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A heartfelt reunion (Social: Liana)

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If there was one place Esperia visited daily then it was the Baskan church. In the end, traditions were difficult to forget, and she was naturally inclined to visit the church every morning for a repeating tradition. Indeed, every morning the young lady would visit the church and took a seat at one of the benches at the back of the church and would clasp her hands together in a prayer.

Some might have called it a futile gesture, to leave matters in the hands of faith and religion, but Esperia wasn't a fool. She knew the gods were silent for a reason, and that the only one who could get a prayer answered was the praying person themselves, in the end only they possessed the power to change things if they were willing to take initiative.

But then why... why did she pray? Perhaps it was simply to seek out comfort, to hope her family would pass over peacefully into the hereafter. It was a tradition for her, to wake up a bit before dawn approached and then pray till the sun had risen.

Dawn had just passed when Esperia rose onto her feet and walked out of the church after telling the priest she would be visiting tomorrow as usual.

However, unlike usually she found her attention drawn away from the path leading back to the town, instead finding herself gazing sideways toward the forest that surrounded the church. It was odd how Esperia found herself instinctively drawn toward the forest, a hand brushing against the leafs of bushes and against the hard bark of the trees while she whispered softly. "I'm sure Liana would love this scenery..."

It was a beautiful landscape, there was no denying that, yet why did her thoughts return toward that memory? She still remembered it, the dawn after the raid on the church she lived in had happened. During the night a young girl had found her and tried to reassure her that everything would be alright.

The words felt empty to her, in the end, how could everything end up being alright when she had lost everything? Her home was gone, and so was her family, one could easily say she had truly lost everything.

And yet the girl spoke and acted with such kindness and confidence that she couldn't help but feel drawn in by her, so perhaps it was the promise that followed afterward by the girl that left a bittersweet taste.

Liana had promised that someday when she was old enough that the girl would come to find her and that she would keep her promise of keeping her safe and happy.

It was a promise, a silly one between children but to her, it did hold a lot of importance. "Maybe once I'm done I'll travel to the Woodsea and seek out Liana."

It sounded like a pleasant idea, to find Liana and spend time with her again, and judging from the excited barks that came from her side it seemed Agni agreed with the idea also.

"I wonder how she is doing... it's been five years since then..."


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Gladly, Esperia wouldn't need to get to Woodsea.

Perhaps by miracle, Liana's following travels had brought her closer and closer to a promised meeting with an old friend. Within Baska, more precisely in its deep forests, a late teenager walked alone. By studying her footsteps, by studying her paths, by studying her demeanor, one could easily assume she didn't have a set destination.

That wasn't far from the truth.

Liana scanned her surroundings with the usual kind expression plastered across her features, that warm smile of hers pleasantly rejoicing in the sight, feel and scent of nature. Everytime she came across the trunk of a tree, one of her hands would extend out and all of its fingers would proceed to gently caress their thick, brownish structure. Plants and flowers would receive the same kind of treatment, but one even lighter, the delicacy of her touch at the highest level.

Eventually, the girl found herself pausing, lowering and crouching near a tree before ultimately sitting down on the soft grass, back leaned against the trunk of the chosen perennial plant. Her legs would be crossed, hands resting on her lap, clasped as she stared up and took a deep sniff of the area's fresh air.

"Today will be a refreshing day..."

Liana mumbled to herself and at the end, her eyelids would drop down, closing in as the young Sylvaine appeared to take on a relaxed stance, back of her head resting against the trunk behind her.
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Miracles only happen when you make them yourself.

There was something about the lush forest that made her feel somewhat at ease. Perhaps it was partly related to the fact that it was less cold and harsh than the climate the Elestia tribe lived in, but forests also held a certain tranquility to them that would feel almost foreign to anyone who grew up in a city.

And Agni was a huge fan of this type of landscape also! The Growlithe dashed back and forth among the path with the same excitement a child would have, the sight of the excited dog causing a little smile to emerge upon her lips. "Don't go too far now Agni, we're not used to the lay of the land yet." The Growlithe barked happily in response when suddenly its paw grind to a halt and it sniffed the air. It appeared Agni had caught the trail of something, or someone's scent, and soon started to slowly sniff the air further, seemingly tracking the source.

