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Dahlia to Orchidia [Foot Travel]

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Dahlia to Orchidia [Foot Travel]  Empty on Sun Oct 29, 2017 10:58 pm

As she had awoke, Yasuki felt a strange feeling around here like something had changed. She looked around the room and found her companion, Vaporeon, still asleep. She wasn't sure of what day it was, nor was she sure of where she was for certain. But it felt right for her to travel to places she has been in a way of tracking her steps. "Nami, I... I feel different." she hesitated to say as she woke up her companion. Yasuki walked over towards a window of the hotel room and through the glass she saw her reflection before taking one step back and a second look. Quite confused, she could remember a dream that she had during the night, a dream that felt so real it was as if it was happening to her in real life. After turning away from the window and looking at Vaporeon, she spoke "I think I... dreamed of this change, my hair is so blue and so are my eyes... So much more brighter than the black hair and red ruby-like eye combination that was." she said hesitantly. There was no known reason of the change, but she noticed her ears came to a defined point. Even her clothes were more colorful and revealing then her once school-like attire. "I know, I need to find Arisa!" she said in a quick manner, "Maybe she knows what happened...or maybe it was from after the hide and seek game we played." Whatever it was, something told Yasuki to travel away from here and to other places.

After packing up her things and leaving the hotel room with Vaporeon by her side, she walked down the what seemed to be endless hallway towards the front door of the hotel. At the front desk she turned to look for the familiar face that she saw when arriving but couldn't see anyone. The only person she saw in the hotel lobby was someone that appeared to be a janitor that was asleep on one of the sofas in the lobby. "Well, Nami, are you ready for more traveling?" she asked as the two of them exited the hotel. "We're going to a town I've been to before, and maybe there can I get a answer for.... well this." she finishing speaking as she gestured towards herself.

As Yasuki and her companion walked, she couldn't help but take note of the nature around. The beauty of the trees and well everything. Before she knew she saw a sign that read 'Orchidia.' "Well we're here." she said taking in a deep sigh.


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