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A Stake In His Heart [Seira]

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Tenshi †
The winds danced across the starstruck night, cutting through even the warmest of clothes. People hurried to and fro, hugging themselves for warmth and watching as their breath visibly danced from their lips. The moon hung high like a half filled glass, a wide crescent lighting up the ground below. Baska's village was rather bare, but it had enough lighting within the town to offer vision where people were going. The laid back and rural vibe did not equate to a lack of citizens, and the town had only grown since it hosted the first Martial Arts tournament. The town offered plenty to see in terms of hills and grass, but other than that the only real place to go was the bar.

Finn was not at all a drinker, but at the same time he needed to wet his lips with something. Ever since he had arrived he had felt at odds with himself. His mind tried to finesse through the facts, placing them in orders which made sense and dulled the ache from his heart. Events from a few nights prior rang as clearly in his mind as if it had only just happened. The harsh words between him and Jake, not at each other, but about the events that had transpired. Their previous time together had gone so quickly that he hadn't been able to ask any questions. Perhaps that was for the best.

What if he had reached such conclusions on his own, and had begun asking them  in person? There would have been no time to formulate his thoughts. No time to calm himself before he dove right in. Their last encounter wasn't exactly the smoothest of their meetings, and even then that was not saying much. Half of their meetings now had contained at least some sort of issue to work through, and there was only two meetings total. Such a thing could be expected when love struck like lightning and when distance played such a major role, but it still was proof that the two had plenty to work through before any sort of smooth sailing could be established.

Bringing his hands to his lips and cupping them, he blew warm air and brought his palms together. He was not as cold as he likely should have been. His clothes were not necessarily stopping this cutting gale, but the scarf that hugged his throat and draped over his chest worked wonders. He felt his chin rustle into the fabric and a smile meld onto his face. He was overthinking things surely. There was not a chance in hell of anything that Jake said being true. He didn't have the pleasure of spending as much time with her, so he wouldn't know. She was just as into him as he was into her though, that much he was certain of. Besides, they had not been dating until their last time together. What she did or did not do before that was not his concern, nor was it his right to know.

Turning down a long street that would lead him to the bar, Finn's hands found themselves in his pockets. His shirt, a long sleeve and snug fitting sweater, was of the same blue as his scarf. His black jean-like pants were made of flexible fabric that did not restrict movement in the slightest, similar to his shirt. On his back, despite not having any armor, was proof that he was prepared for the unknown. Over one shoulder was the hilt to his Finn sword, the blade of which he had already fully accustomed to. Over his other shoulder was Durendal, the newest addition to his arsenal.

The two blades crossed over one another, though neither one spanned further than his shoulder. They were made to be conveniently retrieved, a unique cross hilt that contained them both and kept them easily accessible. The design was unique, ensuring that drawing them would lead to no snagging or catching. It was also a bluff, one that Finn would not admit to. The sight of him would insinuate that he could wield both swords simultaneously, but only he and Jake knew that Durendal was not so easily tamed. He could still only use one sword at a time, and even then the ancient blade offered resistance.

As he further approached the bar, one of the nearby alley's caught his attention. It was the shock of a random noise, as well as the grunting of a male. Finn's head turned, his left leg pivoting around so that he was facing the alley with his left leg leading despite it having been on his right. His right leg slid back ever so slightly, bending inwards as his hand rose to the hilt of his Finn sword. There had been no signs of aggression, but it was still best for him to be prepared. Besides, on a night so near Halloween and in an alley so near the bar, it would be wise of him to investigate.

Slowly entering, his feet placed themselves nimbly as to avoid creating any sound. Even his pivot only moments prior had been in near silence, disguised by the sound of partying arising from the bar. As walls surrounded him and he entered further into the enclosed space, the darkened alley became easier to see in. As his eyes adjusted, the sight that formed before him was taken in all at once.

Sitting with his front facing the entrance was a man, neck tilted to the side. His cheeks were tinted red, despite his slightly pale face, and his eyes were closed. The grunts coming from his mouth, despite an undertone of discomfort, did not sound at all displeased. It was almost as if he were enjoying it. His lips were stained red, and while it could have been wine, the smear from his lips to his neck hinted that the color was of lipstick. The source of that lipstick, though face was hidden by ivory hair, was at his neck.

Her weight was practically on his lap, though it was possible that was just the angle. His shirt was partially unbuttoned, her hand part was under his shirt and on his neck and shoulder area while her other hand was no where to be seen. Likewise, one of his hands was firmly on her waist, closer to her back than her front. Finn stared in disbelief, as the entire night shot through his eyes in the blink of an eye.

"Then when your guard is down, they'll drain you." His hand dropped from his hilt to his side.

"How was your first night with her spent again? Before you went back to the apartment?" His chest became tight, causing his breath to falter. In that moment, a noise akin to a gasp escaped his lips, just barely loud enough to be audible. Depending on how inter her task she was, she may not have even heard it.

"Dude she's probably flirted with other guys. She might have even kissed them or gone all th-" "You're wrong." He glanced from the slit in her dress, revealing much of her leg, and knew instantly what sort of dress she was wearing. After all, she wore as similar dress the same night she met him. The same night she put his name in the book. A similar night as tonight. That mans name was in her book too, now. It would be. Would it be crossed out?

"Seira?" This time for sure, if she had not already heard him, his voice would carry over to her. It held no strength to it. His eyes were wide, but they practically stared through her. His lips were not parted, but tightly pursed as if he thought he could swallow back the lump in his throat. Even his voice cracked, though that was due to disbelief as there were no tears coming from his eyes. Even without them, he looked completely pathetic. He looked broken.

"You're wrong."

Was he?

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Baska Town’s true colours, a mixture of mischief and scandalous behavior, came through past nightfall when the good citizens had fled into the safety of their homes and wanderers had taken over the streets; she was no stranger to the indecent nightly events happening at the merchant village — instead, she had almost become a part of this rotten cycle. Seira Navillera smiled at the prostitute guarding her hotel’s doors (her name was Belle and yes, she came here often) and finished her last cigarette before stepping into the cold night. Seira did not remember when this newfound bad habit had begun, but the woman recalled that whenever Bianca, Phantom Lord’s very own pet vampire and the Broodmother, stepped anywhere within close distance of herself, she reeked of alcohol and smoke.

It was freezing; the temperatures were still sinking and winter in the North was as relentless as she remembered it — Seira decided that it was for the best to move out of the elements. The dress on her body was inappropriate in more ways than one and while she rarely wore something as revealing (and slutty) as this without a purpose, the vampire enjoyed how pretty she looked in it nonetheless. She had never been vain or arrogant, but her transition brought the importance of her visuals to a whole new level — she never realized how much (and how many) she could manipulate simply by being gorgeous.

The merchant village was (and this was as unexpected as it was appreciated) the perfect place for the starving, lovesick vampire and she didn’t think that Baska Town, out of all possible areas, would become such a foolproof, reliable hunting ground. Seira hadn’t been herself lately and although she was too proud to admit to her weakness, being away from Finn over such a long time was hurting her more than she could handle. The woman didn’t remember when exactly she had fallen in love with the human, but she thought of him a lot and not being able to see him pained her. Seira was lovelorn and so she drowned her sorrows in ungodly amounts of human blood.

After her biggest of secrets had been revealed, Finn had proven to be understanding and supportive, which only made him more desirable. She knew she didn’t deserve him — and he didn’t deserve to be with a moody, bloodsucking beast as his lover — but Seira was too selfish to give up on the claim she believed she had on him; he was hers and she wanted nothing more than to be his. Of course none of this played any role into what she was doing when she fed on other humans (and all the other little kinks that were inevitably a part of her seduction) and Seira had never even once thought of how this may affect the opposite party — she was too busy becoming stronger and distracting herself from her own misery to worry about what sweet Finn was feeling.

When she found herself on the lap of a stranger after a good hour of picking the right victim and ensuring that they were too drunk to ever remember any of this, Seira simply minded her own business, knowing quite well that no one was going to question a bunch of low lives making out in one of the many dark corners Baska Town had to offer. His blood was decent enough and while she wasn’t as hungry anymore (considering how common feeding had become to her), she still wasn’t going to waste a single drop.

That was until she heard a familiar voice call out to her.