While usually she would have warned the dog about going off the path of a forest, but she had to admit she was a bit curious about what had drawn the Growlithe's attention, and so she started to slowly approach the trail he was going at, till the dog stopped near a tree, a girl seemed to be resting at the tree, and judging from her appearance she seemed unharmed. Perhaps a skilled napper who had found her ideal spot to take a nap at?

Perhaps, yet her curiosity was drawn as she stepped beside the tree. "Umm miss, it's dangerous to sleep here---" Yet before she could finish her sentence her gaze settled onto the stranger's face. Even after five years, there was no mistaking those features, or the one they belonged to... A hand reached for her chest, trying to suppress the slight tremble of her body while she whispered softly. "Lia?"

Could it be? Was the girl trying to nap here indeed Liana Sylvaine?

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The barks of a dog or the sounds produced by any other animals would normally not be missed by the girl, though, this time appeared to be an exception. Liana was obviously deeply into the domain of relaxation. Only animalistic noises her ears were able to catch were those of birds chirping. Other than that, there was the flow of leaves and grass, and the gentle wind caressing her pale skin. At that moment, nothing could interrupt her.

Or so she thought.

Steps were heard, moving closer and closer, and now it was something the young Sylvaine wouldn't miss. Her eyes slowly open at that, a feminine voice following which prompted Liana's head to calmly arch up and that dark grayish gaze of hers to meet with the other girl's crimson own. The girl was somewhat jumbled at first, lips parting open to say something, though the slight tremble made by the stranger's body was concerning.

"Is something wrong?"

She had to ask for the obvious reasons. Then, right after that, part of her name was spoken. It was at that very point in time, at that very minute, at that very second...

... That such stranger was almost instantly recognized, brought up from the past memories of Liana.

"It's... Is that you... Esperia?"

At first, it was light shock. Surprise. She didn't even stand, she didn't even make any kind of sudden movements with her body. Her hands parted away from each other, her torso was slightly curved to the side, facing who she thought was an old friend. Though, she was still seated, leaning back against the same tree, awaiting a confirmation.
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It felt like time had stopped for a moment, or perhaps it was more that Esperia felt like the past had caught up to her. Memories of Liana trying to lead her away from the smouldering remains of the church, the encounter with the beast that nearly killed them and the rescue by the hands of one of the Elestia tribesmen, it was the moment that followed afterwards that had left the most impact on the girl. The fact that Liana had promised her that once she was old enough that they would be reunited and that she wouldn't be alone anymore.

And it seemed today that promise was about to be fulfilled. The words spoken by the girl confirmed her identity, in the end there weren't many outside the Elestia tribe who knew of her name, and while at first she felt a deeply ingrained desire to pounce down onto the girl and embrace her, to let the feelings that were building in her chest be released into an emotional outburst, but instead she placed her hands onto her hips and smiled softly, a playful reply escaping from her lips.

"The one and only~"

It was difficult, to hold back the urge to let her emotions surface, to the point her eyes grew moist with the tears she was trying to hold back all that time. "Five years... you sure make a lady wait quite a while, don't you Lia?" A playful wink followed while the Growlithe barked excitedly onto their ongoing conversation.

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With Esperia's confirmation, it wouldn't be any longer before the beam of a smile began to stretch out across the dark-haired late teenager's features, lips parting and those bright, white teeth flashing out in all their glory. Liana thought their so promised reunion would still take some time to happen, though, those expectations were shortened and by quite a long marge.

A stand was taken, the young Sylvaine almost immediately noticing the moist eyes of her old friend. "Hey, hey. You are not going to be crying now, are you?" She asked, though she couldn't deny she was also getting somewhat emotional from this surprising encounter. A step forth was taken, a single light giggle produced at Esperia's last statement and then Liana's arms extend out and advance in a pincer formation, only to attempt on wrapping themselves around the other female's torso, offering a warm and friendly embrace with her chin gently resting against one of the Eisenberg's shoulders.

Afterwards, her lips are kept parted and then soft whispers follow.

"Well, I did promise when I was a grown-up, right? Admittedly, I'm still seventeen. Though... I did miss you, Esperia..."

