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Restless Souls: Haunted Mansion

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Shortly after arriving in Magnolia, Uchida had immediately heard a commotion in a certain part of Magnolia. Uchida had wondered what it was about and even wondered if he could make a quick buck out of it. He began to roam the town in search of more information he could use. He likely figured most of it would be superstition and baseless rumors but it was still better than not knowing a damn thing. He was still a bit too young to drinking let alone step into a bar but he didn't really have much of a choice. He hopes he didn't look his age and old enough to at least set foot in a bar. Only reason he was even considering this was because he heard bars were the best place to investigate rumors and gain information and he happened to be in front of one. Only thing was it was up to him to figure out fiction and reality. When he approached the entrance, a giant burly man had blocked his way, shaking his head "no, you can't go in". Uchida frowned, understanding why this man was barring him from going in. He didn't appreciate being kept from where he wanted to go but he wasn't gonna make a fuss about it and fight this man either. It would hurt his reputation and he didn't really want anything hindering him from earning a lot more money. But, there was a perfectly good body in front of him to ask. He decided this would be a good start. "Hey, since i can't go in, maybe you can tell me about the rumors of strange sightings. Particularly the one about the haunted house and maybe even directions on how to get there and stop whatever the hell is going on. Uchida had said a bit testy. The burly man had eyed Uchida as if he wasn't serious but eventually gave in and shook his head "yes." but that's the only real justification he gave. He then pointed in the general direction of where the house was in a "go find out yourself" sorta manner and began to fold his arms, watching Uchida as if he were going to his grave. Uchida had continued to stare at him and decided to walk in the direction he pointed at. Thanks for not shit, muttered an angry Uchida.

As he walked towards the path he was given, Uchida decided he wouldn't give up and would try and find somebody along the way to tell him a bit more about the "haunted house" he heard about. After the ghost sighting, Uchida would believe almost anything somebody him about that place. Uchida arrived at the property where the haunted house was. It was enormous and a bit cliche, with the sound of thunder cackling behind the house and all but nonetheless, this was the place. He was a little reluctant to open the gate and stroll inside but he had too. He had to find out the source of the commotion. He gulped a bit, feeling a bit scared but pressed on anyways. As he reached to open the gate, an arm grabbed him and brought him to the ground. Panicked, Uchida yelped and began balling up a fist to cast one of his spells to defend himself. "Hey! Hey! Woah. Easy there. I'm not going to hurt you." a rugged voice had said. Uchida calmed down a bit to look at the man grabbing him. Angrily, Uchida wrenched his arm from the man's grip and proceed to yell quite a few choice profanities. He then calmed down after that and asked a bit calmly "Why the FUCK didn't you warn me you were there. I nearly killed you. What are you doing here anyways?" The man placed his hand onto his chest and leaned back a little after that small outburst of Uchida's but proceeded to answer him anyways "Why i'm the owner of this here house of course. Got any business with it? I just want you to know, the attraction is closed due to some uncanny things happening. Best to steer clear unless you think you know what the source of the haunting is." Uchida had to admit, he had no clue why it was haunted or even where to start. For all he knows, he could become a permanent resident if he wasn't too careful. The man began to laugh and continued to speak anyways. "Well, i know why it's haunted. A long time ago, a girl named Annabelle had an extreme amount of love for her toys and her favorite: a teddy bear. When the rest of her family passed away in a tragic accident, she was left alone in an abandoned mansion. A few weeks later, she was discovered dead in her room but no one has been able to find out the reason why. When Annabelle was buried, her teddy bear was left with the rest of her toys in her room. If you could get that teddy bear and put it out next to her grave. I'm sure she could pass on her to the next life.

