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Beach Gym [Quest]

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#1Lacie Eventide 

Beach Gym [Quest] Empty Fri Nov 03, 2017 7:21 am

Lacie Eventide
Not everything was going as planned and she needed to find another job to do, she definitely thought it would be not a good idea to ask Baron. She stared at the door of her room in the hotel. The door would reach the shared living room but she doubt he was there, she didn’t exactly know what to think and what to do about it, but she stood up and walked to the door, actually for now she hoped he wouldn’t be there. With a trembling hand she tried to open the door and indeed Baron wasn’t in the living room so she quickly grabbed her purse and headed out. She ran out of the hotel to make sure that she wouldn’t bump into him later and she made her way to the beach to sit there and catch her breath. She coughed and waited for the blood to appear but nothing happened and that brought a bit of relieve to the young red head. She was afraid that everything would go wrong again, but perhaps selling her soul to the demon Lucifer wasn’t all that bad. She had not regret it, she had sometimes thought that it wasn’t smart but she was still dying anyway, she only didn’t know how fast now. But for now it didn’t matter, she looked at the people at the beach, there weren’t many. Someone was looking around, shading his eyes with his hand because of the sun. It was surprising to see that there was a sun at this season and that it was warm enough to still wear her trench coat, not her winter jacket. She stood up and out of curiousity would ask the person what he was looking for, maybe he would have a job and she would actually want to do. She wasn’t bored lately but she didn’t get her hands on the information that she wanted, she had not noticed anything from the spell that she had done and she was disappointed in herself again and again. But before she could reach him, the man stopped looking and started to do something that looked like warming up. She looked behind him and noticed it was the gym and she doubt this would be a good idea, she wasn’t very well trained to do anything. She should simply see and that’s why Lacie still walked to the man.

He was still doing warming ups obviously but as soon as she stopped close towards him, he looked at her and she tried to stop being nervous, but she needed to train herself as well, ”Can I help you? I saw you looking around.” she said with a more steady voice than she felt at the moment. The man grinned at her and she found it everything but attractive. ”I need someone called a spotter to help me with my bench press. Do you know what it is?” and she nodded but he explained it anyway. She simply nodded to make sure that she understood what a spotter meant.


#2Lacie Eventide 

Beach Gym [Quest] Empty Fri Nov 03, 2017 7:21 am

Lacie Eventide
He would guide her to the bench press and show what he meant as he performed a few things and explained to her what her goal was in this job and she wondered if she would ever be able to help him in case he couldn’t because she wasn’t that strong but she wouldn’t give up. She simply nodded that she understood and held her hands beneath the bar to be careful that he wouldn’t get hurt. He would make the weight a bit tougher and started another set again, at the end of the set, she had to speak to him encouraging because he didn’t seem to believe he could hold on. She found it absolutely ridiculous because he had just lifted it anyway but she didn’t say that, she said it sweetly to make sure he would do it again and she wouldn’t have to try and catch it. Sometimes she would have to hold on to the bar herself and help him push it up, in her case pull it towards her. Which was definitely heavy and she had to put all her power into it. It was ridiculous that someone like him thought she could help him. She was super weak especially compared to his strength. She had to do it more often and she felt a pain creep into her upper arms, some muscle pain she would have tomorrow but she didn’t say anything, she would continue to help him. It distracted her from other thoughts that she could possibly have if she didn’t do anything else. She tried her very best and she still tried to speak encouragingly to Jay because if he wouldn’t push for most of it, she wouldn’t be able to lift the bar at all. When he finally was done, she needed to sit down and catch her breath even though she had not noticed that she was so tired, she could only guess it. She was offered a cup of water and she looked up at Jay, ”You should come to train here.” and she laughed at him because she was sure she wouldn’t be good enough to do anything. But he remained serious and she would stop laughing to say she would consider it because she didn’t want to be like this all the time. She bit her lip to refrain from telling him how weak her body was and that no medicine seemed to work, which was true until the moment she sold her soul. As if that was the one that was ill because she stopped coughing blood.

When she finished drinking the water, he would offer her the money and she thanked him. Asking if she could look at his training routine a little more, which apparently was a good thing to say to a guy like him and she remained in the gym for a little while before finally going up and leave. She threw her little cup in the bin and waved goodbye to Jay to go and do some groceries perhaps.


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