She affirms, taking a calm breath and then finishing with another low mumble. "... A lot." Eventually, Liana would release her friend and step back, passing the back of one of her hands across her eyes, as if cleaning a tear which was close to escape. Those dark grayish eyes of hers are once more set on Esperia's own, a mild smile returning to her visage.

Followed by a slight tilt of her head, she speaks.

"Anyway... What have you been up to all these past couple years?"
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The teasing remark about her getting emotional about the encounter caused her to rapidly shake her head in denial, a hand brushing toward her eyes as she quickly tried to brush away any potential traces of the building up tears. "I'm not crying! There is just something stuck in my eyes..."

A classic excuse, but it seemed enough to distract Liana from the subject, instead the decision to embrace her had left Esperia with a certain feeling of joy and happiness, her arms returning the gesture in a gentle embrace. "In some communities, seventeen is already past the age of consent." the girl remarked with a sly smile upon her lips, as if she was returning the teasing from before.

"I missed you also..." It was true, despite the fact she had not known Liana for long the young lady had left quite an impression upon Esperia, so to say she had been looking forward to their reunion was an understatement.

However, their embrace also made Esperia realize, or rather experience something she had not been used to. A soft pressure was pushing against her chest, a glimpse downwards confirming that indeed five years had passed since she had last seen the girl.

"Seventeen hmm?" A soft hum followed while she remarked with a little wink. "For a seventeen-years-old girl you have had quite a growth spurt in a particular area, Liana."

A mischievous snicker followed as she waited to see Liana's reaction before answering her earlier question. "I just been waiting for you~ so aside from that I haven't done much these past five years..." She couldn't possibly tell Liana she had been spending those five years preparing for the search for answers, and the hunt for the Lycan pack that murdered her family... right?


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Her eyes expectedly widen at such a sudden remark, at this point the embrace having already broken and her arms almost instinctively raising up to cover her chest. Indeed, the garments she was sporting showed quite the amount of skin from that area in her body mentioned by Esperia. Though, she's a woman who appreciates her body, what could she do?

A light blush obviously paints her cheeks, those dark grayish orbs of hers rolling about a few times before stopping to aim at the grass below their feet. "W-Well... I guess I did..." The girl admits, gulping briefly whilst she returns to look up at her friend and then also down at her chest area. "But you aren't any different, are you?!" She points out, puffing out a cheek in a grumpy manner. Though, it would quickly wear out once they would eventually change the subject, a kind smile overtaking Liana's features once more.

"I have been traveling, like you know how I am." The young Sylvaine responds with her own version, a look around offered to the forest surrounding them before her attention is reverted to Esperia. "For how long have you been staying in this town though?" She questions, followed by a single light giggle and a brief addition to her words.

"I'm actually surprised the first person I see in my first visit to Baska is you. Then again, I'm also happy it was you."

A slightly bigger smile at the end would be formed following what she said, arms now folded over her previously visible chasm.
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A playful chuckle escaped Esperia's lips at the embarrassment of her friend,  the puffing of her cheeks making Esperia almost feel the urge to pinch them while she listened to the girl's remark about herself having grown quite a bit in the 'pillow' department herself. Slowly lowering her gaze she raised a hand to her cheek, tilting her head slightly to the side in confusion while remarking with a hint of curiosity as if she was truly considering the idea as a genuine suggestion rather than a joke. "I'm not sure... I think I'm still somewhat modest in comparison to you. Want to check?"

Arching her back slightly as if she was trying to push her chest slightly forwards the girl suddenly started to giggle, shaking her head lightly in amusement while replying in a cheerful tone. "I'm only teasing~"

However, she decided to cut the girl some slack by changing the subject to something else instead: the discussion of her stay in Baska! "Hmm, I been staying here for about a week so far while planning my next destination... But it was a rather amusing coincidence that we met. I actually visit the church daily whenever I'm in a town, and on my way back little Agni here likely got curious and went off into the wild."

She smiled briefly while the Growlithe barked in agreement, a moment passing before Esperia continued her explanation with a smile. "But that's pretty much all there is to it~ Either way, I'm still happy I could meet you again. and this time I'm not letting you give me a raincheck~"

A little wink followed as she explained her words with a soft hum. "Because we were going to be traveling together from now on, right?"


