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To the Carnival! [Foot travel to WWS]

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#1Selena Maelstrom 

To the Carnival! [Foot travel to WWS] Empty on Thu Nov 02, 2017 11:10 pm

Selena Maelstrom
"Okay ring, less ghosts. I want to get pumpkin pops without having to do so much work! Can you take me there?" Selena asked her millennium ring. The Ring took a moment to respond, which made Selena worried. She was sure that she would have to go out on another spooky errand and help some other poor unfortunate soul find peace. Granted Selena did not hate helping the ghosts of people who could not pass onto the afterlife however it was very disturbing having to see all these ghosts who have died in such gruesome manners. Selena was still having dreams of the children she helped out last. A girl with gouged out eyes who seemed to be crying in pain despite having nothing in her sockets and her brother, multiple stab woulds and his tongue cut out from his mouth. Selena struggled to keep her breakfast of toast down, which was saying something. The amount of blood that even stayed with the children made Selena's insides twist uncomfortably. Eventually the ring began to vibrate as its small golden daggers began to glow a brighter gold pointing in once direction. Whenever it did this Selena knew she would be travelling for a long time. Last time it had done this Selena had to go all the way here to dahlia, although now the daggers were practically as bright as the sun. She was going to be walking for a looong time. Selena sighed and packed her things and got ready to go. Once again Selena put on as much layers that she could afford without seeming to be fat or hiding something. Although she knew one of those things was true for sure, she hoped that the other was not. Looking in the mirror before she left, Selena fixed herself up before leaving. As she left the cold pierced her body already but it was not as bad. The amount of heat the ring produced was actually warming up the otherwise frozen girl. Another benefit of such a peculiar item. As Selena walked along the dirt path she realized that this path was much more central than any time she had used the ring before. Was it listening to her ad bringing her on a good path? Last time Selena had to traverse forests and swamps to get over to dahlia. Selena smiled, however as she walked she realized it was too good to be true, seeing the giant cliff it led her to.

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