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Rest Souls: The Church

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#1Shichiro Uchida 

Rest Souls: The Church Empty on Thu Nov 02, 2017 6:45 pm

Shichiro Uchida
Walk through the streets of Marigold, Uchida decided that he'd take care of the other thing plaguing this town that may or may not be detrimental to it's community. Uchida jammed his hands into his pockets and began to roam the streets of Marigold once more. All seemed quiet this night though. But he had another nagging feeling that he should stay here and search a bit longer to see if his instincts are telling the truth. Uchida then stumbled onto a chapel that he hasn't come across before. There he saw a large, pudgy nobleman exiting the chapel doors. Uchida went up to him and asked him if anything particularly strange has happened around these parts. He was a beginner mage but he was sure to have something even he could do at his level. Like chasing bandits or vanquishing pests. The pudgy man looked at Uchida kinda funny then his face to seemed to lit up. "Hm. A mage, huh? Yes. Yes.. I might have a job utilizing your "talents." I need you to exorcise a certain "pest" for me in the chapel. Hopefully, you could take care of this problem and you can take care of it quickly. I don't need this thing scaring my employees and the people who come here to worship the divines of Fiore." the pudgy man had said. Uchida grew a sneer on his face as he nodded. A rich looking, fat man wants to give him a job? This could be it. This could be the job that gets him into the big time. No more deliveries, no more looking for dead, old lady's cats. Uchida had then replied a bit darkly "Sure thing, sir. May i ask your name? I'd like to know who to report this too after i exterminate the problem." Uchida had asked. The pudgy man scoffed and then said "Damn, foreigners. Don't know greatness when they see it. It's thee one and on MISTER Clayton, foreign mage. Now make sure you get that job done. I'll be paying you GOOD money." With that the pudgy man had gotten into his carriage and was carted off to wherever his destination was. Uchida didn't take too kindly to his tone and muttered "Well good day to you too mister douche bag."  With that, his sneer turned into a frown once more as he headed into the chapel the man had came out off.

Upon entering the chapel halls, he noticed inside was a bit chilly in here. This must be the work of the supernatural going on in here. For once, he was gonna exorcise these things instead of talk to them like some crazy moron. He continued his way down the corridor and made his way to the altar. He decided to examine it a bit before hearing a faint "Help me" coming from behind him. Uchida abruptly turned around and looked at where he thought he heard the voice. Nothing was there it seems. His mind was probably playing tricks on him but it never hurt to remain vigilant. After all this was a serious job for once. Or so he thought. Turning back to the altar he continued to examine it before he felt a something tap his shoulder. This time, he jumped to the side and swung his right arm horizontally at where he thought the person was that was touching him but it was nothing but air. This time, he was sure that it wasn't his mind playing tricks on him. He turned back to the altar one more time and this time he saw it. A ghostly figure that is dressed as a priest of the divines. Uchida jumped back a little bit wondering how to exorcise a ghost. Did he battle it with magic or did he find some sorta holy object and perform some weird chant. He eventually decided that the only thing at his disposal was his magic.  Before he could engage it in combat, the ghostly figured had started to yell "You have been deceived! Stop, please!" God damn it. Now it's gonna tell him his life story and how this is all a misunderstanding. Uchida had calmed down sighing, knowing this is probably gonna set him back on his way to fame but he decided he'd go through with it anyways. "Alright, fine. Why are you haunting this place and what can i do to make you go away?" The ghost then began to speak "My name is Pastor Johnson and i need your help. Clayton is not the man you think he is. He is a murderer. Help me bring him to justice for mine and another two's murders. Please, i beg thee." he said pleading. Wait, did this ghost say there was two other murders that happened here? Jeez, what did Uchida get himself into. Uchida then began to speak.

"Yo, even if i found your body and the body of two others. How am i going to prove that he was the one who did this? I'm just a lowly mage after all and he's some sorta "famous" nobleman." Uchida had said a bit reluctantly., He really wanted to get money from this rich dude but he decided it was best to do the right thing and avoid going down the path of a dark mage altogether. "Don't worry, all you have to do is find the body of me and the pastors before me and i'll take care of the rest all you have to do is tip the rune knights off and tell Clayton to come here by any means necessary." he said confidently. Uchida reluctantly agreed and went to search the church. It would be easier to ask him where his body was put but he's sure he would say it didn't remember cause it was a traumatizing death. he decided to ask the ghost anyways. "Yo, do you think you remember where you were buried after you died? It would be a lot easier if you told me or if you had some idea where your body is." The ghost then replied "Nope. Sorry, i can't remember a thing. All i remember is being summoned by that foul man, Clayton and then faded to black. That's when i appeared in the chapel where i remained for days until i saw him again and attempted to haunt him. Then you came along and tried to get rid of me." Sighing at the lack of information, he figured this was the best he was gonna get out of him so he might as well start the hunt anyways. At least he knew that his body had to be at this location of all places from the sounds of it.  Either way, Uchida searched the entire chapel from in side and out. It took a few hours but eventually when he got near chapel yard near a monument, he could smell something foul like a rotting corpse. After probing the monument, Uchida found a slab of stone jutting out that he pushed with opened a secret trap door that leads into a hidden graveyard. Classy. He definitely found the missing bodies and now he's off to find that one guy who gave him that request. he then went to a post where there was some stationed Rune Knights and left an anonymous tip of a few murders near the chapel monument.

Uchida went to a spot where he could watch the chapel from a far and waited for the events to simply unfold. Soon, a wave of Rune Knights had appeared at the chapel and at the same, so did Mr Clayton. Heh, this was a bit too easy but it seems there was some complications. Mr. Clayton seems to be talking his way out of it and it's working. Come on, ghost thing. Put in work like you said you would, Uchida said under his breath. Suddenly there was a bright blue light and loud bellowing of not one but three voices all chanting the same thing. It was Pastor Johnson and the other two pastors chanting "YOU KILLED ME!!! YOU KILLED ME!!! YOU KILLED ME!!!" Mr. Clayton was struck with shock that he confessed his crimes of murdering Pastors to collect insurance money on their deaths. Eventually, he was taken away by the wave of rune knights that had happened to witness the events with fear in there movements but nonetheless that was an amusing sight to see. Welp, all in a day's work Uchida assumed as he left the spot he was watching from to go do something else that would actually earn him some cash. It was a shame though, he really wanted to take that Clayton fellow's money and run but apparently that's not the way to do things. He sometimes wonders why he took this line of work and jammed his hands into his pockets fading into obscurity


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