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"Well, sure. You may be still a bit modest when it comes to height and everything, but..."

The young Sylvaine comments, eventually extending a hand out and using her index finger to point at the other girl's chest, smiling a little now while still covering her chest a tad with one arm.

"... You have certainly grown something in that area since I last saw you."

She admits and there was no way she could be wrong, right? They were still kids back then, of course they didn't have much to develop. The moment Esperia attempted to push out her chest, it allowed a few light giggles to escape the parted lips of the dark-haired late teenager.

"Grown rather playful too, huh?"

Though, after a while, they would eventually change subject thanks to Liana's other curious questions. She nodded after each of Esperia's sentence, showing she was very much attentively listening to her friend, even those almost blackish orbs of hers glimmering with immense interest and even some concern.

That smile of hers stretches out a little at Agnis' barking, Liana crouching down to caress a hand across the top of the dog's head, tickling it a few times with the tip of her fingers. "You got yourself a pretty cute pet too. Ain't you the cutest thing?" She chimes down at Agnis in the end, eventually standing and continuing to listen to the Eisenberg's words.

Towards those last words, at first, a few more giggles are forced out, but then, a sudden expression of seriousness overtakes the girl's features as she remembers the past. More steps are taken until she would pause right in front of her friend and then, almost out of instinct, since she was priorly embarrassed about it, Liana's hands would take a gentle hold of the back of Esperia's head before pressing one side of it against her chest, resting her own head down on the other female's own, closing her eyes.

"Of course... I did promise it, after all. I'm not letting you go this time." She states with vigor, leaning away with her own head, but continuing to press Esperia's own against her chest, now gazing down at her friend with another soft smile, eyes watering once more. "As long as you don't run away from me, you silly-looking goose."
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A little giggle escaped her lips as Liana pointed toward her bust ad commented about how she had grown in that particular area, it was true, since they were both still children at that time the fact they would have grown plenty during those years apart was a simple to understand fact, yet when Liana commented about her having grown more playful during their time apart the girl stood upright once more and pondered about the meaning behind those words.

"Did I?" She wasn't sure, perhaps she indeed became more playful, but a part of her thought it might have been the result of her interacting with Liana. While she might have been more cheerful and gentle since she started her travels, the playfulness she acted with right now seemed something different, an emotion coaxed out of her rather than something that was a natural part of her nature. "Perhaps~ For some rea, on I feel rather excited around you, and it makes me want to stir all sorts of reactions out of you."

A soft chuckle followed till she finally turned focus toward the conversation about her companion, the little Growlithe barking happily at the compliment Liana was giving him.

However, what followed was a bit unexpected, the sudden gentle grasping of her head and the light tug that made her head nestle against Liana's bosom, the soft feeling and the sound of the girl's heartbeat was more than enough to make her both excited, flustered and a certain feeling of happiness that had been foreign to her.

"I won't run away~ In the end, Liana is my sunflower~ the place I feel the warmest at and will always return to." A gentle nuzzling of her head continued against those soft pillows as she hummed softly.

"I was lonely all those years... Despite the fact the Elestia tribe took me in, nobody truly understood my pain nor did anyone say those same words you did all those years ago... That's why I want to stay with you~"

She explained the last bit in a softer tone as she raised both arms to tenderly wrap around Liana.


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It was almost starting to look like Liana began acting more like a mother and less like a friend. Or well, probably the mix of those, seeing as she didn't even look too bothered by the fact Esperia's little cheeky personality took the chance to nuzzle up against her chest which was easily felt, that equally excited heartbeat also easily heard. Those last words prompted the young Sylvaine to lower her head and pucker out her lips, ultimately planting a gentle smooch against the top of her friend's head.

"And we'll make our moments as enjoyable as we can. We are going to cherish them and make every single second we spend together something to remember." The girl states, holding each side of the other female's face with both hands and attempting to lift it up, for her own grayish orbs to look into the young Eisenberg's own more directly. Though, she would continue to press it down against her bosom. "We are going to explore every little corner of this world and learn together as we do it. I can't wait to start, Esperia."