Seira’s heart froze; she slowly peeled herself off the now unconscious man and wiped her mouth clean using the back of her hand before stepping back and nudging his body over, causing him to fall. Life had been cruel to her ever since she was born and she had gotten used to it — this, however, broke a few records. There were a hundred better and safer places for him to visit and yet he still chose to be in the same, god forsaken alley as her tonight. A part of Seira knew it was fate, she knew they were meant to be but at the same time she found it difficult to find love in the midst of all this heartache.


Seira and Finn were different in one aspect that defined them both: he craved the adventure, the unknown — she feared it. When Seira left Hargeon she didn’t do it because there were more important matters to attend — there was nothing, absolutely nothing more important than Finn — she did it because she feared that if she gave up every little secret and allowed him to see her for who she truly was, he would abandon her the moment she became more than he had asked for; a burden rather than a positive addition to his life.

Seira was by his side within a split second, a quick dash was all it took for the vampire after all. She hadn’t made a mess, her dress and face were clean and her hair still (as always) fell down the length of her back beautifully — but none of this mattered anymore. She saw the way he looked at her and it nearly broke her. Finn’s face was pale, there were no tears but she knew he wanted to cry; the thought of betrayal poisoned his mind, so before he could speak or cry or do anything on impulse, the vampire stepped forward and pulled her lover into a tender embrace. Her left hand found his and she took a moment of time to intertwine their fingers before planting two soft kisses onto its back.

”I should have never left you,” she whispered.

He wore the scarf she had bought for him and for a moment Seira’s heart fluttered with happiness. She brought her free hand to his right cheek and, if he allowed, she would lean her face against his. Finn still had a good outlook on the alley behind him if he chose to glance over her shoulder and after a moment of silence, Seira pointed him towards the man she had been with prior his arrival. ”This is why your name was crossed out,” her voice was quieter than usual and while she spoke her body language gave away just how much she had missed being close to him, ”because I could never do something like that to you. They mean nothing, they are merely the means to an end — which just so happens to be my survival. You, however, are different.”

Seira closed her eyes and rested her cheek against his chest. She could hear his heart beating fast. ”You saved me and you took care of me. I always knew that you were never mine to use or to control, but that I would be yours instead.”

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Tenshi †
Was Finn still standing on that alleyway floor? The cobbled street was still securely supporting him, he was certain of it. So why did it feel so wrong? He felt as if the ground below had opened up, and the feeling in his stomach made him feel as if he had suddenly been lurched away from his standing position. The lump in his throat overpowered and words he could make, and as his mind went blank his vision became tunneled. He knew that there had been buildings on either side of him, and yet he could not see them. His vision had fully focused on Seira, whose gaze had shifted to him after a quick wiping of her mouth.

As she turned to look towards him, he felt his limited vision blur. The normal feeling in his heart was there. A flutter, an uplift that hoped to allow him to soar. So why then did her gaze feel so unwanted? He felt out of place, as if her presence was foreign and dangerous. He felt exposed and vulnerable, and where he once saw her as one capable of protecting that feeling he now felt as if he had a knife to his throat. It may have been enough to force him into readiness for battle, had he not felt that way. As if he had been slain; As if it had been her who slayed him.

Finn could have blinked in the time that it took her to close the distance to him, and yet her movements seemed slow and sluggish. The entire world had slowed around him, and the things he had stood on felt as if they were about to crumble. He knew she had said his name, but the sound was muffled and difficult to understand. His brain was aflutter with noise and angst, and try as he might to calm his nerves, he could not.

As she quickly grabbed his hand into hers and placed her lips upon him, his eyes winced with each peck. He felt discomfort, a sense of disdain towards the feeling on his hand. Everything about her felt foreign once more. Her hair, her body, her voice, even her touch. It felt uneasy with her being so close, as if she had never closed the metaphorical distance to begin with. As her hand reached towards his face, he recoiled at first. Only slightly wincing away from her touch, his expression pained as if she had struck him before it came to rest on his cheek. As much as he hated to admit it, he still craved her reassurance.

She was still his weakness.

As she spoke and pushed herself against him, as if she hoped that he would embrace her, he stood down at her. His eyes had dried once more, not allowing any of their contents to be spilled just yet. His hand finally pulled away from hers, a quick tug to ensure that her grip did not follow his own. As her words finished, he let silence create a space between them. Regardless of if she stayed against him, or stepped away, it felt as if any closeness between them was currently at risk.

"You..." His voice cut off, as if maintaining the volume of his voice was enough to break down the facade that was so fragile now. Despite no tears yet, it was obvious that he was teetering on the verge. "You're mine?" His voice came out as hardly a whisper, but he continued. "Your feeding doesn't scare me, or upset me. I understood that much when you told me you were a Vampire. I accepted that completely. I even understood that the time would come where you would needed to feed, and that I would be able to step forward and be there for you when you did..."

If she was still against him, at this moment, he would reach down and put his hands on her shoulders. It was not an act of comfort, for him nor her. If it had come to that point, he would pull her off him and hold her at arms length. His face, at this point, held a mix of emotions that all came together dreadfully. Confusion, disbelief, dismay, fear, and desperation all portrayed themselves quite clearly and yet all seemed to blend into one and the same. As he finally could see her face again, he realized that he couldn't make it through. A single droplet made its way from his left eye, beginning to fall down his cheek.

"Did you need to kiss him all over to feed?" As his words came out a second droplet, from the other eye, cascaded down his face. "Did he need to caress you, or you him?" The single drops seemed to multiply, and before long the tears were pouring down his face. "You were strong enough to throw me into a wall, and I'm one of the strongest people I've ever met. Was this the only way you could get your nourishment?"

He was lost. The feeling of falling was long gone. He was simply there now. He felt as if he were in an abyss, and that every direction simply led to the same. It was as though the world would soon lose its color, and he couldn't think of a way to stop it. He didn't want her to answer those questions. He didn't want her to speak yet. They were rhetorical, a way to ramble off his fears. Now though he needed to address her, and he needed to understand.

"How many others have you fed on this way since we've been together?" He didn't mean in general, and he knew she'd understand that. He needed to know how many times she had created intimate moments with others between the two times in which they met. He needed to understand the reason he was put here. Had he done something wrong? Had he driven her away? How could he have prevented this? From Lance to Seira, he was beginning to acclimate to the feeling of not being enough. All he wanted to do was understand. All he needed was to find a way back.

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Finn’s heart was beating quickly; she could hear and feel the soft throbbing inside his chest and when he spoke, the words he said to her seemed to throw it out of rhythm. Seira was not a vicious woman, she was not evil and although vampyrism made her commit sins, the ivory haired girl was — and perhaps always would be — a soft hearted person. She was smarter than Finn in many aspects of life and while the human had never received the same education (or anything that could compare him to a normal product of society) as Seira, the girl was still foolish when it came to love. He was different and while Finn did not have the most exclusive vocabulary to choose from in order to express his emotions, he was still better at it than her.

Seira, albeit slowly, noticed that something was wrong when he did not throw his arms around her and showed no signs of being happy (or relieved) to see her again.

”Finn?” The human shivered under her touch and when she tilted her head upwards to see his face, Seira was disheartened to find an expression of shock and disgust distorting his otherwise calm features. She wanted to speak, but found herself unable to do so after realizing that this — this exact expression — was what she had expected to see from him after revealing her identity. Seira had been confident in her ability to convince him that this, the men she fed on and the progress leading up to it, was a necessity and therefore nothing he should worry about, but that confidence quickly faded into nothingness.

He was upset because she hurt him, and Seira realized this now.

Finn’s words stung, every single thing that fell from his mouth hurt her and when he raised his voice and pulled her off him, using physical effort to bring distance between the two of them, Seira’s eyes widened and she stared in disbelief. She didn’t fight back, nor did she resist — in fact, she probably wouldn’t have won this battle anyways and the last thing she wanted to do was to force herself on him when he clearly did not want her anymore. His voice was quiet, it broke a few times and when tears started rolling down his cheeks, Seira felt a sinking feeling in her chest. A sudden, crushing heartache swept her off her feet and instead of responding a few pathetic stutters coming from her lips was all she could manage.

Was this the only way you could get your nourishment?

