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Hargeon Town to Magnolia Town [Foot Travel]

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Hargeon Town to Magnolia Town [Foot Travel] Empty Tue Oct 31, 2017 5:10 am

It turned out that Mei had nothing much to do in Hargeon Town. She spent literally three days here just wandering around and shopping here and there. It was Halloween season, so there were sales for the event and there were decorations everywhere. Her hometown - Orchidia - did not do much for Halloween, probably because it was not one of those big cities, so there weren’t huge celebrations like in cities such as Magnolia or Hargeon, not to forget the capital cities that obviously celebrated the big events. As she walked the streets she saw kids and some people dressed in a variety of costumes. Mei on the other hand was too lazy to dress up for the event. But she liked to see people. At least it was entertaining for her and Mia who bounced around from her right shoulder to her left, commenting on each and every one of the costumes. There was even one dressed as Acnologia, although the costume was not very on point.

“You like that, Mi?” asked Mei, pointing at the sloppy attempt at the dragon of terror. Mia scrutinized it, narrowing her tiny eyes and with a frown, shook her fluffy little head. Mei laughed out loud at her little companion.

“What’s so funny?!” asked Mia with her squeaky, shrill voice. Mei pressed her lips into a thin line and shook her head lightly. It was cute when Mia was like this. Grumpy and all bossy. She huffed and turned with her arms folded. Mei then looked around to see if there was anything else that was interesting. She had planned to leave the coming morning, but of course that plan was not certain yet. She had yet to pack her bags and tell Mia about it as well, not that Mia would object.


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