At the end, after her friend had wrapped her arms around her figure, she'd do the same, having her own coil about her shoulders and pull her even closer, not bothered by the fact Esperia's head would be pressed further against her bust.

There was a lot of happiness visible in Liana's expression, so much that she had to even close her eyes and rest her head onto the top of the other's, in order to sustain any tears from flowing out. It was an emotional moment, their so promised reunion. And she was glad they were able to accomplish it.
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Despite the immense joy she felt at being so comfortably close to Liana, there was also the concern in the back of her mind. The awareness that if she was to remain close to Liana there would be a possibility she would be swept up in the dangerous events of her past, but at the same time, the young lady felt a bit of a selfish desire to do so. She didn't want to let go of Liana, not this time so to hear those words made her nod her head with a smile.

"Every corner of the world~"

It sounded like a grand adventure for sure, to travel to places all over the world, meeting new people, and even Agni seemed excited about the whole idea, barking once more in agreement.

"And whatever happens, I'm sure as long as we work together we can overcome any challenge or danger~" perhaps words to reassure herself, but she truly believed that if she was going to work together with Liana that she would be able to overcome whatever hardships the world might throw at her.

Only after a moment she finally let go, stretching her arms playfully into the air while remarking with a grin. "That felt great~ From now on anytime we're camping I'm going to be using your breasts as a pillow~ so soft and snuggly!" the girl giggled softly while she turned toward Agni who barked in return and looked at Liana with a look of interest in his eyes.

"Oh~ it seems Agni is challenging you in terms of softness!" the dog barked in response as Esperia playfully rubbed a hand over his fur.

"Did you have any destination in mind for your stay in Baska?"


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Liana didn't seem bothered or embarrassed by Esperia's comment once she eventually leaned away from the embrace. Well, of course, there was a faint blush rounding her cheeks, but it wasn't anything like before and instead of pouting, the young Sylvaine actually smiled down at her friend, dropping her arms now to the sides and not covering her chest with them anymore. It was this kind of friendship she wanted to upkeep with the female Eisenberg, one of great comfort and trustworthiness. She wouldn't ask for more than that.

A single light giggle was even elicited at her friend's teasing before she responded. "Just because it's you, I'll let you do just that. I don't want to let you go even while I'm sleeping." The girl states with considerable conviction before Agni's barking caught her attention, a look down at the dog offered and a crouch made to caress the top of his head once more.

All the while, her gaze is reverted up at Esperia after the question was made.

"I wasn't really planning to stay here for too long, but now that we are both here, we should spend some more time together in the town. See if there are any kind of fun things happening soon. I'm sure Halloween is close, right?"

She asked, standing back up at the end and adding with a joyful smile.

"We can also rent a room together during that time. Then, if there's nothing else to do, we'll go and explore the rest of West Fiore. What do you say?"

It was a good plan, at least in her mind. Especially since she had just reached Baska. Being one who likes to discover new places and people, she couldn't let the opportunity pass, only adding the fact she could now do it with an old friend.
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The comment that followed after Liana's giggle caused Esperia's cheeks to flush up briefly into a blush of embarrassment, the idea of being allowed to do so causing a mixture of pleasant feelings to rise up within her chest. She truly was looking forward to traveling with Liana, especially if it meant being able to snuggle up to her at night. There was a certain joy to being able to share her bed with her childhood friend, especially if it meant being able to enjoy that same warmth and softness that she had longed for.

"hmm~ I guess we can spend a few weeks at Baska before traveling further along the western region of Fiore." A little nod of agreement followed in response to the girl's idea, but the idea of Halloween visibly took a little change in the girl's expression, concern haunting her visage while Agni's ears drooped lightly at the memory the two had shared.

"If we're going to be outdoors at night we need to make sure to stick together~ I would regret it immensely if something happened to you. Especially during this time of the year the night has a lot of dangers lurking in the shadows."