She suddenly felt dizzy and although the vampire should have been in perfect condition after feeding, Seira now felt the urge to throw up. She took a few steps backwards, away from Finn, and leaned against the nearby house wall. Her lower lip was trembling and she clenched her fists in order to keep her hands from shaking. Slowly, the woman turned around and glanced back into the alley, eyes searching for the man she had been with when Finn appeared. ”No,” she finally said and for a moment she seemed to be confused with herself; Seira didn’t know what exactly was going on for the longest time, but when Finn spoke again it all came together.

...since we’ve been together?

She could hear the disappointment in his voice and it was killing her.

When Seira realized with how much disrespect she had treated Finn — and their relationship — the vampire felt sick to her stomach. She had no explanation, no clever excuse for what she did and it was more natural than she wanted to admit — Seira’s life had gotten only messier ever since she became what she was now and her newfound instincts made it insanely difficult for the woman to resist her natural urges; this was how vampires hunted, how she was supposed to hunt and if it hadn’t been for Finn, she likely would have never realized how disgusted she should have been with herself.

”Only a few,” she looked away not wanting to see how hurt he was, ”it’s not always like this, more often than not I don’t need to do a lot of persuading,” with her back still against the wall, Seira slowly slid to the ground and stared into the distance. ”I was so obsessed with the idea of seeing her again, that I chased down a member of Phantom Lord and tried to turn him,” a tingling sensation overcame her entire body, like pins and needles were repeatedly being pulled in and out of her skin. Her mind went back to the man she had kissed and recalled the moment in which she had caressed Finn’s hand with the same lips only minutes later; immediately, the girl started wiping her mouth frantically and tears were beginning to fall from her eyes.

”I don’t know if it worked, but she came to me a while later and I almost joined Phantom Lord and afterwards I always felt so hungry, she was rambling now, the words quickly left her mouth and she desperately tried to find the reason as to why she had betrayed the only person she had cared for in nearly a decade of loneliness. ”I was so hungry all the time and I started eating more and more — much more than I needed and everytime I do this it felt bad, I hate having to use humans like this, but—” the words came bubbling out of her like a waterfall and she spoke much faster than she normally would, ”..but I always felt like I had to give something back in return and this seemed to be what they wanted and I didn’t even think about how this could affect you, because a lot happened in the last few months of my life and I—” she paused and took a deep breath. Seira’s fists were no longer clenched, instead she'd dug her nails into the dirt in an attempt to stabilize herself.  

She had her eyes closed now, blinding out the noise of the surrounding world and focusing only on slowing down her own, irregular heartbeat. A moment of silence set in before the vampire continued, ”I never wanted to hurt you and the feelings I expressed were real. Something is wrong with me and for the first time in my life I don’t know how to help myself anymore,” she sighed and began dragging herself back onto her feet. ”I never wanted you to see me like this,” her eyes searched for his and if Finn allowed, they would lock with each other. ”And I never wanted to drag you into this messy life of mine. I hope that one day you can forgive me for that.”

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Tenshi †
As if to damage him again, she withdrew from him as if she had been the one hurt. Finn felt himself long to reach out for her, but he would not move. His feet had melded with the Earth, and his eyes stared at her as if she was an entirely new entity. As she responded to him, her answer felt like it was targeted directly at him. Only a few, as if that was the way to mend the damage. To mitigate it as if the favor done was keeping the number to four or five people. A new emotion got added to the swirling thoughts inside of him.


Part of him was beginning to get angry. As if he needed to turn his emotions elsewhere, to prevent himself from suffocating upon them. Her words confused him, and his mind immediately tried applying reasoning to everything she said. With each new statement his anger compounded, though the swelling wave offered no hints of its existence. His face did not look as though he felt such anger, nor did his body language seem aggressive. It was like a storm brewing just out of sight, ready to unleash upon the shores at a moments notice.

Did she need to persuade people like that? Certainly if one mark was not working out she could move onto another. Who was this her that she was speaking of? A member of Phantom Lord, which explained the map, but who? It was her next words that truly got to him. With all the battles he had been in, it was incredible that the most pain he ever felt was in this discussion. She felt she had to give something back? That's what this all was to her? A bargaining chip?

At that point her words seemed so much quieter, his mind running in circles around this single point. His chest ached and his mind burned with questions, and slowly these thoughts started to bubble to the surface, escaping through his lips. "Who is 'Her'? A member of Phantom Lord? What is significant about her?" The question was quiet, his eyes having finally met her and allowing eye contact to sustain. She perhaps did so for comfort, a chance to still feel connected. For him though, it was to see her face as she answered. He needed to know the truth about all of this after all.

"And that's how you had to persuade people? When they seemed like they were going to be uninterested and that you couldn't feed off them, did you ever try just going to a different target?" It was a seemingly obvious idea, but in the moment it was likely Seira had genuinely never even considered that. To Finn though it seemed so obvious that what she was doing was a line that shouldn't have been crossed. Part of his outburst lay in the fact he didn't realize this sense of thinking was not common sense, but merely the way he was raised. To piece the two things together in a moment such as this though was neigh impossible.

"You have to give back to them and this is what they wanted?" At that, his voice took on the disbelief that he had worn so openly just moments before. He stepped back once as if he was reeling, his eyes tearing from hers as he looked down and to the corner of where the nearby building met the earth. His hands raised to his hips as his head slowly shook, the sheer incredulous nature of that statement shook him. "Is that all this is to you? A bargaining chip to give out when you need to thank someone? How far were things going to go tonight, Seira? How far have they gone?" His words were quiet, and yet each syllable swung home like a hammer striking an anvil. They held power, authority, and disappointment.

Yet as painful as they were to hear, they needed to be spoken. For his moment of weakness, of anger and confusion, he needed to resolve all this. He needed to ask the questions, and she needed to answer. If this was something they were going to work through, then the bridge built by this interrogation had to hold strong. "Was that what I was suppose to be in the beginning? Was that what our first day together was suppose to be? A token of gratitude?"

As much as his words stung, and they certainly did, that hadn't been their intent. It was not as though he now set off to strike at her, to make her feel low or angry. This was something he needed. He had to get through this, and these questions were not ones that he could merely push to the back of his head anymore. The seed of doubt that Jake had planted had been given all it needed to sprout and begin taking root, and there was only a short amount of time to weed it out before it may blossom.

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Finn’s words still hurt; instead of softening the blows, the things she said to him only made him angrier. Seira closed her eyes when he started coming forward with more questions, more accusations and more insults. Instead of listening, for a moment the woman pretended as if he wasn’t there anymore. Finn had been a very recent addition to her life and she certainly could do just as well if he disappeared again — right? After all humans came and left as they pleased and the vampire’s lifetime was eternal now; sooner or later she would have to be alone again, no matter how well or worse things between the couple turned out to be. It would take her awhile but time healed all wounds in the end.

A sad smile found its way onto Seira’s lips as she moved towards the man and shrugged helplessly; she felt tired and the conversation had worn her out. ”She’s the Broodmother — the Maker. My Maker. The one who turned me into a vampire,” she spoke quietly and shook her head. Finn wouldn’t understand the gratitude she felt towards that woman — even if she explained, a bond like theirs could not be understood, only felt. Bianca made her better by turning her and Seira was well aware of this. ”She is — and has been — more significant to my life than you are,” Seira scoffed. She didn’t mean to hurt him further and this was merely a fact she was stating.

Finn was head over heels — that much she knew. It was weirdly satisfying to see his pain (at least she knew she meant something to him) but Seira couldn’t keep up with the mortals emotions. She felt gratitude towards him and love as well, but while his life seemed to be going smoothly aside from this lover’s quarrel, the female vampire lived among ruins. She wasn’t annoyed with him and although this argument was stirring up some negative emotions, she deep down knew she was wrong. ”What do you think, Finn?” Seira’s response was cold, her voice hinted at the obvious annoyance behind her words. ”Most men don’t take a liking to the idea of being drained and dropped into a ditch without some sort of payback and — I thought you would have figured this out on your own — yes, I have indeed tried different things.”

Seira’s mind went back to the afternoon in the woodlands before Magnolia, where she and Finn had first met. ”It didn’t work out well,” a heavy sigh escaped her mouth and she began moving past him. She decided not to look at him any longer and it pained her knowing that they had gone from being so sweet with one another to this. Developing emotions for a stranger had been a mistake, but she didn’t regret feeling love for him. ”I haven’t slept with another man besides you in years, if that’s what you wanted to hear,” she eventually gave in and glanced over her shoulder. Finn was looking down on her — he was spiteful, his words gave away how much he despised her for what she did without really understanding what she had been through.