Uchida was a bit...disturbed... by the sudden story and solution but it was really the only thing he had going for him. The man seemed a bit crazy but he also seems sincere. Either way, he had no choice but to go and find out if it was true anyways. Uchida stepped through the gate and then he heard something else from man, one last piece of advice. "Oh by the way, you're a mage right? I can tell with the amount of mana that you were about to use so one more word of advice. Don't needlessly use your mana in there. The things that come at you, none of them are real or can harm you but if you needlessly use your attacks. They may siphon some of the energy and have enough mana to BECOME real and you might be in real danger. Try to stay calm and make sure you don't break anything. That house costed me a small fortune." the man said. "yeah, yeah.." Uchida responded a bit dry as he continued on the path towards the house. Making it to the entrance he turned around to see if the man was still there but sure enough, he was gone. This didn't surprise Uchida a bit and he turned back to entrance of the residence. He turned the knob of the door in front of him and surely enough, it was open, so he let himself in. Needlessly to say, it wasn't going to be that easy. Upon stepping inside, a trap door had opened beneath him and he began to slide down a chute into the basement and landed with a thud on his stomach. Slowly picking himself back up, Uchida had dusted himself off and looked around for a way out. It was pitch black and he couldn't make out what was in the room with him. Slowly, he found where the walls were and scaled along side it until he tripped over some stairs. Stumbling to get up once more, Uchida had begun to climb the stairs. When he was halfway up the steps something seemed to have started wailing from down below him.

Shortly after the wailing a very large pair of eyes appeared at the bottom of the steps and began to start edging closer to him. At this point, Uchida lost his shit and began to make a mad dash up the steps, making it to the basement door rather quickly. He began to turn the knob but it was as if somebody was hold the it from the other side of the door. Still he tried his best to open it but could not overcome the amazing force that was binding the door. He turned to see the giant pair of eyes behind him and Uchida thought to himself he better defend himself and quickly. But it was too late. The pair of eyes grew a mouth and swallowed Uchida whole. Uchida closed his eyes and flailed vigorously but to his surprise, when he opened them again, he realized nothing was there anymore. he also noticed the door that was initially bound shut had opened on it's own accord. Uchida then hurried out of the basement and found himself traveling along the corridor. At the end of the corridor, he found himself back at the entrance of the house where he had first fell into the basement. Avoiding the spot where he had fell through, Uchida had found another set of steps leading to the second floor of the house. There he climbed up and to where the bedrooms were. Carefully, he made his way down the hallway peering into each room, to see which one would most resemble a little girl's room. As he visited each one, ghostly visions of the family that lived her started to appear in his head. Shaking it off and ignoring the eerie visions that weren't his own, Uchida had found the room where he assumed the girl had stayed seeing as it was filled with copious amounts of toys. There, he saw a teddy bear resting on a princess like bed. he went quickly and retrieved the bear, a bit proud that he found it and made it this far. As soon a she lifted the bear though, he felt a very sinister presence coming behind him. All the toys in the room began to clutch their heads and shake as loud footsteps were heard coming from the basement. The house shook a bit as whatever that thing is came closer and closer and made it's way on the second flight of steps.

Uchida wasn't too keen on finding out what that thing was and decided it was a bit too late to try and go out the front door. He saw a nearby window and climbed out of it and jumped on the awning in the front of the porch. The loud footsteps could now be heard coming from the room. Uchida turned to see what was making that noise and to his horror, it was a very large version of the bear he happened to be hold but it was engulf in some dark, ghostly aura that closely resembled fire. Uchida decided, he didn't have time for this shit so he jumped off the awning and made a mad dash for the gate that leads out the yard. Uchida then opened the gate and closed it, clutching the bear. Panting, he slumped down to take a break and his shirt started to be tugged at, startling young Uchida. He then looked up to see a little girl there pointing at the teddy bear in his hand. This girl wasn't here before and he didn't really trust her but something told him to give up the bear or else. Reluctantly, he handed over the bear and watched her closely as she giggled and began to fade away in a flash of light. With that, the house seemed to have brighten up a little a bit even though ti was at night. When he looked back at it, he saw the little girl and the man he had originally talked to about getting the bear. The man winked as he held up a peace sign before turning transparent and fading away. Uchida blinked, put his hands in his pockets and pretended none of the events this night had unfolded.


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