A brief nod followed from the young lady in response to Liana's idea, making her clap her hands together with a smile of approval. "Let's do that~ I know a small but cozy inn near the residential area, I'm sure they would give us a room at a very modest price~ We can even do some chores around the town to get to know more people~"

It was a simple but effective way to spend their time together in Baska, especially considering the Request Board was often filled with requests from people who needed help with all sorts of matters. Perhaps it was exactly because of that reason that Esperia had suggested it, not only did they get to spend more time together, but they would even be able to earn some money along the way also!


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"You don't need to worry about me that much, silly. I can take care of myself. But sure, if you are awake, I'll grab you with me. If not, of course I'm not going to wake up a sleeping angel like you."

Liana responds to her friend's second statement, smiling confidently and knowing that she could truly defend herself if something came up, which she doubted it would. Baska sounded and looked like a pretty peaceful town, both from what she had heard and from what she has seen. The forests aren't like the ones back in North Fiore, crowded with magical beasts, ambushing people left and right. At least the one near the church doesn't appear to be dangerous.

At the end, the young Sylvaine also got her answer towards renting a room for the both of them. She stepped closer to Esperia once more, and this time, she would wrap one arm around the back of her neck, pushing the nearest side of the female Eisenberg's head against whatever shoulder she would be initially facing.

"Let's do it then. Let's take care of getting a place for us to stay before planning the chores to do."

And if there was no hesitation or any qualms against doing such, whilst side-hugging Esperia, the dark-haired girl would proceed to guide the way back in the town.

It seems like their adventures had taken their beginning in Baska. Thinking back on it, Liana found it unexpecting. She thought they'd end up reuniting perhaps somewhere in North Fiore. Though, what truly matters was that they are now together and can finally start doing things together.
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Esperia V. Eisenberg

A sleeping angel? A little giggle escaped Esperia's lips, highly doubting that a divine being like an angel would be doing certain things that occupied her thoughts every now and then. However, the sideways embrace was eagerly received, making the Eisenberg gently lean her head sideways against Liana's shoulder, an arm tenderly wrapping around her waist while the two of them made their way back toward the town.

"mhmm~ The inn isn't that far away." The girl explained as they made their way along the forest path, the Growlithe trailing behind them while Esperia gestured at the various landmarks she had visited before, like retelling the story about the friendly farmer who had given her the bottle of milk to sample, or the field where she had met Snowflake. However, once they reached the residential area their destination would come into view.

It was a classy, but somewhat cozy little inn amidst the residential area of the town, and upon opening the door the two were greeted by an elderly couple that was standing behind the counter.

"Welcome~" The elderly lady said while Esperia waved a hand toward them and inquired with a cheerful tone. "Greetings~ Do you have a room available for us?"

The elderly lady turned toward her husband who nodded his head after a cursory glance. "Sure, do you prefer to pay the usual fee, or repay it by doing chores around the inn and inside the town?"

It seemed that they would offer a chance to avoid paying a renting fee by doing household chores instead? Quite an interesting approach if she had to be honest!

"Umm I'll help around with the chores if Lia doesn't mind~" The elderly lady turned toward her husband who handed her a key and soon walked over toward the duo, handing Liana the key toward the room.

"It's the spacious room at the back of the first floor, can't miss it~"


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It was one of the best things, being able to learn the kind of adventures her precious friends had. Not like they were anything special, both of them seemingly interactions every human being has, every single day. But it was always soothing, it was always pleasant, it was always delightful to hear that she's not the only one living a life. That there are billions, or maybe even trillions of living beings doing the same and interacting with the world and its beautiful assets.

Eventually, their desired destination was reached. The inn located in the town. The girl mostly allowed Esperia to interact with the people inside, especially the ones able to send them out to their room. Then again, the Eisenberg did begin talking before she could even do it herself. There was no need for her to do it on top of her friend or things would get rather messy.

Once she was brought up, Liana wouldn't take too long responding to Esperia's momentary doubt, nodding once in her direction. "I don't mind at all!" The girl stated with great confidence. It was surely less concerning than having to pay a fee and while it taught them something, it was also a good extra to go along with the young Sylvaine's daily fitness routines.

Facing the old woman, she nods and kindly takes the delivered key. "Thank you!" She responds in somewhat of a joyous tone, eventually reverting her attention to her friend and beginning to lead the way for both.

"Let's go see our room."

