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Restless Souls: Homecoming

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#1Shichiro Uchida 

Restless Souls: Homecoming Empty on Thu Nov 02, 2017 10:20 am

Shichiro Uchida
Stepping off the train from Magnolia, Uchida decided it was in his best interest to halt the pursuit of menial tasks for some chump change. It seems there are bigger interests afoot. Come to think of it, it was his first time here and maybe he should get a lay of the land better. Leaving the Marigold station, Uchida had decided to walk around a bit first and gather information on any strange sightings or something out of the ordinary. Jamming his hands into his pockets, Uchida had continued his travel through the town of Marigold. He stopped sometimes to ask is they had spotted anything strange or out of the ordinary but alas his search has so far been failing. Uchida stopped to take a break and leaned on a near by tree. There, he had over heard some children playing near by with a ball. Uchida scoffed a bit at them and continued to enjoy his rest until one of them accidentally throw the ball at his feet. One of them ran up and asked if he wanted to play with them. Uchida shoo'd her away and continued to lean there. The kid then glared at him and Uchida returned his glare back to her. The kid stuck out her tongue and then said "That's why the scary ghosts are gonna get you! Cause you aren't nice." Now Uchida wasn't too big on listening to a child's idle threat but with all the things going around Fiore, he wasn't gonna brush this one of just in case it could lead to a potential find. "Oi, kid. What do you mean by the ghost is gonna get me? What ghost?" The kid had then turned to Uchida had then turned to Uchida and stuck his tongue out at him once more, ignoring his question. Ugh, this is so irritating. Uchida hate dealing with kids and decided he'd bribe them with some candy if she told him what she means by that. The kid's ear perked up but she started to walk away back to her friends. "Alright, fine i'll play with you kids for a little while too if you tell me." Uchida then said somewhat pleading. The little girl smiled and said "Fine. But remember what you promised." Uchida sighed and then followed her over to the other children. he then proceeded to play their silly little game for about an hour or so before wondering when he was going to tell him.

She then told him at night if you go near the cemetery, you could here various amounts of crying. Uchida nodded at her as she hurried of back to her friends. Well that was rather annoying but somewhat eventful. He then went over to the cemetery and decided he'd wait for nightfall. As soon as it grew dark, it began. The sound of....crying? Well, no turning back now. Why is it always a graveyard with these types of things anyways? Either way, when entering the cemetery, Uchida spotted three balls of blue light. Upon approaching them, he noticed not just one of them crying but all of them are crying. This was about to go to hell in a hand basket real fast, he could tell. Nonetheless, he deiced to call out to them. They all briefly stopped sobbing and asked if he could see them. Uchida responded with a simple nod and proceeded to ask what the matter was. One by one, all three ghosts introduced themselves to him. After the introductions where through, Uchida gathered that, Aria Sanford, a young looking ghost woman who died in an accident, Mercury Greene, a middle aged looking ghost who died of an illness and Cynthia Dalton, an elderly ghost who died of old age. Now he asked they haven't passe don yet and it seems they all had something in common. They all wanted to see a specific family member. The Aria woman wanted to see her older brother, the male wanted to see his daughter one more time and the elderly lady wanted to know if her cats where doing okay. Uchida was a bit puzzled on the last part but he did hear somewhere that people treat their pets like family. Uchida shuddered at that one guy he met awhile back. What was his name? Jinn? Oh well, that's not important. What he was getting at he had a magic talking dog that he called his brother. Anyways, back to the task at hand. Uchida had to go find the elder brother, the daughter and... cats...

He began to search for the youngest looking one's brother first and decided that would be the first start of the task at hand. He apparently worked at a local restaurant by the name of Albert. It wasn't that far away bit it was still quite a walk. Heading towards the restaurant, Uchida decided he'd have a quick bite to eat so it wasn't as if he was looking for something. When he arrived, he sat down at a booth and a sleazy looking waitress had came and asked what he'd like to order. He order something cheap but filling for dinner and asked if there was a person named Albert here. She told him that he was just in luck as Albert happened to be in the back and that she could go get him. Uchida thanked her and waited for his meal to arrive. A little bit later, a lanky looking man with a somewhat sad expression came out with his dinner and placed it in front of him. "You wanted to see me?" The man had asked. "Yeah, i want you to visit your sister's grave tonight." The man had eyed Uchida, half glaring and half cautious. "How'd you know about my sister...? He asked in an interrogating. "I just do. Now, let me eat my meal in peace. You should just trust me on this and just get going." Uchida had cut his meal short and took it to go. Next on his list was the dead man's daughter. His description was a little vague since he always seemed to through in a little pet name or compliment when talking about her but he did say she was pushy and a deviant and that she always plays around her often with her friends. Wait a minute, he must be talking about that brat he played with. He wondered if she was still around here. He went back to that lone tree he was resting at and saw her and her friends leaving. He hurried over to the girl and told her about he ghost that was claiming to be her father. She bursts into tears and started to run over to the cemetery. That was easier than he thought.

Lastly, Uchida decided to check on that lady's cats. It seemed a bit awkward to be asking around for a specific dead lady's cats but he found out they all went to a good home after they she had passed and some even had kittens. Uchida went back to the cemetery to inform the ghosts of the news but it seems like they had all already known since he same them pass on to the other life from a distance as their relatives watched. Uchida had left the scene not even wanting to ask for some reward at the chance of ruining the moment.


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