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Black Sun Rising [Part I] [Arisa]

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Black Sun Rising [Part I] [Arisa] - Page 3 Empty Tue Dec 05, 2017 4:05 pm

All she could do was feel her touch and hear her speak. She was talking to her, yes. She turned her head left and right as soon as Alisa left her. She couldn't see, no. She wasn't crying out nor anything else as she just stayed there. A soft yawn escaped her lips as she let her eyes wander. ''I feel... sleepy, Alisa.'' she spoke sweetly and smiled. 'I'll be there, there soon... My dear Ying...' she heard from someone, something. ''Did you hear that?'' she perked up like a dog hearing something from afar. She heard something indeed, but what was it or who was it? She slowly balanced herself and wobbled about to stand beside the wall that was somewhat broken. ''Can... can we rest a bit? I feel quite sleepish.'' she questioned and smiled halfly. She blinked confused when she said that they guy killed himself... Her eyes widened as she thought of something. ''Killed himself, huh?... Sounds like them.'' she spoke and let her eyes close half-way. A frown escaped her lips and wondered if there was more to it. ''Enemies? No...more like they believe I belong to them. I feel like... I'll be found...'' she whispered and eyes turned into a moon-like color, the gold now gone.


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"Don't worry, I'll get you back home before you know it...", Alisa comforted, petting her friend's head, soothing her in every way possible as she simple looked around her waringly, more so when she mentioned hearing something, "I don't... For the time being, we should investigate that corpse and find a place to rest. You can tell me more about that later..."

She may be getting worried, but in Alisa's mind, she had to investigate the dead body, for when she came back it might already be gone, taken by whatever people sent them. She doubted she'd find anything, but she had to at least look, right? Yet before they could do that, a shady man appeared from behind a tree, calling out to the two women:

Black Sun Rising [Part I] [Arisa] - Page 3 Ztm7

"You won't find anything, you know~?", he teased with an almost playful tone, only slightly opening his narrow eyes, "That's how it always is with them"

Alisa knew this man though, It wasn't an enemy. The lack of any tension in her body as she held on to Arisa would reveal this much. A shady character he may be, this guy was merely an information broker. Whatever you wanted to know, he'd tell you... For a price... And it just so happened information about Alisa's enemies could go for a hefty amount of jewels, owing to how precious and hard to come across it actually was. Which in turn made them unlikely allies so long she had secretive people to kill:

"You...! You were watching?"

"Still, to think someone could actually hear me...", he spared a glance at Arisa, almost respectfully, completely unaware that the angel was probably not speaking about him. Regardless, he shrugged and shook his head, looking back at the sculptress: "I have your information... But if you couldn't simply clear out these creatures, you'd stand no chance against a single Black Sun member."

The mention of those two words though... At their sound, Alisa's grip on her friend tightened ever so slightly, a hint of tension betraying emotions she seldom showed anyone... These were the people she needed to kill.

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Arisa wobbled with Alisa at her side. She wasn't sure on what went wrong nor where the hell they were exactly in that location. She tried to smile nonetheless as she wanted to act happy and optimistic. Who could honestly act happy right now? Her outfit was torn apart in small cuts, she bled and was in sweat as she was also temporary blind. She wasn't sure if it was forever, but she had the doubt of it being that way. She continued towards the direction that Alisa was escorting her to and then a voice spoke. The man sounded familiar yet not really.

She heard him and Alisa talk about information, something about not really defeating the creatures and so on. What did this man know? Slowly the tried to organize herself and stood up tall, no longer slouching. ''Tell me what you know...'' she questioned softly with her eyes no longer with color. She didn't know this as she couldn't even see herself, but she had no iris nor pupil in either eyes. ''You sound familiar though...'' she lastly spoke. ''Have I worked with you before?'' she wondered. She thought of those missions long ago, working with a man with that voice. She had small doubt, but that man was quite mysterious sounding like the man in the missions.


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"That will cost you one million jewels, miss Yue~", answered the man sounding rather amused as a chuckle left his lips, "I get that a lot~ Hmmm, I never met you face to face... But these days, you've been growing rather popular in the underworld. Oh, the woes of being beautiful~"

"Would you mind not screwing around?", interrupted Alisa, her words a fresh reminder that she didn't really know the man's name.

To her, he was simply the Broker, and she was pretty sure his own name was likely the only bit of information that wasn't for sale. The only secret he'd never share with anyone. She also knew he wasn't afraid of getting his hands dirty, getting his own eyes seeing a scene as it unfolded. Like Arisa, she didn't believe the guy had come here just to talk to them. He had either been tailing them, or their ambusher, certain the two would eventually meet

"Just a joke~", he raised his hands defensively, apologetically even, before shrugging as his tone grew somewhat more serious. Guess he gets serious when he talks, "I mean, Alisa here has already paid for this particular piece... Black Sun only shows itself when they feel there's a lot of money to be made, and you happen to be worth quite a bit. Whoever's looking for you did it brazenly enough for a menacing bunch of people to try their hands at catching you."

He says that, but...

"You could have talked to me before...", Alisa gripped her friend's shoulder and narrowed her eyes, "The only reason you didn't was so you could use her as bait, was it not?"

"Bingo~ But don't give me that look, you're strong enough to stop them, right? I remember a weak little girl once telling me she'd never be weak again... If it makes you feel any better, I'll give you the next bit of information free of charge. Very soon, i'll have a note sent to you. When I do, go to the Cathedral and confess. Surely some heart to heart with the priest will ease your troubles away~"

Everytime she could feel herself getting angry and get an urge to punch this guy, he was always there to remind her of his usefulness. How she had zero hope of finding Black Sun without his help

"Tch... You're as unpleasant as ever. Fine...", clicking her tongue and shaking her head, she'd tug Alisa in the opposite direction. They had nothing left to linger around here. The Broker might have confirmed some crucial information, but from dealing with him this whole time, she knew he didn't yet have enough to hold up his end of the bargain, "Let's go home Ari... We'll have more information later, but today, you need to rest."

He'd deliver eventually; Alisa admried the man's work ethic if nothing else: Even an informal, unwritten promise recieved the same treatment as a contract with the devil.


Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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Black Sun Rising [Part I] [Arisa] - Page 3 Empty Sun Dec 10, 2017 9:29 am

She tried to listen the best she could without being able to currently see. This was of course going to be temporary, right? There wasn't going to be permanent blindness from this... The guy spoke and answered the quest that she asked; he knew her only by information, nothing else. She frowned a bit thinking that she knew who he was, but was of course wrong. She was blind, so she couldn't have known. Next her, Alisa and this random guy started talking of course and found out a little bit more. How much did Alisa know this guy and how many times have they met?

Something about a note being sent to her now was spoken of, being that the info coming in. She wondered what it all meant, but she'll find out later on when this blindness is over. What was her head doing, what was going on with her own brain, it was sad that she, herself didn't even know. Alisa and the guy was done talking and now it was time to go. Arisa and Alisa left with that to probably the hotel since the cabin was most likely smashed because of the attack. With that she wrapped an arm around Alisa's arm after given and left.


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