Upon pausing in front of the door, it wouldn't be long until she'd unlock and open it, ultimately walking in with the Eisenberg. How was its presentation?
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Esperia V. Eisenberg

Liana's enthusiasm and joy was quite infectious to the obsidian-haired lass who couldn't help but find her lips curving up into a smile of her own as her friend led her up the staircase leading to the first floor, and just as the owners of the inn had told them, the room was unmistakable easy to spot. Entirely at the back of the corridor, a modest space away from the other rooms was a door that once Liana had unlocked it led into their room.

The room itself was quite cozy, a warm fur carpet stretched over the ground, in the corner of the room they could even spot a small table with two chairs and further to the opposing side was a small corridor leading into what would later be revealed to be a bathroom.

However, there was one detail in particular that the Eisenberg noticed instantly, and that was that there was only one bed! A massive queen-sized bed awaited the two of them, including a warm blanket and soft pillows, yet for once the Eisenberg decided to show a bit more courtesy and addressed Liana with a soft tone. "It seems they have only one bed... want me to ask for us to get another room?"

Yet a fidget later and a little blush following along the girl stated with an embarrassed smile upon her lips. "But I would enjoy sleeping by your side..."


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Liana was rather impressed by the looks of their room. She didn't expect anything too cozy-looking, but there it was. A table and chairs for both, a bathroom and then at the end, something which also surprised the girl. There was the choice Esperia suggested, of them asking to change rooms, though then there could be the chance of them finding something less good-looking.

At her friend's following words, the young Sylvaine allows a few light giggles to escape her parted lips, turning around to face her whilst she closed the door. Her hands lower down to take the Eisenberg's own, not in a romantic manner, but more so in a friendly manner, a hold between mere friends, if not best friends. Liana obviously noticed the blush rounding Esperia's cheeks, though, since they were both alone, she didn't think it would be much of a bother.

With those dark grayish orbs of hers fixated on the other's crimson own, she speaks in a soft tone, all the while sporting the usual kind smile.

"No need to ask for another, silly. We can stay in this one. If you're happy with sleeping by my side, then I don't mind."

And after that was said and Esperia most likely gave a response, with those hands still grasping those of her friend, the young Sylvaine would suddenly pull her along towards the bed, leaping and hoping to land on it, lying with her side down onto its covers, facing the female Eisenberg.

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Esperia V. Eisenberg

When Liana expressed being comfortable with sharing a bed Esperia smiled happily, yet before anything could be said or done she was tugged along to the bed, the playful motion of Liana causing the girl to collapse onto the bed sheets, a chuckle escaping her lips while she looked at Liana who had just asked an amusing question. “Not yet~” The girl hummed playfully as she pulled herself closer to Liana, arms wrapping around the girl’s upper-body while her face nuzzled against the soft chest of the girl, a happy sigh escaping her lips. NOW I’m comfortable~” she exclaimed with a grin as she continued nuzzling against Liana.

“Do you know Lia~ When I’m around you it’s kind of like there is another sun near me. It’s a pleasant warmth that makes me feel comfortable and happy. That’s why you’re my sunflower~ the one place I feel happiest and most comfortable at, and will always return to~”

A giggle followed as she closed her eyes. Back when she had first lost her family she genuinely thought revenge was the only thing she could live for, but now after being reunited with Liana? She wasn’t so sure about that anymore. Perhaps she had found a different reason, a more gentle and warm reason for living, even if it was an embarrassing reason that she wouldn’t be as likely to voice out loud!

But still, she did feel incredibly grateful for that pleasant warmth that Liana's presence brought, a warmth she hoped that she would continue being able to bask in forever...


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"Geez, Esperia. Don't start getting addicted to that."

Liana commented towards the whole nuzzling against her chest, smiling even if she at first appeared a bit bothered by such motion. Instead, her own arms end up wrapping themselves around the back of the other girl's neck, hands lifting up a tad to gently caress the long black hair of the Eisenberg whilst she happily gazed down at her.

"Though, I must admit. You look even more adorable when doing that. Your body may have matured a little, but you still have that cute, baby face from five years ago."

