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Polluted Waters [Job | Chelflake]

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#1Chelvaric Walderkat 

Polluted Waters [Job | Chelflake] Empty Thu Nov 02, 2017 1:57 am

Chelvaric Walderkat

Chelvaric was walking through the forest just outside Baska, he wanted to a checkup on the forest before he would go back to his apartment to find Snow. He woke up really early in the night and he couldn’t fall back asleep that’s why he went to the forest instead after he kissed Snow’s face a lot of times. He had to be super quiet when he left the apartment so that she wouldn’t wake up. he hoped he didn’t disturb her sleep when he went out.

He walked through the bushes that were growing between the trees and thought back to their last job that they did yesterday. The doctor had started to study the boar as soon as they had delivered it and he hoped he was treating the animal with care and respect. He had heard of scientists that treated animals bad and kept in inhumane conditions. It made him angry and he punched a tree. After wich, he stroked the tree and apologized for his outrage of anger. He was sure the tree wouldn’t feel it anyway. He sighed and headed back to the town. He really should try and find another elf so he could learn more about their culture since he was only basing his beliefs right now on what he had heard.


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#2Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

When Snowflake had woken up, one side of the bed was empty, indicating that Chelvaric had probably left the room already, most likely to make a visit to the forest and what not – or so she believed. She pushed herself off the bath and meandered over to the bathroom: still half asleep, to wash her face. Rays of sunlight peeked in through the glass windows and shone down upon the room. What time is it? The woman found herself questioning herself, somehow feeling that she had overslept once again. Exiting the bathroom with a towel draped over her shoulders, she began to get dressed for the day. Since the days were approaching to winter season, she figured that she should dress warmer than the usual.

A buttoned up white shirt and a black plaid skirt, she quickly threw over her favourite white trench coat over her body and slipped on her most trusted black boots that she wore most of the time. Snowflake always liked wearing short skirts, partly to show off her slender legs and despite how short she was, her body was proportionate with the rest of her figure. Before departing the room, she eased a large bag over her shoulder, so that she could toss in all the vegetables and meet while she go for grocery shopping. Chelvaric had been cooking for her most of the time recently, thus, she wanted to surprise him this time and hopefully, return to their room before he arrives.


#3Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric walked through the city as he had finally arrived back into it after his trip to the forest. He wondered if Snowy was awake already, she could be and she would probably do her morning walk like most times. He wondered how long he had been wandering in the forest and it would probably be a good four hours at least, he always lost time when he went to walk inside the forest.

The city seemed abandoned as no one was seen walking outside on the road. Now and then he would run into a local drunk that was finally going home after a long night of drinking, he wondered how their wives would be if they would find out that there man was gone for the whole night and came drunk home, they probably would be sleeping the whole day. They were quite a waste to society.

When he arrived at the apartment he walked through the door and saw a letter laying on the floor. He picked up and opened it to read it. It seemed that Gerard had need of them again and he sighed as he placed the letter on the table. He didn’t see Snow sleeping in the bed anymore and wondered where she went. She probably was walking around again he thought to himself and walked to the shower to wash the dirt and sweat of him from his long time in the forest. He hoped Snow would be back by the time he was done.


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#4Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

The markets always attracted hoards of people who would crowd amongst themselves as soon as the morrow drew its first sunrise. They’d bargain with the merchants to give up their coins for better prices, goods were shipped all the way from the high seas and the temperament of traders gloated around as the load and unload their galleons – was what she had originally expected when she entered the markets of Baska Town, but instead, she would see empty roads with what little civilians there were remaining in the town, compared to towns like Magnolia and Hargeon that were mostly thriving with people. It wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, since she preferred silence over crowds of people pushing over each other to reach wherever they were trying to travel to. At least, she could do her shopping with a mind of ease.

Her bag was filled with all sorts of vegetables, assuming Chelvaric enjoyed them since she doesn’t like eating greens but rather meat and thus, bought all the unnecessary amount of meat. Snowflake began to head back to the inn, where they had rented a room together and hoped that she would have time to prepare lunch for them. Her arrival at her room was greeted by the sound of water gushing in the bathroom. Slightly disappointed that she was late, she placed the bag down on the kitchen counter and looked over at the letter that was left open. Somehow, they have been receiving letters recently and wondered who it would be. It wasn’t until then she noticed the name ‘Gerard’ signed at the bottom of the page and the thought of him requesting for their assistance immediately popped into her head. What does this man need again?

While Chelvaric was busy in the shower, she began to take out the groceries from the bag and prepared a delicious meal for the both of them. A plate of large medium rare steak with potatoes, salad and ranch dressing in a small bowl would be placed on the table, awaiting for its customer to be eaten.


