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Let’s Play! : Restless Souls [Solo]

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#1Shura Ranzu 

Let’s Play! : Restless Souls [Solo] Empty on Thu Nov 02, 2017 4:28 pm

Shura Ranzu
It took about a day and a half worth of traveling before they arrived. Shura had not really been sleeping much due to all this traveling around. After training he only been running on caffeine and fumes. He didn’t really understand how he had the energy to go on like this. Maybe it was the new to push himself or the need to get stronger. But he constantly found himself moving from place to place a lot recently. He needed to tie up any loose ends he may have left behind before moving onto the next chapter in his life. That chapter was becoming the King Pin of Oak. Taking over the guild and reforming the city to fit his needs. A smaller stage that served a bigger purpose. He knew that he needed to walk before he could run. He was still crawling, discovering everything about the world and himself. There was so many questions and not enough answers to meet those questions. The wagon shuddered as it stopped causing him to wake up. Shura had slept through the whole trip, his body caught up on all that missed sleep in one swoop.

“This is your stop!” Frank yelled into the back wagon. He knew not to go to deep into Dahlia. It was no secret of the evils and monsters that lurked within. Being a god fearing man he muttered prayers as he watched the area nervously. Shura climbed out of the back of the wagon. The cold air snapped at his skin. Winter was beginning to settle in as the year shifted to the final phase. A shiver crept up his spine while standing outside. He was used to the warm weather due to leaving in beach areas for so long. He had grown accustom to the tropical weather.

Shura walked around to the front to thank Frank, he found his face covered in a wool poncho. He pulled it off his face and looked at it. Frank spoke, “It’s not much but it will keep you warmer than those clothes ya got on. Might wanna invest in some winter wear son. Don’t wanna catch a cold.” Shura chuckled at the idea of someone caring about him like Frank did. Like a father taking care of his son. Shura missed that kind of interaction made him miss home a bit. He slid it over his head and it draped down to his waist past his arms. It did more than Frank led on, the shivering stopped completely.

“Thanks Frank,”

Shura began to rummage around so he could pay the man for his services. “Your money is no good kid, I just enjoy the company on these lonely roads.” Frank explained. This caused Shura to stop rummaging around for jewels and looked up at him. “I really appreciate it Frank, be easy on those roads.”

Frank tipped his farmer's hat and set off, leaving Shura behind. He was near the outskirts of town. It wasn’t long before something eerie began to occur. The laughter of children filled the air, close at first then distance. The sounds bounced off the nearby trees. ‘You gotta be kidding me man.’ Was the train of thought. Last time something spooky like this happened he ended up with one arm. He wasn’t really feeling the idea of losing another. Sounds of someone knocking on wood were followed by footsteps. Shura was on high alert at that very moment. A child poked from around the tree across the road. The forest was directly behind the kid. His pocket began to vibrate per usual. This meant there was a mystery afoot. ‘Please God, no demon spawn, let it be ghost kids.”


#2Shura Ranzu 

Let’s Play! : Restless Souls [Solo] Empty on Thu Nov 02, 2017 4:57 pm

Shura Ranzu
Of course the call of the pops overridden any sort of common sense going through his head at that moment. You could also blame his sense of adventure that made him chase the child into the forest. Upon crossing the street and making his way into the forest the child was gone. He waited for a moment and called out. “Hey kid!”

Laughter followed from behind him, suddenly the edge of the forest was gone. He was suddenly in the thick of the forest. Everywhere looked the same no matter where he turned. He let out a sigh and rubbed his eyes through his mask eye holes. ‘These candies better be worth all this trouble.’ he spun around a few times, slowly to search the area he was in. He did not move from his spot because he was afraid he could get lost. He turned to his original position, facing north. He looked down and about five kids were standing there. He jumped in response, he wanted to curse but he caught himself from screaming out. There were three boys and two girls. All of them ghosts. ‘Well at least it’s ghost children.’ he thought. The tallest of the three boys, had blonde hair spoke up. “Why do you wear a mask?”

“Cause no one cared who I was until I put on the mask. It’s complicated,”

What Shura really wanted to ask was how they died. But he couldn’t bring himself to do so. He wasn’t that heartless to pry into something as painful as that. He could clearly see the kids were spectral in nature. The pops were a bad omen, showing him all these dead people who were unable to pass on. He weighed on him internally, feeling pity meant nothing for them. The next best thing was helping them pass on peacefully to the next life. The youngest girl walked forward and tugged on Shura’s pant leg. “Play with us mister.”

Shura kneeled down and rubbed his hand through her brown hair. They had a physical state even though they were dead. Their spirits were tethered to this world. “Yea I will, what are we gonna play?”

All of them jumped in excitement, “Let’s play hide n seek!” They said in unison.

“Alright I will count to ten very slowly and come find you guys alright?” He responded

“No peeking mister!” the youngest one yelled. Shura took the time to count to ten. It was the longest count to ten he had ever done. He wanted to make sure he gave them enough time to hide. He did decide to cheat. He closed his hand and opened it back up. Fireflies flooded a ten meter range around him. Little bugs that dance around the area. They acted as eyes, sensory and ears for him.

The bugs found the kids in no time, five minutes top. The youngest of the five came forward with as mile “Hey mister you are really good at this. You didn’t cheat did you!?”

Of course Shura cheated but he wasn’t going to tell them the truth. He wanted to let them pass onto the next world. They began to fade as they found themselves at peace. The question still remained, ‘How did they die?’ He waved to them as they left this world. Two pops were left behind as a thanks for playing with them.


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