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Walking to Sieghart Mountains [Foot Travel]

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If she was to seek this girl and the Fairy Tail Guild, she would have to find where ever the local mages gathered. She knew that events and other festivals would draw them out to a large group. She would have to be careful of impostors and other individuals. Whatever she did, she had to do it herself.

She would move around city to city, town to town. She would find wherever something would come up. She had a girl to find. Surely she would be somewhere. If all else would fail she would join Fairy Tail and track her down from within in the guild's walls. It was her task, her duty.

She would find this girl, and she would restore the shrines. It was her mission. She would not find her answers until she did so.

". . . And when I am done, I will learn all of the secrets of my bloodline." she thought to herself.

And it would be true.

She would complete her missions at the same time. She would fulfill her duty to this new god, and she would be granted her answers. If this girl was truly lost, then perhaps the shrines would be enough to get her answer from.

However, the more she considered the possibility that this girl could be long gone, the more she explored her own sanity. Was it really a god? Or was it just a lost spirit?

She knew the deity was without a name. Was he created without a title or was it taken from him? Did time weather him away?

. . . Maybe this god even knew secrets of Sekiya herself. The next city, or rather, in the mountains, she would ask this god. She would test him. She would ensure his true power.

It was something she needed to understand.

She needed a sign.

She needed evidence.


Walking to Sieghart Mountains [Foot Travel] Fjktq1

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