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Lost & Found [Urion]

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Lost & Found [Urion] Empty Thu Nov 02, 2017 2:04 am

Laito wore a jacket and scarf to protect him from the chilly autumn breezes rolling in. He had finally made it to Baska, pleased with all the money he had finally rounded up. Or rather... Inherited from some strange man. That guy was extremely generous, but, alas. Laito couldn't say no to a million jewels. It was time to go shopping in town! The whole idea of carrying that much made him eager to get out and finally pick up some nice items. First he decided to go get some gear. It was going to be important after all. You know why? Protecting the innocent never came easy. Most heroes died early, it was their sacrifice that made them so honorable.

Nonetheless... A little assurance in life never hurt. He could save more than one person if he had the protection of his body to do so. That was obvious, and what's more, there's tons of cool things to look at and gear into. Today was going to be the best he'd had in a long time.

The young mage had been walking along until his abrupt stop in front of a store window. He dropped his bag to the ground to peer into the store's attractive items. What he saw immediately made his face drain of color. There it was... In all his days he'd wanted to see such a thing.

A blue-eyes white dragon!

The boy was so shocked to gander at the treasure, his attention was drawn completely away from the bag on the ground. Sparkling jewels gleaming from it's open top. Screw armors! Laito wanted that card. It was because, his magical powers were far different that other peoples.

He could bring that dragon to life... If only he could buy it. A million jewels? Was that even close enough in price. So many decisions...

"I've got to get it... It was meant for me."


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Urion was coming to the notion that he was going to need to add more funds to his account in order to achieve the means to arrive at more power. The source of the power Urion was aiming for looked to be undeterminable for various reasons. Nothing significant in the Blue Pegasus' mage's existence came to fueling him as well as anger and sorrow. It made him stop as he was walking around the town square, contemplating very briefly that there was something more to his being that he would need to overcome to become as strong as he could be. There was something internally about Urion that he needed to replace.

There was a card exhibition in town that seemed interesting enough to behold for a time being. After running errands for the fashion mogul Fernando Milano back to back, the Blue Pegasus mage decided that he would need some time to sit back and relax, and take in the fresh air around him. There would be no telling when next he would have the opportunity; Urion was eager to get back to running errands but knew that he needed some time to reinvigorate. Urion wore a dark coat, which sported a white diamond pattern along its bottom half, with a dark green shirt and pants underneath. It was one of the days he wore shoes, as he did not entirely trust the cleanliness of Baska Town.

Coming to the front of a shop he was able to witness a special-looking card that captivated one small boy in particular. Urion dropped his bag on the ground, not realizing that he and the boy had the same bag and that both bags were next to each other. The card was ornate, depicting the image of a pristine silver-blue dragon appearing menacingly on a dark background. It was rather lovely, possessing its own strange and oriental beauty along with ferocity and anger.

"This is a really decent-looking card," the Blue Pegasus said directly to the young man examining the card. He nodded at its beauty and wondered why he would internally describe the card with expressions of anger. Why was anger so prevalent on the young man's mind? Urion did not care to understand, for the time being, feeling slightly irritated at the thought. "If it was real I could imagine this dragon to be undoubtingly terrifying."


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The sound of a sack dropping to the concrete pavement made the shaman turn his head to see a man decorated in green walk over. They both seemed to appreciate the card, maybe Urion was a player himself. Regardless, they were both there; peering at the item from beyond the glass. The blonde man stared just as Laito had, into the center of the treasured dragon's otherworldly image. Dragons, even though they existed in this world at one time, were believed to be extinct. It was like an interpretation of a dinosaur, it amazed those who looked into their imaginations. It allowed their minds to guess just how powerful, destructive, and awesome such creatures truly were.

This dragon though? The exotic card art was something that even a non-player could appreciate. If that were the case with Urion, at least his collective tastes were in the right place.

"Yeah, more than just decent." Laito spoke with quick-- a little shocked that someone else was acknowledging interests similar to his own. When Urion finished his next statement Laito chimed in. "You're not wrong. I could make that thing come to life if I could only just get my hands on it." The boy said turning his attention serious, however, his eyes trailed over the text, searching for the 'eye' at the bottom, a marker that proved a card to be considered real. A counter-feit card was typically what he was use too so his doubts were expected in this case. For what it's worth though, it looked to be real. If it were travelling on a tour by a special collector though, then it would never see buyable price. Making obtaining it even with his incredible profits a short gamble.

"I'll see you around. I'm heading inside, maybe I can afford it."

And just like that Laito stepped backwards and bent for his backpack, throwing it over his shoulders, without the slightest peak at whether this was his or not, and jogged around the corner on the spare side. Entering to retrieve information on the card itself. The shaman's real bag, however, was left there mistakably. Along with all his jewels. They were left to be with Urion, and perhaps, through fate; that's where the money belonged.



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The other boy made a comment on how he had the ability, innate or otherwise, to bring such a beautifully crafted monstrosity to life as long as he acquired it. No doubt, this young man would have to be someone to look out for in the future endeavors to come. Knowing that there was no preparing for all of the things that life can haphazardly toss one's way, Urion took on the boy's words with all the seriousness that he could afford to spare for the time being. The Blue Pegasus mage was still exhausted for the time.

Urion never got the name of the individual he had briefly communicated with, as the boy picked up what he thought was his own bad and headed into the shop to acquire the card; perhaps the boy kept his money within his bag, which would infer that the boy was carrying a considerable amount of cash. Urion nodded to the boy's departure and picked up what he assumed was his own bag. As he slung it over his shoulders he noticed that the bag felt heavier. Not caring enough to consider why it felt that way, the Blue Pegasus mage departed to finish off his plans for the day.


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