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Restless Souls: Sinful Confessions

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#1Shichiro Uchida 

Restless Souls: Sinful Confessions Empty on Wed Nov 01, 2017 2:21 pm

Shichiro Uchida
As young Uchida roamed the streets of Era, he noticed that the town seems a bit...darker than normal. It was quite eerie in fact that he never noticed this while he was running around doing a large number of requests. Looking around, he was starting to feel a bit edgy and quickened his pace to what ever his current destination was which would have been looking for work but something halted him. A nagging feeling of sorts. Something told him, if he hung around Era long enough he'd find something out of the ordinary to do. He wasn't sure if it would reward him or not but the thrill of mystery did entice his sense of adventure. Or potential blood thirst. Obeying his instincts, Uchida had begun to decided to roam the streets of Era a little more in search for the cause of his nagging feeling. He then was brought to one of Era's graveyards. Despite begin a resting place for the dead, it was oddly festive because of the time of year. Either way, he walked in the graveyard and decided to explore a bit. Walking through the eerie graveyard, Uchida hadn't spotted much but still, it was pretty creepy. Eventually, he came across a bend which he took and a bit into the distance, he saw a glowing blue light. Now, normally, Uchida would just walk away from strange, unknown phenomenons but this time, this time was different. He actually wanted to go towards the light. Funny how that worked out. He continued on his path towards the blue light and eventually, he made it. Upon reaching the blue light, he noticed it was a blue orb or something but he couldn't tell anything beyond that. Reaching out to touch the light, Uchida had mixed feelings about this. He didn't sense any hint of hostility or danger circling it just a tinge of regret . Upon touching it, the blue orb light, slowly morphed into a humanoid figure and began to speak in an incoherent voice as it morphed. When it was finally done, it became coherent and tried to speak once more. "Can you help me right the wrongs of my life?" the ghostly figure had asked. It seems the orb turned into that of a young man dressed in an official rune knight suit of armor. Seems kinda young to be dead but that's not Uchida's business.

Uchida squinted his eyes at the sight before him but then returned his face back to his normal frown and thought about the request that was made. After briefly thinking about it, Uchida asked the ghost what was in it for him. The young looking ghost simply shook his head before responding "I don't have anything to rightly give you but if you do this favor for me, i'm sure you'll be rewarded in the future for it. I'm just not sure right now." Folding his arms, Uchida didn't like the idea of charity work. Sure, he's all for helping people out but he wasn't about that "doing it for free" life. He's gotta eat too, ya know. Alas, he did have a gut wrenching feeling about this particular bit though from earlier so it better damn sure pay off in the future. Uchida reluctantly accepted the ghost's request and asked what he need him to do? "Thank you. Thank you so much, sir. Well, in life, i was a thief. Well, not really a thief per se. But i had this anxiety to abruptly steal things that didn't belong to me. I didn't want to do it but if i didn't, it felt like my chest was going to explode, you know? Anyways, i took a bunch of things from other Rune Knights but i didn't know how to face them and eventually i ended up dying of another illness i seemed to have had. Can you help me return two objects to another rune knight for me? His place isn't far from here but be careful. He doesn't know who took his items and i don't want him wrongfully accusing you of anything. That would probably be bad for your reputation as a Blue Pegasus member." the ghost said a bit jovial. Uchida titled his head sideways wondering how the ghost new what guild he was a part but decided it be best not to question it at the moment, he just wanted to get this task done. The ghost continued to speak "Okay, so before i died i hid the two items, ironically, behind the grave i'm currently buried in." Uchida tilted his head to the other side wondering how big of a coincidence this had to be. Uchida then sighed and went to retrieve the said items. An old helm and a broken sword. It didn't look like much but he's never seen engravings like these before. Must be for sentimental value or something. Uchida then made his way out of the graveyard, noticing the ghost was turning back into a ball of light and fading away. He assumed this only happens when somebody got close to him. Uchida then walked down a path and to the residence of the rune knight whose things got stolen. He saw an open window and decided he just toss the items in question throw the window and dash off back towards the grave yard.

Panting a bit, he made it back to where he saw the ball of light and upon reaching it, it slowly became a humanoid once again. "Have you done what i asked? I hope you have. It's very important that you deliver these things to his house." said the young knight, a bit pushy. Uchida, a bit aggravated, responded "yeah, yeah. I took the things back to that one guys house. Jeez, if you have to steal things. Couldn't it at least be something of worth?" The ghost shook his head and said "No, i didn't care about the value at all only the thrill of it so i targeted things that wouldn't be missed too much but these items seemed to be special to the person i took them from and i just didn't have the heart to return them so, thanks for that. Well, it seems my time is up. Farewell. I hope you find what your looking for too!" With that the ghost had suddenly levitated off of the gravestone and dispersed. Uchida had yelled "Where's my reward but it was a too late and the ghost had gone away. Sighing in defeat Uchida had jammed his hands into his pockets and began to exit the graveyard and hopefully, somewhere far away from here.


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