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Golden Scissor [Urion | Quest]

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Fernando Milano, proprietor and aspiring business mogul in the arts of fashion and fabrics, was content with the fabrics that Blue Pegasus mage Urion Blackfyre had acquired for him the previous day. Examining the fabrics, the eccentric and flamboyant boutique owner came to the conclusion that he was not quite done with his part-time errand boy, Urion. There was a very special item that Fernando was missing before he would be able to construct the various new designer items that would no doubt propel him into stardom and his dream job of being a fashion designer for a noble. Such an item was not supposed to exist and thought to be extremely rare; knowing that such an item was reported to be sold in Baska very soon only strengthened his resolve. As Urion walked into the shop, Fernando gleamed with excitement and dragged the Blue Pegasus mage over to the counter and pulled out an extremely massive catalog containing various images of rare designer items that were to be a must for the most successful fashion mogul. After several seconds of flipping through, Fernando located the item in question and presented its image to Urion, for the Blue Pegasus mage to absorb all of what he was viewing and remember it by memory.

"This item you see here," stated a gleefully excited Fernando, "is the Golden Scissor. It has a value that, to the ordinary peasantry, would be no more so than ordinary scissors. However... this blade has the ability to amplify the majestic authenticity of only the most exquisite fabrics. You have done well for me to acquire said fabrics in my honor, and now I would want for you to acquire one more piece to my puzzle." Fernando took a deep sigh before continuing, hoping not to lose Urion's interest. Before he could resume, however, Urion interjected.

"So this Golden Scissor is here, in Baska, at an opening for one of the new merchants that are making their way on over. You would want me to... investigate for a minute about this person, then approach this person, he or she or it, and acquire the scissor through inexplicable means at the cost of some large quantity of Jewels and witty personality?" Fernando appeared to be perplexed by Urion's counter-statement but was more amused that this man whom he only had known for such a short time seemed to know him so well. Fernando gave a good laugh before patting Urion on the back in excitement.

"So you know what you must do then? Excellent. Without further notice, here are the Jewels I'm willing to part with in part to acquiring the Golden Scissor." The fashion designer pulled out ten million Jewels in bands and handed them over to the Blue Pegasus mage without another word, and sent Urion off to achieve his crowning masterpiece to become a mogul for the nobles of Baska, and ultimately, Fiore. Urion gave a good nod to his employer and was off to acquire the Golden Scissor, an item that the mage began to recall in his memory of its factual design as to not be swindled for a false item. Of any single individual to know the difference between a fake and a copy, it would be Fernando.

It would be best to go and acquire the item before other buyers had a chance to do so themselves, something that Urion knew that must be done. The best way to do so would be to find the merchant in particular, which was already made obvious by the fact that there was already talks about him owning the item and planning to sell it in the afternoon. Urion kept the idea in his head that such a person was probably as flamboyant or more flamboyant as Fernando, so there would be some extensive work done into bargaining for the Golden Scissor. There would be no brute forcing into acquiring the Golden Scissor, unlike any other item of great importance.

The man in question possessed his own stall and was preparing to put the Golden Scissor on sale. Urion approached the man and talked with him briefly on touching matters such as getting to know the man, who he was as a person including his motives and agendas, and why and how he came into possession of such an important item to fashion. The man had an idea on why Urion was getting to know him, and came out to discuss what he wanted with the Golden Scissor. Knowing there was no use in lying at that point, he explained the plight of Fernando Milano and his aspiration to be something great and well-respected in the community of fashion design. The merchant dismissed Urion and told him to come back to the auction later that day.

Urion appeared as instructed, and saw that the merchant possessed a real Golden Scissor. After much talking about how he came to acquire the item of discussion, he only stated that there was someone he wanted to give it to beforehand, and brought out the item for the show. He called Urion forward, much to the distaste of the other buyers, and gave him the Golden Scissor for half of the jewels that Fernando had given. Seeing as his work was more or less complete, the Blue Pegasus mage returned to the shop that Fernando ran and gave his employer the Golden Scissor and the leftover jewels from the bargain. With few words exchanged, mostly comprised of thanking and glee, Urion went out on his way to make more moves to achieve his own personal gains.


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