She started walking away, deciding that it was time to head back to her hotel. Seira had dirt all over her body and she desperately needed a shower. Finn wasn’t done yet, however, and when he said what he did the vampire paused in her tracks and exhaled audibly. ”You were never supposed to be anything,” she began and turned around to look straight at him. ”You helped me through something that day and I expressed my gratitude by spending time with you. I didn’t initiate anything and I never intended to feed on you. You kissed me. You begged me over and over again to stay with you longer. I did so because I thought it was what you wanted.”

Seira’s thoughts were buzzing through her mind, her head ached and she pinched the bridge of her nose in frustration. ”When I was going through something difficult you found me, and you took care of me without asking for something in return. You did it because you thought it was right,” for a moment, the vampire’s expression seemed to soften, ”and when I met you again in Hargeon I decided that I wanted to love you because it felt right and I wasn’t going to ask for anything in return either.” Finn’s confession was unexpected and while she had been happy at first, the woman quickly realized how difficult a relationship would be under these circumstances.

”I left Hargeon because I wanted to take care of myself first. I knew it would take some time, but I thought if I took some time apart and tackled my inner demons, I could win and I could be someone you deserved. I’m sorry it all went wrong and I’m sorry I couldn’t change for the better,” Seira hated having to admit that she only got worse being away from him and by now, she was no longer even looking at him. ”In the end I couldn’t get myself to break things off with you and instead, I continued to lie to myself. I regret that you had to find out like this, I wish I could have explained it all sooner.”

Seira’s eyes began to wander and after some time she started walking towards the direction in which she remembered her hotel to be. ”You deserve better than this, Finn. And it won’t be hard for you to find someone better than me.”

In the end Seira had to admit defeat after all.

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Tenshi †
The blows rained down from the heavens that were her lips, and with each syllable that formed itself around his ears he felt himself crack. This was a lesson in itself, regardless of how things progressed from here. He was one who had made himself reliant on others. An entire life with only his adoptive parents and Jake had made him painfully starved from interaction. It was a realization he never had the reason to make until now. First with Lance, the loss of whom had put Finn into an immensely dark place. Now with the chapter of Seira that was seemingly reaching its end, the ember of understanding lit deep within his subconscious.

He held himself at a relative distance to most. They could become friends quickly, and he was well refined when it came to becoming close to their hearts. But what of his own? He seemed to have a tendency to link people to him, so when they were yanked away he felt the pain as if it were hell's torture. It was spawned of his inexperience, and it was the testament of his weakness. He had thought himself strong, a resilient wall that would be broken down by none. In the end he merely proved that he was weak, a helpless individual against the torrent of life.

Some of what she said, though it was designed to hurt, was understood. She spoke of the maker, whoever that was, and her importance. Of course you have people more important to you. I didn't want to take over your life, just become a part of it. His response was reasonable, and yet it never escaped his lips. Echoing inside the confines of his mind, escaping into the darkness that he found himself in. Why couldn't he speak? The words flowed so effortlessly when he tore her down, so why couldn't they come out now?

She spoke of her treatment for other men, and how it related to her feeding. Again the answer came to him. I know you need to feed, and you don't want to resort to violence. What I don't want is you kissing them, caressing their bodies while they explore yours. You sink your teeth into them to drain their blood, what extra effort would it be to do so suddenly without the acts of sensuality? When he tried to voice it only a near silent choke came out. It felt as if the words never even made it to formation, falling short in the pit of his stomach.

More and more of her words found themselves to her, and through it all Finn felt conflict. On one end he felt as if she had completely shut down and evicted him from his place in her heart as if it were nothing. On the other, it felt as though she had completely broken due to his words. Through it all, he never once regretted his words. They may have had different ideals of where they were in their relationship, but the fact of the matter was that they were something. Together they had made something, no matter how few times they met or how little they knew about each other. He may have been dense, but his mother and father taught him enough about what that meant for him to know he was in the right.

And yet, how was it that she didn't feel to be entirely wrong? Her words, painful as they were, made sense. No matter how much he wished to just be able to shove them to the side, a piece of him knew that she needed to be heard out too. In making everything about him, they would never make progress. As she began to walk and brushed past him, he knew he had to grab her. If he let her pass at this moment, if he let her get beyond him, she would be lost to him forever. He couldn't let that happen. He wouldn't let that happen.

Yet, as he blinked and stared ahead, not even glancing in her direction, she was beyond him. Her back to his, and his to hers. She had made the decision, and he was tired. So very, very tired. He didn't know that he was necessarily right, or wrong. Only that he wasn't going to fight. The timing was so awful. The loss of Lance, and spirits, his discussion with Jake... He was done. He couldn't force life where there was death, as the seed of doubt blossomed, he knew it.

Seira and Finn would part here. If they ever met again, it would be as strangers.

"Finnly!" The words were harsh, and yet a bit of amusement could be heard. Tiny eyes and chubby cheeks turned themselves to face the source of the words, seeing a sentient bulldog on her hind legs, wearing a red hat with a bow in it. Her ears held rings of pearl and gold, though whether they were truly pierced remained a mystery. At making eye contact, Finn crossed his arms and stomped his foot, huffing out a sigh of annoyance. "My name is Finn! Just Finn!" Approaching him and giving him gentle pats on his cheeks with both her hands, she smiled.

"You can't be Finn. Finn is happy, loving, and understanding! And yet here you are throwing a temper tantrum!" Finn sat down, as if that would make him an unmovable force. The child was no older than eight, his long blond hair and ocean blue eyes giving him an almost angelic and innocent look. No trace of the future furiosity was there.

"It's Jake's fault. He knew it was mine, and he broke it anyways. He wasn't even sorry!" Sighing, his mother sat down next to him. She could have scolded him, or yelled, but instead she put himself at his level. "Did that make you mad?" Giving an indignant "Mhm" and looking away from his mother, she couldn't help but laugh.

"Finn baby, you're gonna get mad a lot in life. Not everyone sees the world the same way you do." "But-" "Jake was just playing, Finn. You know that he didn't mean to upset you. He might have broken it, but it wasn't intentional. He didn't break it on purpose, and he feels bad about it. He'll be willing to help you fix it if you'll let him."

Finn sat in silence for a few moments. "What if I don't want him to? Maybe I'll... I'll just hate him forever." She gave him a weak smile, hugging her son from behind. She wouldn't always be there for him, and she knew it. Both her and his father knew that their time together was coming short, and she would not leave Finn in a state where he could not deal with his own affairs. She might have been unable to give him a traditional education, but damn if she would let him be ignorant to himself or the world around him.

"That's your choice then, Finn. You have to decide what you're going to do. And how you're going to feel. If you really want to hate him forever, you can. But one day Jake will get over it. Will you?" Silence. "Sometimes, you have to be the one to take control Finn. While not everyone sees the world the way you do, you can explain that view if you're willing to try. So go ahead and decide. Do you want to be mad forever?"

A hand grabbed her elbow as she finished her last sentence. Whipping her around in her spot, his hands found their way to her face. Cupping her face in both his hands, he stood only centimeters away from her. His eyes locked with hers, and he scanned her face with a desperation. "I don't want that."

His words were cold, and yet they revealed a bit of the passion that lay beneath them. "I want you to know you hurt me. I want you to know what went through my mind when I saw you. When I saw this. How scared and hurt I am. How much I felt, and feel, wronged by this. I want you to know." His words seemed as if they were etching the familiar pattern of anger, but they continued before she had a chance to interrupt.

"But more than that I want you to know how much it means to me. How much you mean to me. I know that we've only been together a few times, maybe I'm even being unreasonable. That's just who I am though. For me, a relationship means that you and I are together, and the things couples do should only be between us. Not anyone else. I want you to know that I'm serious about us, and that as much as I know you have your own reasons, this is something I need us to find a way to agree on. Maybe not completely to one end or the other, but some sort of middle ground."

He paused for only a moment again. "If you need to feed, you can feed on me. Any time we're together you can. If I'm not around, of course I understand you need to feed on others. I just..." He didn't know what to say. There were so many things he could bring up, ways to discuss it. In the end though he was never a man of words. "I don't want to lose you."

