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Restless Souls: Lost but Not Forgotten {Lucian}

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#1Lucian V. Crimson 

Restless Souls: Lost but Not Forgotten {Lucian} Empty Tue Oct 31, 2017 5:51 pm

Lucian V. Crimson
This time of year has always lent itself to the more supernatural and arcane side of things. Even more so than usual considering that magic was commonplace in our world. I conversed with a god from time to time so there really are not many things that can surprise me about the world of spirits and souls. Though the nature of these supernatural invasions seems to be increasing.

Which leads leave me to believe that someone or something is thinning the veil between our world and the spirit realm even more so than the usual. But if their plan was to just release spirits onto us that was in need of peace for the afterlife then I guess they would be successful in the end.  

But that was neither here nor there and not of my concern. It was an honor to meet such individuals that for one reason or another departed from our world. Especially to give the gift of life to their loved ones once more. Such as with Billy and his parents, the master and his pupil. Their loved ones could live and live abundantly again. Learn to pick up the pieces of their lives and rebuild whole-heartedly. That is what I hope I am doing even now. Granted, I've just been a lonely traveler and way finder since their death, but was that really so bad? There has been many special events and things to occur. I have had an audience with Lords and Ladies of high courts. Played dastardly games with some of the most cunning thieves. Fought for the weak and broken the strong. But what has there been for me. What will be left behind when I die? Will I just disappear into the world of spirits as another member of the world to leave with no one to mourn for them?

What is the legacy that I will leave behind? How is my name going to be written in the stones of history? What of worth will I have left behind when this is all said and done? Will I be a restless soul seeking for retribution or fulfillment? What about my...


"Spirit. Reveal yourself. "

Much like before it made itself aware, the ghastly form coming into view from the wall. He had been a rather short man in his life and wore big round glasses that seemed to always hang at his nose. His face was just as round and his eyes darted too and from as if he was always looking for some kind of unseen threat. His ghostly hands wrapped themselves up in continuous motion as if he was at the edge.

"I..I... I need ya help. Remeber the bank robbery from a week ago. I was the clerk that was killed. And... I know where those bastards are. I want them to be beaten and taken in. Ple.please..."

Mmm...There is nothing else to it but to do it. Besides, I need some good karma in life anyway.

"Lead me to the lion's den. But listen, spirit if this is some kind of trick. I will make sure to erase you completely from the afterlife. "

The spirit looked shocked and disturbed but seemingly by the need for vengeance must have been greater because he still seems to be walking toward their base.

Hmm, this seems to be a rather popular spot of town. Why in the world do you set up your shop right here? Unless...

The abandoned building was tucked in the center of the buildings. The tarps that covered the rotten or unfinished parts made it highly unappealing from the other surrounding structures. That and the size of the others tended to dwarf its size making it again continue to blend even deeper into the background of the block. Which would be a perfect cover for those that wanted to continue thieving in the city. No one would even dare suspect this place to be the hideout for a group of thugs. Especially since no one would be so bold as to hide their criminal organization directly in the open of the city where the marketplace was known to gather with a considerable amount of people that tend to congregate here on the days.

But then again what better place to hide than in the open. No one would expect a group of thieves especially murdering thieves to stay in plain sight.

"I will be going through the front. Trust it done, you can return to the afterlife. "

The spirit returned to a calmy sense of self. His hands wrapped up in the other.

"I am staying in the rafters and watching. I want to make sure they are dead with my own eyes. "


"There will be no death here today. They will be forced to suffer in the jail. For the rest of their lives. "

The disappointment was evident but he was stuck to the mercy of my choice. The front entrance of the building was a metal door with a simple slit. The door looked rusted but can't be too sure.

*Knock* Knock*

The slit open and set of beady eyes looked out.

"What you want? "

[color=crimson "Justice. " [/color]

The slit closed once again but it didn't matter. It was nice to watch that door fly. The thieves rushed to their feet, the five men standing to defend their ill-gotten brood. The man on door duty was still under it. There was no speaking as the men rushed forward to attack. The one that took point tried to throw an empty punch, that was met with equally empty air. The crunch of his stomach under my fist was satisfying, to say the least. The second man ran forward with a pipe. The breeze was sharp. That was close, a little further and that would've been my nose. By now the other two had followed up behind him. Their blades slicing through the air as they tried to attack. These guys were coordinated slightly.

But luckily they were close enough together and that was all I needed for them to do.  

"Twin Raising Kaisers. "

The energy orbs exploded in a bright flash of crimson light. The men falling backward as the explosive force knocked the hideout.

The thieves laid on the floor sprawled out in pain. They won't be getting up anytime soon. Meaning that the authorities will have enough time to get to them.

The ghost was gone. I guess in the fighting I had missed his exit but then again he was now at peace. And another restless soul can rest in the afterlife.


Name: Genesis Force: Twin Rising Kaisers
Rank: d
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: possesing genesis force magic
Type: Offensive
Element: n/a
Range: 3 Meters
Cooldown: 2 post
Duration: Instant
Effect: By gathering his magical power into his palms and stretching out his arms. Lucian channels the genesis force and fires off two 1 meter diameter balls of energy that cause minor bruises upon those that it touches. These have a concussive force upon exploding

Int Stat MC Reduction of 10%


The Harbinger of WarFortune wheelLucian's character sheet.

Restless Souls: Lost but Not Forgotten {Lucian} Qhre37u


Even if the morrow is barren of Promises
Nothing shall forestall my return
To become the dew that quenches the land
To spare the sands, the seas, the skies
I offer thee this silent sacrifice

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