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The heck it's all about? [Request]

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#1Shichiro Uchida 

The heck it's all about? [Request] Empty on Tue Oct 31, 2017 8:15 am

Shichiro Uchida
On his way to the mission board, Uchida decided to stop and take a break. All this running around was starting to wear on his nerves and he decided to take a quick break. He was taking a stroll from the last request to the mission board which was a bit away from the town square. Looking around, it seems he made a wrong turn somewhere and ended in what seems like the slums of Era. Made no difference to him what so ever. He was just gonna continue on his way and make it to his current destination after a short break. He went to a near by stoop of an abandoned building to rest. Uchida decided to let his mind wander for a little while. He daydreamed a bit about fame and power but not fortune. He always thought having a lot of money made people change who they actually are sometimes but for the most part he didn't really enjoy being poor either. As he thought about this, he overheard a near by argument between some rich noble and poor couple. It's not his style to eavesdrop but it's always funny to see other people in conflict with each other. "So, what if you guys are already having trouble funding your slum of a neighborhood's education tax. Nothing good would come from us funneling money into already dead economy. Your children would be better off just serving the upper class people of Era in the future instead of trying to make something with their meaningless education. If you want proper education, maybe you should try and scrounge up what little change you can find lying around and send them to the school where my children go but wait, you can't. You should remember your status and live with it. I have no more time for quarreling. That Daragast lizard has been stirring you ants up and been giving you false hope about raising more funding for schooling in this dump." said the snarky noble. With that, he had climbed into a rather lavish carriage and was carted off to the nicer side of Era.

Uchida's eye had slightly twitched since that somewhat got under his skin a little bit knowing people still think that way especially considering the tiny little island he spent most of his childhood on. It wasn't the best place in the world but it was still his home and if he had heard such injustice spoken towards his place of birth, he'd probably have lost his temper and socked that noble in his uppity, cunt nose. Uchida was seething with anger but was abated when he heard nearby crying. It was the female of the couple that was being consoled by her significant other. He calmed down for the moment and decided to approach them and asked what that was all about. "Well, we were trying to help raise money and spread awareness about the cuts in this part of Era's educational system but the only people who has any real sway or power around matter of where their wealth is spread is these snobbish nobles and rich people. The only person that has some form of influential power that is willing to help us is a person named Daragast"  the male had said. Scratching his chin, Uchida slowly looked to the sky, blinking wondering if this Dagarast fellow might need help. Who knows. Maybe he could get a job from him. Looking back at the couple, Uchida asks "Where can find this "Daragast" fellow?"  The man continues to console his significant other before he says "Keep following the path that noblemen took and you'll eventually run into him doing his part for the community." With that, the couple walks away and Uchida nods, walking in the direction he was given.

Making his way down town, walking fast, Uchida looked around to see if he could find some sorta lizard or dragon creature. It shouldn't be too hard to spot one. It's not like there common or anything, so it should be easy to find. After a bit of searching, Uchida stumbled onto a short lizard. Uchida gave him a long look and received one in turn. "Yo, are you this Daragast character that most the people around here seem to keep talking about?" The Lizard like being continued to glance at him and replied "Yes. I'm Dagarast, what troubles you, child?" Uchida looks at the lizard funny, seemingly taken offense to being called a child. "I'm not a kid. Anyway, i heard you're the big wig round these parts next to the nobles. If you need anything done, just let me know. I saw a couple making pleas with a rich guy over a dispute but they had no such luck. Shame." Uchida said oddly sympathetic. The lizard-like being tilted his head and gestured him to come along with. Uchida jammed his hands into his pockets and slowly began to follow the lizard hoping he'd get a request from such an "important" person. The lizard known as Daragast began to speak specifically about what was going in Era when it comes to how town officials and leaders choose how the select new civil servants. The education cuts on his side of Era, the bigger focus on richer parts of Era for talent instead of searching in the poorer areas. If he could somehow get them to look in his general neighborhood, he was sure they wouldn't be disappointed but try as he might they never seem too interested in his part of town. With a sigh, he continued to speak on the matter that concerned him. Uchida had taken in some of the information but some if it went through one ear and out the other. He didn't care too much it would still bother him even a little bit if they were discussing his hometown. Either way, the lizard-like being named Daragast had let out an exasperated sigh from his lips and perk up at the sound of younglings running around and playing. Daragast then went to a near by stall selling ramen and bought nearly a dozen to hand to the children. Uchida blinked as he watched this transpire but didn't say a word about it. Daragast then said something to the children he didn't quite catch and then handed them some money. He then turned to Uchida and handed him some jewels as well, thanking him for listening to his story and letting him vent out his frustrations. Uchida wasn't sure if this was appropriate but he wasn't gonna complain. With that Daragast had walked one way, waving the boy off. Uchida then turned to another on his initial path to picked up another request.


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