#5Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Water slided over his body as he was enjoying a hot shower in the cold of the fall. He really needed the hot showers it made his skin become nice and smoother. Not that he was super vain or anything but this was one thing people couldn’t take from him without getting him mad or annoyed. Although he hoped that soon he could take showers together with his paramour. He wanted to wash her slowly and make her feel amazing to show her that his love was unconditional for her. He just hoped that she didn’t like to take cold showers.
He stepped out of the shower and after brushing and shaving he was done and dried his muscled toned body off with his towel. He looked at his face and made sure it was good enough to go out of the house with it. He started to sniff something that was very similar to cooked steak and he wondered if Snow was cooking. He came out of the bathroom and saw His girlfriend waiting at the table with food.

You didn’t have to Snowy, it looks amazing!

He sat down at the table and did a small prayer to the nature gods before he started eating together with Snowflake. He enjoyed the amazing texture of the meat and the salad was quite good too although he didn’t like ranch dressing that much.


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#6Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

Just when she finished setting up the table for lunch for the two of them, Chelvaric came out of the room, dressed up neatly and all washed up. ”I just wanted to do something for you.” It was genuine and she worked hard to prepare the meal since she wanted it the best for her man. Taking off the apron that encased her body, she settled it on the kitchen counter and seated herself right across him, with her legs crossed over one another. Snowflake had never been the religious type nor even had the belief of gods or whatsoever, she felt that it would have been rude to begin eating while Chelvaric was busy doing his prayers and thus, she waited until he was done.

With the knife, she slowly sliced off the meat and was even surprised herself at how effortlessly it was to cut it off. Tender yet, well cooked, she placed the bit of meat inside her mouth and chewed onto it as the delicious juices of the steak outflowed into her mouth. She preferred her meat thoroughly cooked so medium well done was the perfect choice for her – well done would probably be too hard to chew onto. Her eyes lifted up to Chelvaric to see what his thoughts of her dish was and based on the expressions on his face, he seemed satisfied.

”Oh, you read the letter right?”

She reached for the jar of water next to them and poured it into the empty glass for Chelvaric, as well as herself. There was a quest waiting for them once again, after they were done eating, so they shouldn’t waste too much time – as much as she wished to spend some quality time with her lover.


#7Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric finished his meal and stood up to bring his dishes to the sink. When Snowy was there too with her dishes he surprised her by grabbing her from behind her and kissed her neck softly. “That was an amazing meal sweetheart, yeah I read the letter we should get going”, he said to her with deep love in his tone. They walked outside and he closed the door so that their stuff would be safe from bandits. They walked out onto the streets and said good day to some neighbors that passed them. the location where they had to meet Gerard was in some alley in the middle of the city. Quite a strange place to meet someone. Most people who met in an ally did it to do illegal stuff, so he wondered what was up with this job.

It didn’t take too long for them to arrive at the place where they would meet there job client. Gerard was dressed in normal clothes instead of his usual doctor's outfit. Chelvaric wondered what was going on, he even had a hat pulled deep over his face to look as unrecognizable as he could. He beckoned them over to him and they walked till they were quite close. He started to explain the situation that seemed quite in need of discretion.


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#8Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

When Snowflake brought her dishes to the sink, she felt a warm breath grazing against the nape of her neck followed by a soft touch and she’d freeze for a while, still not quite used the sudden intimacy between them but, she would be lying if she said the action didn’t a bring a blush upon her face. Once they were done with the chores, they departed the room together to head towards their destination, which was some random alley that Gerard had promised to meet them. Shortly after they reached the specific alley that Gerard had mentioned, they’d spot him hiding among the shadows, almost as if he feared the sunlight. The female raised her eyebrow but did not pass her doubts from her lips and approached him, where the doctor would be dressed like a normal civilian which honestly, quite surprised her.

Being the first time to see a doctor out of his work clothes was quite a sight and to be honest, he looked quite different, if it wasn’t for the hat that concealed half of his face. The doctor began to explain about a gang called Cold Collier and how it holds some kind of resentment towards the town. ”I presume that the Cold Collier has some connections with spreading the plague that recently spread throughout the town but, I don’t have any evidence to support my statement.” The man rubbed his chin and tilted his hat back slightly to reveal a bit more of his features. ”If possible, I’d like to you to investigate more about it. I’ve heard that the plague began to spread from a main water source of Baska. Hopefully, this information might be useful.”

”I understand. We’ll begin immediately.” Snowflake was resolved to get the situation done with and looked over to Chelvaric to see his response.


#9Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric looked at the man as he greeted them and was looking around if no one would see them talk to each other or was eave dropping on them. when he was certain of this he would turn back to them and started to explain how some gang was polluting the water. He just wasn’t completely sure yet and wanted them to go check the place out. Chelvaric fell disgusted, how could someone just go and destroy nature like that. “Don’t worry we will find those pieces of shit for you”, he said angerly to the man and they said goodbye for now as they left for the place where the water originated.