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❀   ❀   ❀   ❀   ❀   ❀   ❀   ❀   ❀   ❀

Seira felt stupid; she’d been so naive to believe that — for once — she could allow herself to rely on others and form bonds. The idea of a beneficial relationship had planted itself inside her mind when Finn came into her life and after two decades of solitude and independence she thought it was finally time to give in and allow herself some happiness. She thought she could handle these strange emotions and feelings and even though she knew it was going to be difficult, the vampire was optimistic. Seira wanted this to work, but she couldn’t change who she was and how she operated in a matter of weeks — not even for Finn.

When Seira walked away she could hear the pavement scrunch — she knew Finn was moving since the vampire herself was a soundless being. Her entire body tensed up, she clenched her fist and exhaled sharply; she didn’t think Finn was capable (nor willing) of hurting her, but she had to be prepared for everything. He wrapped his hand around her elbow and pulled her backwards and the moment his hands went upwards and cupped her cheeks instead, Seira reached for his arms and tightened her grip around his wrists. There was no longer any love in her gestures and she was done treating him with kid gloves.

Or so she thought.

I don’t want to lose you.

It wasn’t until he said that last line, that Finn’s words finally hit home. Seira loosened her grip and a moment of doubt was all it took for her to understand that he still — and in spite of everything that had happened — wanted her. And of course she wanted him too. ”I know that I hurt you and betrayed your trust,” she began, but her voice cracked and she closed her eyes instead. She didn’t know what to think nor how to feel; she hated Finn’s pretty blue eyes and how stupidly desperate he looked when he spoke to her. She hated how he tried to fool her into thinking that he had himself together even though she knew that the dismissive, cold tone of his voice was a lie. They both pretended to be unfazed and they were terrible at it: that was one thing they had in common.

”I know of all the things I did wrong and I know it started with me not being honest,” if Seira had chosen to stay in Hargeon and answered the questions he still had for her, things would have been different. They would have established something solid between them and when she heard just how far he was willing to go for her — to make this work — she decided she could do the same. ”If you would only let me make things right again — if you could just give me another chance things will be different,” Seira begged; she no longer cared whether or not she sounded desperate, but she needed him to understand that this meant just as much to her as it meant to him.

”I know I fucked up, but I need you to understand that I’m not a good person,” she rolled her eyes and chuckled at her own words, ”hell, I’m hardly even a person at this point.” The vampire shook her head and freed herself from his grasp by stepping backwards but keeping the eye contact. ”Just give me a chance and some time to explain it all to you and I promise you that I will. You can ask me anything you ever wanted me to ask and I won’t keep any secrets from you anymore, but please know that I can’t become a different person in a matter of only a few days,” if he allowed, Seira would step forward again and gently place her hands onto his shoulders.

”I was alone my entire life, I never learned how to consider the feelings of others. I never wanted to hurt you, but I did while doing what I have always done — what I thought was right. I know now that it’s not and if we could just talk it all out I’m sure we can figure this out together.”

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Tenshi †
It was a weird feeling. The feelings of falling that had long since receded were back in full force. Yet there was no darkness, but light. Several things began to fall into place, the mechanization of his mind whirling into place. There was a light at the end of the tunnel, and the adventurer was going towards it at blinding speeds. The saying was that this was the prelude to ones death, and that was okay to him. He knew, deep down, that it was true. The thought of him dying didn't feel final, though. It felt refreshing. It felt new, exciting, and as though it had so much more behind it.

His eyes gazed at her lips, the shape of desire. He had chosen to understand her, and while that was not an easy task, it was one that he would work towards. The thought of forgiveness seemed wrong in this case. While her act of feeding was in no way wrong, the way she went about it certainly was. Yet as he contemplated the idea of forgiveness, he realized that it was already there. It had been there since the moment he saw her. There was a difference between regret and authentic misunderstanding. They did not know of each others wants, and while the sight and sound of Finn had allowed something to click for her, it seemed that it most certainly had not been there before.

Whatever icy distance that remained between them dissolved. While he could not yet bring himself to travel to his desires, he found his mouth pressed to her forehead, his arms wrapping around her. It was a strange feeling. It felt as though their meetings before now had been rushed. Even now, it felt rushed. The two of them were whirling around in something far bigger than themselves, unsure of how to proceed. They had dove in much to fast, and the water was rushing in to consume them at every sign of weakness.

For now though they had breached the surface. His kissing her had caused an explosion of light, the abyss long behind him but still lingering somewhere in his heart. A flash of his parents and of Lance protruded his thoughts for only a moment, their faces smiling. He could never know that his decisions were right and wrong. He could only work to ensure that the destinations would be reached. Of all the lessons that he would someday derive from this, that was the one that immediately protruded in his mind.

Life was about consistently taking on bigger and bigger challenges, and continuing forward regardless of their outcome. He could allow himself to falter, or he could keep forward with a powerful stride. Either way, the flow of time would continue on, and it would wait for no one. Not even Finn.

"I know we can," the whisper said, pulling back from the hug and trailing his fingertips down her arms. As they reached her hands, he lifted them into his and gave a weak squeeze. He smiled at her, and for a second a glimpse of the man that Finn could become was there. Confident, assured, and understanding. The moment was quickly past though as he stepped beside her.

The ideals of the potential futures he had once thought were gone. There was no aspirations for where he and Seira would one day reach. No burning desire to reach a precipice of skill. No overwhelming drive to reach any specific point. A subtle understanding that life could only be lived in the present had dawned. One that would settle in over time. A view of life that would allow him to better handle situations, not just for himself, but for those who mattered. He had grown.

"You were going somewhere, right?" He offered her a smile, a weak laugh escaping his lips as he reached up and wiped the residue of his tears from his eyes. "Mind if I join you?"

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❀   ❀   ❀   ❀   ❀   ❀   ❀   ❀   ❀   ❀

”Thank you,” a breathless silence took place between the couple; after Seira had made her feelings known the human’s body no longer felt tensed up and he quietly gave in. Finn’s arms wrapped around her and pulled her into a warm embrace. She knew that he forgave her, even before his lips met her forehead for a soft kiss — her guilt was genuine and her intentions sincere. A sigh of relief rolled over the girl’s tongue. She leaned into the hug and against his chest to rest and for a moment it felt as though the weight of the world was being lifted from her shoulders and she was free again. Seira wanted nothing more than to prove to Finn that she was worth the second chance he had given her and before she knew it, she was on a mission to make everything between them special.

Seira Navillera was a keeper of many secrets and until now she had always been keen on keeping them as what they were: secrets. Finn’s existence changed this and suddenly the idea of sharing hidden treasures no longer seemed so bad to her — she wanted to make him that special person, someone who knew more about her than anyone else. ”It will all be better soon,” Seira returned his meek smile with one of her own and intertwined her fingers with his; and if he squeezed her hands, she would gently squeeze back. ”I thought about returning to my hotel for the night, I desperately need a shower after all,” a nervous chuckle followed her words and she still felt a little uncertain. Upsetting him by accident was the last thing she wanted to do.

”You can stay over for as long as you like,” she slightly tilted her head upwards and her eyes searched for his, ”we could spend some time together. There is probably a lot of catching up to do. It’s been so long since we’ve seen each other after all,” Seira was hopeful that he would agree on spending the night (and many more to follow) with her. He was still hesitant and he hadn’t kissed her yet — even though she knew he wanted to — and the vampire couldn’t wait to wash herself off all that shame and return to where she belonged: with him.

Finn was sweet. He was soft hearted and tender; whenever he touched her his movements were well thought out and considerate of her own. He instinctively adjusted himself to her and Seira loved this about him. She had never known a different side of his and she didn’t think it was possible for her to love him any more than she already did — even though that was probably not true. Even when he was angry with her and everything within him screamed against being close to her, he still found it difficult to recoil from her touch completely and although his every movement had been subtle, Seira still noticed them.