The girl stated, afterwards listening to what her friend had to tell her next, that smile of hers just stretching out even more towards such words. In return to how well they were received, the young Sylvaine would carefully push Esperia's face further against her bust, pleasantly closing her eyes for that moment.

"And I will always have my arms open for you, I will always shine your way and I will always give you all the hope I can. With me, you are safe. Because I'm willing to protect you against anyone and anything."

A few light giggles escape her parted lips at that, the girl opening her eyes momentarily, her own face lowering down whilst she aimed to plant a light kiss against the top of Esperia's head.

"If I am your sunflower, then you are my little golden rose."

Eventually, a few more seconds after that was said, she slowly pulled Esperia's face away, if allowed, before proceeding to stand from the bed and turn around to look down at her friend, both hands over her hips.

A slight tilt of her head is made, and with a joyous smile visible across her features, she asks.

"Anyway. Want to go eat something?"
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Esperia V. Eisenberg

"But it's so soft and comfortable~"

The girl purred playfully, raising her hands to give her best friend's bust a little squeeze as if she was fluffing a pair of pillows to snuggle further into. It was really odd, but for Esperia there was something really soothing about what she was doing right now. Yet the words that followed coaxed a little giggle out of the girl, looking up at Liana while tilting her head to the side in confusion. "A cute baby face? And here I thought my face was the only mature thing about me... hmphf~"

A chuckle followed as she was gently pressed further against Liana's bust, the words that followed making her cheeks flush up lightly. To be reassured so confidently, and that Liana would always be there for her was a heartwarming feeling, especially knowing that she wasn't alone in this often cold and dark world. Yet part of her wanted to tell the girl she wanted to be the one doing the protecting, even if she was a clumsy person in some ways. The little smooch on her head, however, made her blush intensify and instead a bashful 'hehe~' escaped her lips.

"A golden rose? But that would suggest I'm thorny, but I'm as smooth as can be, 'everywhere'~ Wanna confirm?" a mischievous giggle escaped her lips as she sat upright at Liana's invitation, nodding her head happily. "Let's go and grab something to eat!"


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A light, playful little slap would be delivered by Liana, landing on the Eisenberg's nearest arm in case she didn't try to avoid it. Of course, it barely hurt, if it even was enough strength to harm someone. At most, it tickled. And the girl even smiled as she did so, showing it was only a move made due to their friendship and knowing the kind of personality her friend possesses. Obviously, this was done during the last comment made before Esperia showed her interest for them to go eat outside. At that point, Liana had already stood up.

"Always a pervert little one, you are."

She scolds in another playful tone, now turning her back to the other female and beginning to make her way to the door after grabbing any belongings necessary to be taken outside, like the key to their room.

"Do you know any good places to eat? I'm sure you know the town much better than I do. And where the food is great for both of us."

The late teenager said that as if she already knew what Esperia liked or as if the latter knew what the young Sylvaine herself liked. It was something they had never shared to each other, not even five years ago. And even if they had done such, people change, especially children, where they either start liking less things or start liking more things.

Though, this was another good time for them to find out more about each other. From now on, it was time for them to cherish every moment together and save them in their memories so they may be told to the later generations.

Finally, they have reunited.

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Esperia V. Eisenberg

Raising a hand to her cheek Esperia seemed to ponder the question for a moment. "Hmm~" While she knew a few places she wasn't exactly sure which one would be the most suited, but perhaps she had a perfect solution to that, one that would fit with her companion perfectly.

"mhmm~ Being adorably perverted is part of my charm, right?"

A little giggle escaped her lips as she felt the playful slap on her arm, yet as she rose onto her feet and playfully tried to hook an arm around Liana's own, giving her a little grin as she continued. "I don't know any, but we can find some together! That's part of the adventure, right?"

A little giggle followed as she led Liana down outside the room, idly musing what type of food they could possibly search for. Considering that this was Baska, a merchant's town there were plenty of options, so perhaps they could find something simple like a tavern, or maybe something more classy like a restaurant? Whatever the case might have been, she was confident that if she searched for it at Liana's side she would find it, both a delicious meal and an adventure to find it!

But for now she would merely bask in the feeling of joy at their reunion, the more difficult thoughts could wait till another day. Now it was time to hunt for food!


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