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Oak to Wood Worth Sea [Foot Travel]

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#1Shura Ranzu 

Oak to Wood Worth Sea [Foot Travel] Empty Thu Nov 02, 2017 5:33 am

Shura Ranzu
Shura realized he had a gift for this lollipop gathering thing. He accumulated a decent amount of lollipops. He could feel the weight on his left side where the pouch rested. It wasn’t overly cumbersome but it was getting obnoxious to carry all of those around. He could only imagine that having such a large amount was bound to draw attention. He kept one lollipop out as a means to point him in the direction of more of these magical candies. Walking around town he held it out waiting for the pulse to get stronger. Some folks noticed but did not wanna get mixed up with a tall masked individual. They were smart to do so, part of Shura hoped someone would get the courage to step up. Maybe someone who also had pops, that way he could relieve them of that burden.

Also he could test his powers out on someone else that wasn’t a ghost or demon that he was friends with. A real individual he could push himself against. Not just anyone would do. He didn’t want someone who was made of paper that he had to handle delicately. Someone who could take a hit and keep on kicking. A true dance partner who understood what it was to become strong. To chase the dream of sitting at the top of the hill, welcoming any and all challengers. Then a certain person popped in his head. A individual he met on the beach, ‘Hopefully we cross paths soon.’

This individual in question was Finn, a good hearted individual with a companion shrouded in mystery. There was more to the kid than meets the eye. Shura had gained a considerable amount of strength in a short amount of time and hopefully he did too. Recently all of this traveling and training riled something up in Shura. He wanted to see what the world had to offer, the people of each guild. Sure he existed in a gray area of morality, but who could judge him? The only ones who had the ability to judge where the gods that held dominion over this world.

Shura found himself at the gate about to leave but something was off. Someone was following him. He was at the main gate of oak, following the pops but he used his peripherals and listened closely. The same foot steps hitting the pavement followed him for sometime. The pop was leading him outside of town but who was this individual following him? He stopped in his tracks, and turned to see if his paranoia was grounded.

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#2Chisu Lau Manji 

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Chisu Lau Manji


She would have no choice but to follow the only lead she had. She would fight it but it was a futile effort to even try. She was part of this god, and this god was part of her. She had no duty to her other than to serve her for her own salvation. All she had to continue was the promise to find the true identity of her father’s killer. Even so, she had to take careful steps to ensure that her life was not the one that would be lost.

She held the lollipops in her hand, wondering how magic could ever create such and odd ghostly object. Could she replicate the power? Could she use the essence of spirits?

Chi would continue to walk, looking for her master. She had carefully examined every mask and cloaked man she saw. Surely not much of him had changed. But the longer she looked the longer it continued to change. Whatever these treats were for, was for something that had no importance to her. If they held power, she didn’t need it. She needed her god-

“Ahead, he lives.” the voice rang. “Perhaps you should ease your burden. Let him deal with them. I need you elsewhere.”

Chi would nod, the first time she acknowledged her god physically. She would take what she had, in a quick passing, she would hand them over to him.

It was no longer her concern. She had to train herself. They were nothing more than an anchor that would cloud her mind. She needed to train and soon, kill.

And when she would cut a man down again . . . her god would be pleased.

“For you.” She would tell him. “I’ll see you soon. I have something I have to take care of.”

And for once, she would be the one leaving him behind.


Handing Pumpkin Pops to Shura.
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#3Shura Ranzu 

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Shura Ranzu
Shura turned to see a familiar face, he relaxed a bit. His shoulders went down, due to seeing that wonderful smile. It as Chi, she held out the soul pops as a gif. Something that he wasn’t prepared for. He blinked two times out of confusion but found himself overcome with the sense of gratefulness. It never dawned on him to just come out and ask for them. He reached for the pops and grabbed them, for once he was lost for words. She was leaving him for once, he had been on the go so much he hadn’t really thought to check on her. She seemed alright but he knew she had her own things to tend to. Who was he to stop her from doing her. He respected that about Chi, she was driven by something like he was. Their paths were intertwined and he could only hope that they were going to meet up soon. She walked passed him and off into the distance. He looked at the pops and smiled. With a smile he spoke from behind the mask, a warmth came along with it.

“Thank you.”

He really meant that, from the bottom of his heart. It meant more to him than she could possibly ever know. He wasn’t used to good will gestures like this. He was going to find a use for these things. A power floated among these pops and he was going to unlock that potential somehow.


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