Even though they barely spent time with each other, Finn seemed to know exactly what she needed and craved and she wanted to do the same for him. Seira shot him a loving gaze and carefully readjusted his scarf until it sat neatly and tightly around his neck, shielding his throat from the cold wind that was still lashing through the streets of Baska Town. ”I will make you something warm to drink once we are back home, it’s really cold tonight,” she gave him a gentle pat on the chest and stepped aside to look behind him and into the alley. ”I’m going to get my purse and my keys, okay? You can wait here,” the last thing she wanted was for Finn to get anywhere near that man, so she made sure he stayed back before hurrying into the alley.

It seemed as though he was still passed out; a handsome man, no older than 30, with tan skin and dark hair. Unfortunately for him he was also an idiot, but since Seira had been interrupted, she barely had any of his blood and he was simply drunk: a state he could easily survive in without her assistance. Seira lifted his upper body up and against the wall, putting him into a sitting position, before she stepped over him and bend over to fish her precious purse out of the dark. ”And there we go,” she called out to Finn and presented him the purse while turning back around, ”I got it—” as the vampire went to step away, she felt something tug on her dress as if she’d gotten stuck.

”Oh no, you can’t—” when she glanced over her shoulder, she heard the fabric tear and saw that the man had risen and grabbed her precious dress, holding on to it as if it were dear life, while pulling himself into a standing position. ”Let go, you moron! This dress was expensive!” Seira — who was visibly annoyed now — slapped his hands away, but rather than releasing her he grabbed her wrist and pulled her closer before the fingers of his free hand slid between her legs, causing the woman to squeal and drop her purse in surprise. All the while he mumbled something about ‘not being done yet’ and Seira, who was (as always) hesitant to resort to violence started an attempt to wiggle herself out of his grasp.  

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Tenshi †
There was a sort of calm that could only be described as the precipice of something deeper. A storm raging within Finn, though that was not necessarily a bad thing. Storms brought plenty of destruction in their wake, but they also brought life and the potential for growth. They were vital in the ecosystem, and they were vital for the evolution of man. This building change would not be used solely for destruction nor creation, but rather dependent on the events that presented themselves for release. It would be channeled fully into those things, and in the long run it would likely be a beneficial change.

This, however, was not long term.

Finn had accepted her words, nodding and smiling weakly. He was mentally exhausted from everything. He had snapped on her slightly before, letting his anger drive his comments and his thoughts. Now though he had been able to dissipate some of it. To push it away, and while that was not necessarily healthy, it was not as if he planned on ignoring it. They would deal with it together, and like iron in the forge it would be given chance to take shape and strengthen. All they had to do was make it to the hotel.

"Okay, Seira." His words were accepting, and while he did choose to stay back as she offered, he still took a step to angle himself towards her, watching carefully as she moved on the man. It was not as if he did not trust her, but at the moment his confidence in the events were shaken. He needed to over analyze. He needed to assure himself that he was right in his decision, and this was the first step in this.

As she sat the man up, Finn felt a sting in his chest. It was minor, but it was not something he'd act on or mention. She had not come here to kill the man, and regardless of the issues he had caused, he did not deserve to die. As she grabbed her purse, Finn looked back over her shoulder for a moment. The sound of the bars behind them were still in full swing, a reminder that this situation that had felt as though it took forever was in fact only a few minutes long. They would be able to deal with it all soon.

Her words of confusion and disagreement came first, causing Finn to immediately whip his head back around. The drunkard was pulling himself up using her, tearing part of her dress in the process. She yelled something about the dress being expensive, which Finn immediately brushed aside as shock. Certainly that wasn't the major issue here, and she was likely just in disbelief that this was all happening at all. Finn watched as she went to push him away, but as he pulled her in, spoke, and moved his hands, it was all too late. The man truly hadn't deserved to die. He should have just lay there.

Within a moment, faster than the man could process and before Seira had likely even looked back at Finn, the mans hand on her leg was grabbed. Yanked up so that his wrist twisted towards the inside of his body, it was twisted until it aimed towards the outside once more while also yanked downwards. The sound of bones snapping was audible almost as soon as it had begun, and as the man went to yell in surprise, a flash of white filled the area.

His good arm, which had been on her wrist, now sat on the ground. It had been separated from its own, and in Finn's mind that would be the best end that arm could face. With one arm broken and one arm missing in the blink of an eye, the backwards momentum that had been applied to the drunkard took its toll and he fell to the ground. Slicing his blade to the outside, the magical steel sending blood into the alley way, Finn returned it to its home. "You should find a doctor soon. The alcohol in your bloodstream will make you bleed out faster."

Turning his attention to Seira, Finn offered a light smile again. The situation would likely seem insane. Finn, a droplet of the mans blood on both his forehead and cheek, acted as if nothing of note had just occurred. "Don't worry, I know you did nothing wrong there. That guy was an asshole. Lets get going." If there was any fear on her face, it would take him a moment to process that emotion. After all, when he got like this, it was as though a small part of him was shut off.

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Seira stepped backwards and instinctively cracked her jaw; a vampire’s fangs were primarily a weapon, but unfortunately she never got a chance to use them. She heard movement approaching — Finn was by her side before she could turn around and assure him that the situation, as unpleasant as it seemed, was still under her control. When the sound of bones breaking and flesh being twisted reached her eardrums, the woman had made another step back, staring blankly at the scene unfolding itself right before her very eyes. The Finn Sword came slashing down at the man’s arm within a matter of seconds; with an almost gentle tug, she was freed from his grasp and the severed limb fell to the dirt.

I was wrong.

She felt her chest tighten and the sudden sensation of discomfort overcame her — she felt caught, as if she’d been in the wrong place at the wrong time. As if this was something she was never meant to witness. Seira stood frozen in shock; she winced when the man’s blood splattered over her body and gasped for air. This had been nothing but a silly quarrel, something she could and would have taken care of herself, but Finn decided to interfere and once again her entire world seemed to have changed because of a single, significant act.

He’s not okay.

Seira heard the body collapse and Finn dedicating a few, hateful words to his cause before he returned his attention to her. She didn’t speak — even if she hadn’t been at a complete loss for words, she would have found it difficult to say anything at all — and during that time, the vampire’s complexion turned pale. She had always thought of Finn as someone weak and fragile, but that wasn’t the point here. When they first met, Seira established a bond between the two of them that was build on knowledge; she knew who he was, what he did and even what guild he was a part of. Seira had made it a priority to know the person she chose to love, so nothing like this could have happened — but it did anyway.

I’m such an idiot.

What Seira admired most about Finn — what she thought to be his most noble quality — was his humanity. He was quick to melt the ice between two people and in his own, adorable way Finn had always made her feel welcome; he held no grudges, he wasn’t judgemental and even when something bad happened he was still understanding and open minded. No matter how many times she had tried to walk away, he never thought himself to good for something and he made an effort to follow her and ensure that they were both alright. This however, was not his usual way of solving problems. This violence he resorted to was something completely foreign to her, a side of him she hadn’t known existed.

And it terrified her.

Seira thought she was oh so clever to learn all those little details about her lover. She thought she was smart in keeping a lot from him in return and now she realized how much of a fool she had truly been. Nothing, absolutely nothing she knew of him was relevant — especially compared to this — and if it hadn’t been for her own stupidity, she might have never even seen what Finn was capable of. The scent of fresh blood filled the air, but the vampire could hardly smell it; something else had planted itself inside her brain and with every passing moment, the seed was already growing.

Don’t worry, I know you did nothing wrong there.

She felt as though she had been struck by lightning; those words hurt her slowly and worse — they filled her with terror. Her mind went to a million different places, nearly exploding as her thoughts desperately tried to figure out what could have happened to her if Finn ever considered her to be wrong, to be at fault. Her gaze wandered towards the second sword he carried on his back — was it a new addition or had it always been in his possession? The pictures in her head weren’t pretty and she couldn’t help but let her facial expressions reflect those thoughts. The woman was bad at pretending, even worse at hiding and now her features became a mirror to her soul.

Seira fled the scene with a quick dash into the opposite direction — not without her purse, of course — and she ran where her feet took her that night, towards the end of the alley way, around the corner and into another. All of this had happened within a few moments, and while her thoughts processed and created the perfect lair for dread and despair, Seira was still gasping for air. As soon as she was out of his sight, fat droplets of tears were streaming down her face and she only now noticed that her entire body was shaking. She collapsed against a nearby house wall and when the silent screams of her mind turned into audible, bitter sobs, the vampire pressed her hands against her mouth in an attempt to muffle her own cries.

