole halloween theme. She received it mumbling, “Thanks,” and leaving her cash and a tip for the waitress because of her cheerful greetings and stuff. Sometimes, even though Bianca was some edgy piece of shit, she liked to have some cheerful things in her life.

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#3Bianca Fleur 

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Bianca Fleur
So she was just walking out of the breakfast place, heading towards an alleyway where she would lean against the hard brick wall and have a cigarette. Out of all the places to have a smoke, this was where she chose because during the daytime, it was hard to find places that were not swarming with people, especially in this town. When she went to Dahlia, however, she noticed that there were not that many people compared to the other towns. In fact, she even noticed that the night time was more lively there. If she was ever going to get a permanent place, she knew where she was getting it - Dahlia.

Once she got inside the alleyway and made sure that no one was there, she lit a cigarette and took a long drag straight into her lungs. It was going to give her issues someday, probably going to have problematic lungs and a weak stamina, but she did not care. She worked out enough to cover for that. She was not an expert at health care, but she did what she thought was best for her while keeping the bad habit. Suddenly she could hear a groaning noise coming from her left, which was further into the alleyway. She immediately turned towards the source of the sound and was annoyed to no ends with what she saw. Another translucent being crouched over piece of paper. So she knew, that this burden was not over yet. But curiosity made her go towards the ghost, and see what he was up to. She didn’t need to help him if she didn’t want to, and she was not afraid of some ghost. Her footsteps made him realise that he wasn’t alone in the alleyway. When he looked up, Bianca gave him a tiny smile. “What you got there?” she asked and bent down to read what was on the paper. Apparently it was just list of the same name written all over, and scratched off. A grudge? Another kill for her? That actually got her excited, to be honest.

Then, as usual, the ghost started explaining to her about the pathetic ending of his life, and how much he hated him now and wanted sweet revenge. Bianca nodded, taking long drags of her cigarette to finish it faster. She was already ready. If he had asked her of any other favor, she would have declined, but to have another kill, that got her adrenaline going. “Alright, I’ll take care of this. I’m a fan of helping people,” she lied. She wasn’t actually, but if that involved killing someone, count her in. The ghost then gave her information about the guy he had a grudge on, who was apparently a regular customer at the Swineherd Pub. With the information she needed, she waited patiently for nightfall and then followed the man after he left the pub. She didn’t want to grab attention killing him at the pub. So she finished him off nice and clean, and then brought the sword back to the old mercenary captain.

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