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Stop the Rock [Travel: Foot - Dahlia]

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Stop the Rock [Travel: Foot - Dahlia] Empty Sun Oct 29, 2017 4:20 pm




After finally having arrived in Dahlia, Noel didn't hold back his horses. The first convenient store he hit up while making his way out of the train station he got a few supplies to ease his journey to Dahlia. He could tell that the questions he had about Dahlia, that he asked here, where either misdirected or weren't truthfully replied to. Exactly what kind of town was this? So much mystery surrounding one place, Noel couldn't let it be, he had to chase this mystery. That's all he ever did in life, chasing mystery after mystery.

When he headed out of Magnolia, he noticed the air getting tenser. Colder as well. It gave him a feeling of uneasiness. Which ironically directed itself into giving him a feeling of home. He couldn't quite say what it was. The people that moved out of Dahlia looked beaten up, like they came there for treasure, or some kind of glory -- but all returned back to Magnolia with a major frown. These people were beaten by the machinations of evil. It elevated Noels spirit a little. He stopped in his tracks, moving his hand over to his greatsword -- firmly grasping its hilt and pulling it out of it's flimsy cover. This was the way he continued following the road to Dahlia, with weapon at hand, and his guard raised.


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