I’m scared, the seed poisoning her mind whispered, over and over again.

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Tenshi †
It had been too soon to celebrate it seemed. As happy as he had been for them to have made up, the baited anticipation of them finally figuring things out between them, it was all for naught. He had acted not out of anger, but out of a need to protect. He knew Seira possessed immense strength, but he also knew that one could not allocate everything to their raw abilities alone. He didn't see a woman who was avoiding drastic measures, or who was still surprised and unsure of how much she should do to free herself from this situation.

What he saw was the woman whom he had just made up with, the one whom he had feelings for, being violated. Being pulled in despite her obvious attempts not to. He saw a threat to her physical and emotional well being, and a man who didn't understand the meaning of denial. His actions were extreme for some, but obvious for him. There were two states for someone to be in, predator and prey. When one acted as a predator, then they had to accept the risks that came with it. One of those risks was the potential for death, serious injury, or potentially worse.

Why was it then that when he turned his gaze to his significant other, she did not look at him as she once did? Her face was twisted with surprise, almost disgust. As he spoke, his emotions slowly coming back to him in full, he could finally see the primal look upon her face. The base emotion that had driven humanity to its peak.


She was afraid, but not of the man who had put his hands on her. She was afraid of the one she was staring at, as if he were not even there. As if he were a beast. "Seira..?" His words were slow, confused, and a bit too late. She quickly picked up her purse, and she bolted from him. The confusion turned to shock, and the shock settled into a state of disbelief. Why was tonight happening? None of this was suppose to go this way, and yet it was being confirmed time and time again that they were two completely different people. That idea scared him, but more than that the idea of the night ending on that note overwhelmed him with the need to change it.

As she ran, Finn looked down at his hands. He had begun to realize it before, but this was confirmation for him. He wasn't normal. Who he was, designed to be by the environment in which he had grown, defied the logic and reason that fit this world. He sighed, and a light smile befell his face. It contrasted the events that had just taken place, and it seemed completely unfitting for the situation, and yet he couldn't help but find some humor in it. Things couldn't be simple, right? That's not what made them worth fighting for.

He looked up, and his gaze was fixated ahead. Only a few moments ago, if this had happened, he'd have let himself be overtaken by his own wild mind and emotions. Whatever it was that had fixated itself within him at that moment though was different. Finn had the potential to be the man he needed to be, and this was one of the first steps to doing that. Making his way out of the alley and looking both ways, he knew that there was no way to find Seira if she didn't want to be found. She had a head start, and she was quick. Still, he chose a random direction and began walking.

Before long, the sound of quieted sobs and gasps for breath filled the night. He recognized the voice, the sound of an angel in distress, and knew to follow it. As he came across another alleyway, he turned the corner and saw her. Face buried away in a poor attempt to hide the cascading waterfalls from her eyes, she was likely as confused now as he was earlier. How could he have claimed to forgive her if he was not willing to do at least this much? Relationships, as he had been taught, were not a half and half thing. They were two people putting in their all, however much that was.

"Seira?" His voice was quiet, and it held on it tones of comfort. He said her name with an inflection that acted as though it posed a question, making sure he was allowed to get close to her. Assuming she had not yanked herself away at the sound of his voice, he'd slowly walk over and lean down. Reaching one arm forward, it would find its way to her shoulder with a timid touch.

His hand would slowly find its way to her head, putting his finger to her chin and, though not if she fought against it, tilt her head to face him. His hand moved to her cheek, wiping away the tears that had formed, and a smile formed on his lips. The blood that had been on his face had been wiped away in transit. "I found you." Leaning forward, he'd pull her into a warm hug again.

"I'll never let anything or anyone hurt you. Lets go to wherever you're staying, and you can ask me anything you need to. Okay babe?" It was not her name, but he had learned from his parents that sometimes titles of affection could do more than anything else.

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Seira muffled her own cries; with her hands covering her mouth and her back pressed against the cold wall, the uncontrollable sobbing came to a halt when she heard a person approach. The little demons which had manifested inside her laughed at the girl’s desperate attempt to listen — she didn’t want to be afraid, not of the person she loved so much, the person who loved her.


Finn’s voice was silent and she could barely hear the words he spoke; — a million different thoughts rattled through her mind, a slight ache in the back of her head stung and the woman still sensed terror seeping through every pore of her skin. The human was supportive and understanding of her situation; instead of bombarding her with questions, Finn’s hand touched her shoulder, carefully notifying her of his arrival, before he tilted her head upwards. Seira didn’t resist, nor did she shy away from his touch — the vampire’s vision was still blurry from the tears, but she felt comfort in knowing that he came to see her even though he had every reason not to.

I know you didn’t mean to scare me.

Finn was good — in spite of the violence, the ruthlessness and complete disregard for the worth of life, she knew he was good, he simply had to be. Seira didn’t think she was capable of being so wrong about a person she considered herself close to and their relationship was more than just intimate — it was deeply personal. Finn didn’t want to scare her; he would never want to hurt her and this was merely another side of his, one she’d yet to meet, explore and understand. It might have taken her some time to adapt, but eventually she would learn to love every part of him — even those that were terrifying.

”Okay,” biting down on her lower lip, the vampire leaned into his embrace and wrapped her arms around Finn’s neck. ”I care about you,” it was merely a whisper into his ear, but those words were meant to reassure him, remind him that she ran because she feared and she feared because she loved.

When Seira stood up and intertwined her fingers with Finn’s, she began walking towards the direction of her hotel slow-paced. ”I’m tired,” she was ahead of him, quietly dragging along her lover by the arm without facing him — it was too early to look at each other and the woman was overcome by mental and physical exhaustion. She felt relieved when the tall stone building stepped into view and letting go of Finn, she fished the key from her purse and opened the door to the rented premises. ”Please do not sit on the bed while I shower,” she would ask politely of the human and nudged him towards the table standing in the corner of the bedroom.

The establishment was smaller than what they were used to — this was only Baska Town after all — but it was cozy nonetheless. Once Seira placed her belongings aside, she hurried into the kitchen for a few minutes and returned with a hot chocolate for Finn. "I will be right back, you can get comfortable in the meantime,” she planted a kiss onto his forehead, grabbed the nearest bottle of wine (if possible behind his back) and quickly disappeared into the bathroom. She needed this now, or else she may not be able to sleep tonight — no matter how tired she was.

Seira had never been more grateful for a warm shower — she took her sweet time finishing both, bathing and the bottle of wine. There was a lot going on in her head still, and the vampire was too exhausted to think these things through, so she decided to blend it all out, ignore it and simply enjoy what little time she’d left for herself. When Seira finished, she put on a nightgown and threw the dress, together with the emptied wine bottle, into the trashcan and left the bath. ”Your turn,” with a smile on her lips she avoided his gaze and simply handed him two fresh towels.

She waited until he’d closed the bathroom door before sitting down and hiding the book of names inside her bedside table — after all of this, Finn didn’t need to see the new names she’d written in there, at least not now. Afterwards Seira prepared the bed, assured that Finn’s pillows were soft and fluffy and eventually slid under the sheets, waiting for him to join her. In the meantime Seira’s gaze shifted towards the corner of the room where her boyfriend stored his belongings and her eyes locked on the golden blade.

That sword looked too noble for a man like him.

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Tenshi †
She had conceded to his attempts again. It brought a smile to his face, but it did not feel like a victory. It felt as though most of their time recently had been spent fighting. The decisions they had rushed, the choices they forced, were now starting to burn them. They had played with fire, and it had been only a matter of time before the flames licked back. It was important that they face their problems now, together. Better to deal with such issues at the start, to secure the foundation moving forward, than to wait for months or years to come by. Only now did they have a real chance in fixing these issues.

What were their issues though? It was not infidelity, despite what he had witnessed. It was not insanity, regardless of what she thought. It was the lack of understanding that they possessed about one another. Finn had stumbled into a woman lost in the forest and found himself lost in her. She, for whatever reason, had found it easy to fall for a man like him. Together they had dove far deeper into this unplanned and unprepared relationship than what was safe, and now they both paid the price for it.

