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To WoodSea [Arisa:] From Baska. [foottravel]

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To WoodSea [Arisa:] From Baska. [foottravel] Empty Fri Nov 03, 2017 12:06 pm

Arisa yawned as she looked over at her dear friend, Alisa. They grew a long lasting friendship that felt rather close, like sisterly. She had some traveling to do and since she didn't want to wake up her dear friend, she slowly stretched her legs over the bed edge and pushed herself up slowly and softly with her hands to stand up. She was obviously going to come back, but she heard that there were more prizes to win at the area of Woodsea area, whatever it was exactly called. Yawning softly she went to the bathroom to brush her beautiful violet hair straight down to end up putting it up into a bun. Her outfit were camo shorts, tank top of black and hiking boots. She was prepared to travel, hopefully, it doesn't snow though. She handled the cold well unlike the heating sun. It was quite weird since she had some connection to the sun itself.

She left her suitcase behind and left a letter on the desk;

Dear Alisa, I tend to go towards Woodsea once again because I heard that there were more things to do for me in that location. I will be right back in a few days due to no train being in that location. Hopefully, you'll be here waiting for me to do more missions when I come back. Gotta get strong and fast!~

Sincerely, forever your friend, Arisa.


With that she then left and went out of the hotel room, but not without a spare hotel key of course. Stretching, she left Baska once more to go towards the hallow place that was only useful for Halloween it seemed. Dahlia was more of a better place in her opinion, but she wasn't the 'maker'. A small smile went upon her full lips as she walked through the woods and passed a few non-special villages. She didn't know much about them and none of them were places she really hung out at. Rather or not they did actually have something special about, was none of her business for now. Soon enough she saw a sigh in which said 'Worth Woodsea up ahead.'. ''Ah... so that's the full name.'' she spoke to herself as she continued on her path. She watched out for any of those who wished to steal her shit.

Thankfully, she finally got to the location. At first she went to a motel nearby and stayed the night there before it was obviously over. After that, Arisa went to get some food at some random ass place that she didn't bother learning its name. Their food was decent for something that was run-down. Her eyes felt tired, very tired as she then went back at the hotel to go to sleep. Her head had a painful feeling and her body felt sleepy, so very sleepy. After a minute, her body then felt numb as she then passed out. Whatever she was dreaming, she was still sleeping peacefully.



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