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keep on walking [Foot to Dahlia]

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keep on walking [Foot to Dahlia] Empty on Thu Nov 02, 2017 9:09 pm

He woke from the bed with his feet laying of the side of the bed. A drop of sweat made its way down his forehead and into his eye. The salt made the eye slightly irritated and red. Had he had a nightmare again? About what? He couldn't remember what the dream was about. He would remove what was left of the covers from his chest and sit up on the side of the bed. A single hand ran through his hair in an attempt to remove his disastrous bed head.

Light slipped in through the curtains making the room come to life even if just a little it was nice not waking up in a room of gray and lifelessness. He planted his feet and rose up stretching his arms up above his head. Victor brushed his teeth with his right index finger as he slowly walked to the chair upon which he had laid his clothing. Victor sighed as his neck gave way to a crunching sound when he leaned it in both the right and left direction.

Now that he wore clothes he would put his hand on the doorknob and step out into the tavern. He walked down the stairwell and into the bar. He leaned against the bar and with a still drowsy, low voice he said a few words. "Hey Barkeep... pour me some ale please. Also what food can I get for a handful of jewels?" letting of a yawn as the barkeeper started talking "Well il give you a slice of goat meat but if you don't pay your tabs here soon il have to boot you from this place you know!" Victor rolled his eyes. "Yeah il pay you alright. I just need to go find some work ok. For now take this handful." And with that the barkeeper would fill Victor a pint of ale and slice him some goat meat.

Victor set his lips to the edge of the pint and filled his mouth with some of the medium dark ale. It tasted fruity yet with a nose filling bittersweetness. He took his time drinking and when he was done he stood up took a bite of his dried goat meat slice and walked out of the door.

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