As she released his hand, the spaces between his fingers felt abnormally empty. She unlocked her door and led him inside, but her lack of attention towards him did not go unnoticed. She was afraid, either for him or of him, perhaps both in a strange way. As he trailed her into the building, he looked around. It seemed slightly more basic than her home in Hargeon, but not at all wanting for the cosmetic things that would make her feel at home. She certainly had expensive tastes, and he assumed that would have to follow her regardless of where she set up her base of operations.

Her request broke the awkward silence that had followed them from the alley to the home. It was something that could have inspired any sort of emotions within Finn. Surprisingly enough though, they didn't. His voice came out, reassuring and understanding despite the unchanging expression upon his face. "I understand, take your time." He flashed her a smile, but knew that it wouldn't be reciprocated. How could she look at him the same way that made him fall for her when she couldn't even look in his direction?

As she tiptoed with a bottle of wine, effortlessly silent, Finn noticed the glint of the bottle. He didn't say a word, and instead slowly took off his gear. His two swords, each in a sheath of their own, unstrapped from his back. They were approximately the same length, and both leaned in the corner. His backpack was removed, containing its usual things as well as the note she had left him in Worth Woodsea. Inside the same envelope with the note was a picture from his childhood of his mother holding a wrapped up, one year old Finn with a grumpy Jake standing next to her. He was smaller back then, practically a puppy. He had wanted to show her a piece of his past, but now seemed so painfully wrong for such a thing.

Finally he removed the scarf from his neck and folded it. It hadn't been sullied with blood, so that much was good. Placing it upon the table, he looked around the room. It was immaculate, one could hardly guess that someone was living there. He looked at her bedside table, and on it he witness the book that had started all of this. How many names had been added to that book? How many of them were like tonight, were like that man? He didn't know her stopping point for such things, but honestly he didn't wish to.

Instead, a sigh escaped his lips. Looking out the window, he followed the white light that reflected through the panes of glass and followed it to the moon. It reminded him of Seira, and even though she was only a room away, it felt like a reprieve from the night. Their first time meeting each other replayed in his mind for a moment, and finally he lost the battle against himself and let a smile crack. Things would be fine. They were both strong, after all.

A melody from his childhood found itself in his mind, and he found himself humming the beginning parts of it. Only the chorus was able to mold itself into words, sung quietly under his breath with a surprisingly sweet voice. "Everything stays, right where you left it. Everything stays, but it still changes. Ever so slightly. Daily and nightly. In little ways. When everything stays..." As his tune reached its conclusion, he heard the sound of the door opening behind him.

Turning to face it, he saw Seira. For a moment he forgot the night, lost in the sight of her in her nightgown, her hair nicely brushed and wet. It was a look that not many got to see her in, and regardless of if that was fact or not, he allowed himself to believe so. It felt intimate, and yet it quickly made him feel out of place when he noticed her gaze still refused to fall on him. As she spoke to him, he stood in silence for a few moments. He accepted the towels, and then let out his breath silently. "Yeah..."

Stepping into the bathroom, he showered himself off. He was as quick as possible, but thorough. Spare clothes he had brought with him had been removed from his bag and brought in, and after his cleaning he stepped out with his sleeping pants on, though no shirt. Seira had retired to the bed, but was not yet asleep. He walked over to her, and any sort of playful pretext he would normally have was lost on the situation. Climbing in under the covers, he scooted himself close to her and pulled her into his embrace. It was not a rough or forceful grab, simply something to try and erase the distance between them.

At that moment, he had nothing to say. No words of comfort or consolation, and no questions to ask. He simply hugged her, letting silence sit, and slowly began to melt away the icy feel that had overcome their meeting. It was a small and simple act, but for Finn at least, it was exactly what he needed right now.

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When Finn emerged from the bath — a little bit of steam making its way from behind closed doors into the bedroom — Seira found herself lost staring at him; he was, and always had been, the perfect lover for her. Her heart skipped a bit, but the girl’s shy expression was quickly hidden underneath a layer of indifference and ice until Finn made his way towards her bed and into the sheets. She turned the lights off without question (it wasn’t as though she needed them anyways) and fell back into the pillows when he scooted closer to her and wrapped his arms around her.

A sigh escaped her lips and the ice seemed to have melted away within an instant. He was sweet, almost unbearably so, and after the difficult times they had faced together this moment seemed like a well deserved reward for their hard work. Relationships weren’t effortless, but falling in love with someone was. When Seira first met Finn she felt drawn to him due to his desire to protect and keep her close; the feeling of being wanted by someone for more than just your body was addicting and she found herself intoxicated with him.

The moonlight peeked through the window curtains — she hadn’t closed them properly and neither had he — and she waited until she believed that the human’s eyes had adjusted to the darkness before she turned around. Instead of speaking, Seira allowed them both to enjoy the silence and carefully nudged the tip of his nose with her very own in case his eyes remained closed. ”Finn?” she was soft spoken and if he allowed, for the first time since the incident in the alley her eyes would lock with his. His body felt warm against hers and in spite of everything that had happened today, Seira firmly believed that there would never be a safer place in this world for her than right here — in his arms.

”Do you still love me?”

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Tenshi †
The air between them was stiff as the drink she'd taken into the bath with her. The air between them had settled, and he didn't think that there was any way for them to have more problems arise. Not at the moment, when both of them feared the breaking of silence. The fear went beyond emotional repercussion. It was as though each of them feared physical recourse, like the shattered pieces of what little peace had befallen them would cut them both to shreds. Rather than risk the pain, they sat there in a slow suffocation that neither fixed the problem nor addressed it.

It was Seira who took the lead, as things seemed to play out often. She had rolled over, and while he had realized it, he kept his eyes shut. Truth be told he was afraid. If he opened his eyes and she looked at him the same way she did in the alley, he would have no way of responding. He wouldn't be able to leave or respond at that point. It would crush him, and rather than face the risk, he let his eyes remain shut. She would not allow that though, and her way of grabbing his attention relieved him. The feeling of her nose, nudging his, and his name escaping her lips made him feel as if he need not hide.

Opening his eyes and locking gazes with her, everything he wished to say screamed itself in his mind. He wanted immediately to begin venting his thoughts to her. His concerns, his assurances, his questions, and his answers. Rather than do any of that though, he tried to take what he could from her gaze. She seemed so sad, exhausted from the events of the day. Her next few words made his heart still for a moment, and in the moment in which his heart refused to beat he felt completely overwhelmed.

That was what she thought? After all this, that was what had been on her mind? Staring at her for a few moments in silence, Finn closed the distance and pressed his forehead against hers, his eyes closing. More than the wine could have done for him, being with her was truly an intoxicating feeling. Finn proceeded to tilt his face and, for the first time of the night, kissed Seira. Looking her in the eye immediately after, he smiled. "That's a silly question, don't you think? Of course I do. You're gonna have a pretty hard time getting rid of me." Squeezing her once reassuringly, he closed his eyes again. "I love you, Seira."

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It’s been a rough day; in between stupid decisions, a lover’s quarrel and brutal murder, Seira found herself safely embraced by her partner’s arms. Finn’s skin was soft and warm — it always felt as if his body heat was unusually high, which was likely just the case in comparison to the nightwalker’s very own. His familiar scent and the rhythmic lifting and lowering of his chest upon which her head rested were trusted feelings.

When Finn reassured her, Seira’s heart skipped a beat and then another one; for the first time today she felt genuinely and truly happy. They barely knew each other — upon first glance this relationship was so young and shallow — but what little time they got to spent with one another had been used wisely and Seira was beginning to understand the person she was with. ”I love you too,” said the girl, quickly repeating the words after he had spoken his.

Finn was strange, with a weird outlook on the world and a dangerous taste in right or wrong — in spite of all that, however, she loved him. Seira saw that he still craved the same things she did (even while being so different from her) and she came to understand that too often the couple had made it a habit to focus on what separated them from each other, rather than looking at the things they had in common.

There was plenty and nearly all of them were positive; they had a seemingly endless amount of love for each other, they were protective and caring and their desire to work through everything in order to make their relationship work was stronger than all the unfortunate events trying to push themselves between them. Even in the early stages of their bond, Finn and Seira had already sacrificed a lot for each other and that alone spoke for itself.

”I really do,” she returned the kiss, quietly gasping in between their little breaks and even after his eyes fell shut and he drifted into a deep slumber, Seira closed the distance between their mouths over and over again until she felt as though she’d made up for the weeks of being away from her one true love.


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