They would walk for a couple of miles into the forest to reach the cave where the water source was. Once they reached it they scouted the area around the entrance but didn’t find anything or anyone.

Okay, let’s be careful and take guard inside the cave, we should see them come once they’re back to pollute again. I guess for now we shall leave them alone and just go back to Gerard.”, he said to Snowy calmly while he thought up the plan. They went inside the cave and Chelvaric lit a torch so they could see their way into it. The cave was quite long and far to walk through and it took a while before they would reach the spring.


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#10Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

If they weren’t wrong, the main water source of the town was located near the outskirts of the village. Minutes plodded by, each separated by an eternity and though their journey to their destination did not took that long in reality, she felt otherwise. Their arrival at the location was greeted by the sight of a massive realm of woodland and without any hesitation, they continued travelled further, deeper into the forest. The trees were high and thick, blocking most of the sunlight from reaching the soil but she could at least still see where she was walking from the light that pierced through the gaps between the leaves. A couple of minutes in the woods, there was nothing but the sound of dry leaves and branches snapping underneath their feet.

Shortly after, she would hear the sound of water gushing, growing louder with each step she took forward and soon, they were able to escape the maze of the forest and right in front was a large stream flowing down a hill. There was a cave located nearby and they entered to investigate further of this so-called gang Cold Collier. Their main objective was to examine what they were doing, without causing any harm to them and if possible, escaping without being noticed as well. The two mages waited nearby the water source, in a location where it would be easy for them to hide and peeked to see if there would be anyone appearing soon.


#11Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was walking through the cave as they needed to find the source of the stream. It was the place where all the water came out of the mountain and into the open, if they released the poison there they would be sure that they would hit the whole river and the whole town of Baska. That would be a disaster and he didn’t want that to happen at all, they needed to find out if it really was the gang of bandits before anything else could happen. He wondered why they couldn’t stop them though, maybe it was because if they stopped these gang members they would come with more. they had to find the head of the snake first before they could kill the snake. It was a good strategy, the only bad side was the damage that would be done to the river as they wouldn’t stop the dangerous goods.

They laid in wait but didn’t have to wait too long as they could hear voices coming from the other side. Two men, who were wearing a green and blue coat with the seam of the hood being covered in fur and a normal pair of jeans, walked into the cave while they were holding a barrel between them. both of their faces were covered in tattoos and piercings. They looked like the low live punks you would expect to be in a gang, they were probably some low-level members and nothing more than grunts. The barrel fell on the ground with a loud thump and a green slimy fluid was being poured into the river. The green fluid was bubbling when it came in contact with the water and stayed on the top of it. So the fluid wasn’t heavier then water it seemed, but if you looked down the stream it would dissipate into the water without a trace.


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#12Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

A sigh escaped her lips out of impatience and it was quite obvious that Snowflake was growing irritated waiting for some gang members to poison the water source, seeing how she was furiously tapping her feet against the ground. Just when she was beginning to doubt Gerard and believed that it was probably a mistake, two men emerged with tattoos and piercings all over their body. They had a hood over their features, which Snowflake believed was an attempt to make sure that they weren’t seen by anyone else but her perception skills were not one to be underestimated of. She studied their appearance carefully from head to toe, and glued it into her mind so she could report the details back to Gerard.

They watched the men locate the large wooden barrel onto the ground and kicked the lid open, which allowed some green fluid to pass onto the water source. She wasn’t sure what the contents were made of but that was something that she would have to worry about later. Oblivious that they were being stalked, the two men made some jokes and laughed among themselves before disappearing back to where they came from. When she was certain that they were gone, she came out of her hiding spot and fixed her attire. ”Well, now we finally found out the culprit of the cause. We should return to Gerard.”


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Chelvaric Walderkat
They left while they were making jokes and Snow said that they should leave and turn back to Gerard. He guessed she was right as they couldn’t do much anymore. He was angry inside that he couldn’t do anything but watch while they violated mother nature like that. He would punish those humans for their indolence at a later time but for now, they were walking back to Baska as the job was done and they could go earn their reward. In the meantime, he could get some grocery’s as he needed some seeds to plant in the dead ground outside of Baska so they would be full of life again. The trip back to Baska took a while but that was okay since he could enjoy the view. He wondered why that gang got so hateful. What events happened to the gang leader that he had turned to such vile methods. This wasn’t normal behavior for gangs since they wanted to earn money not so much kill everyone which they were doing now. They had crossed a border and where more an evil organization than a gang.  

They arrived at Gerard's location and they explained what they saw. He sighed deeply and with a teary stare he paid them out before he left in a hurry. He wondered if Gerard would call on them if they went out there a way to deal with the gang.

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