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Temporary Aquarist (solo)

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Syliph took as long as possible getting to Raina's lab, during the last two jobs he had done with her, a sort of relationship had grown between the two, they had almost kissed when he had helped her feed those amazing fish, but they had both awkwardly avoided conversation at that exact moment, so he just ended up taking his reward and leaving, eager to get out of there, and avoiding more awkward conversation. Since then he had been on a date with Angela, who had turned out not to have been as ditzy as she acted, she was actually rather intelligent and part of Blue Pegasus, the guild hosting the Weightlifting contest, she just had to act that way. Removing the memory of his date last night from his head, he went back to hyping himself up for this job and the awkward encounter that would follow in its wake.

As he reached her lab, he saw that she wasn't waiting outside for him like she normally was. Instead the door was closed and a small piece of paper was nailed to the door, when he got close enough to read it, he realized it was instructions pointing out what to do why she was out on a trip. A relieved sigh escaped through Syliph's lips. Pulling the paper off the door he began to read, "Syliph, please do the following while i'm gone, when i return i'll expect a report from you. I need you to observe each of my fish species for 15 minutes at a time, I have six different species. After you have watched each fish, I want you to feed them my general, organic, sea water grown seaweed, fish food. please don't forget some of my species have cannabalistic tendencies when they go hungry, and yes, i learned this the hard way." Sylip laughed a little and opened the door into her lab. The sounds of bubbles ran rampant around the room, little vials sat on counters, they would change color every once in awhile as if they were in the midst of a long experiment. Grabbing the notepad of one of the counters he walked over to the first of the 6 fishtanks.

The fist fish was relatively small, it was a brownish green color and little beady eyes on either side of its head. As instructed he recorded their behavior, it was mostly just them casually swimming in the water and doing unusual flips every five minutes or so, Syliph assumed it was some kind of mating dance the fish did. Looking up at the name tag it read, Horealis Cannabolis. Syliph assumed by the name this fish had cannabalistic tendencies. Scribbling down some more notes about how they didn't move much other then their flips, he turned the page ready for another fish.

the second fish was Yellow and Gray, it had no eyes and was about the size of Syliph's arm, the fish had a bigger tank and moved incredibly fast, they were contiuously making a screeching noise which seemed to be echo location, writing down their name he looked at the name tag, Gregos Screcchis. Syliph thought the fish had some pretty odd, but obvious names sometimes.

The third fish was huge, and Raina had only 4. The scales on the fish changed color every three minutes on the dot, the fish had fange sticking up from the bottom of their mouth, they resmebled a bull almost in their unmoving personality and dead stare. Recording their name and what he did, he saw his favorite name so far, Helios Sefemenos. Taking a mental picture he moved on to the next fish.

The fourth fish was more of an eel, It was slender and had no scales, just slimy skin. It was purple and had two long anntenae that sprouted from its head, at the very end little lights flashed from the tips. This must have been and underwater fish, it had black sides, and the lights above the tank were dim as not to harm its eyes. Syliph jotted down how it moved very little and slept most of the day, its name was Jaesue Tipular

The fifth fish was another small fish. It was yellow, except for four long anntenna that were as long as Syliphs forearm, the fish moved gently around the water, it seemed to lull in the gentle current provided by magic lacrima in the tank. If syliph looked closely he could see poisonous barbs on the fish. Looking at the name he saw, Venonus Petitu.

Moving on to the last fish, he noticed it was big and moved very little exceot for the occasional bust of movement to headbut another fish which had gotten to close, all the fish had small horns sticking out of the top of their heads like they were unicorns. The fish also seemed to always be pouting. Looking at their name before he began feeding he saw Rhinoscus Territorilus.

After he had finished Exmaning all the fish, he took handfuls of Raina's fishfood and puut one handful in each tanks except for the Helios Sefemenos in which Raina specified two handfuls as the fish had large appetites. Each of the species had weid eating habits. Some ate in a rushed frenzy while others waited for it float down and would suddenly burst foward and take a mouthful of the food.

After hours of waiting in Raina's lab, the terrifying, awful moment arrived, Raina returned. She looked around and saw that all the fish weren't dead which made her feel better. Next she looked at Syliph and the awkward silence betweent the grew like an unrestricted plague. "Thanks for looking after the lab, it means a lot that you like the fish and are willing to help, here take the money, please." Raina produced a bag of money from her purse and handed it to Syliph, "thanks." was all he could manage. Raina awkwardly shuffled her feet, the air was heavy and neither of them knew what to do. For a moment the future flashed before Syliph's eyes, they kissed, magic, they were happy, she died in a terrible accident. As the future flashed away Syliph whirled around looking for something, and there in the window sill a black cat sat, shaking its head, its bright green eyes piercing into Syliph's soul. "Raina," he began, "As much as I would like something to happen between us, I don't think its for the better, I would still like to be friends and all, but I think whatever we had should be let go into the wind." For a few terrifying minuted Raina remained silent, then she sighed, relieved, "I agree, this was unprofessional, and was nothing but a emotional fling, I'm glad to have known you Syliph." Syliph smiled and walked out the door, waiting and looking to see if the cat would talk to him again.


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