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Fantastic Fabrics and Where to Find Them [Urion | Quest]

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Fantastic Fabrics and Where to Find Them [Urion | Quest] Empty Sun Oct 29, 2017 2:53 pm

Arriving in from Oak Town, the Blue Pegasus mage wondered where would he be able to acquire a new mission to start making a name for himself. Urion took a deep breath before inquiring on where he could find the local mission board of the town. Surely, a location such as Baska Town was brimming with adventurers and mages from all over the world, or at least in West Fiore. There was a lot to be done in such a short time because Urion wanted to head already to the next town to find other members of his guild. As these thoughts raced through his head, including some that lingered to his past, he stumbled upon the mission board for the town, and found several missions suited for a Light Guild member. Seeing as this was the time to get started on making his next moves, Urion started searching.

A bright pink flyer stuck out over the rest, something that Urion could not easily ignore out of its flamboyant nature. The Blue Pegasus mage gave the flyer a good read down before taking it up as his next assignment. It was signed, in a very stylish and bashful way, by a man named Fernando. Finding his boutique was not any more difficult than it was to notice the fashion designer's advertisement poster. The shop was quaint, but very high-fashioned, even in design. The proprietor and the man himself, Fernando, stood outside and spotted Urion holding the pink flyer. When Urion approached the man, he was invited into the store to discuss exactly what was going to be done for the day.

"Ah yes, glad to see you. My name as you may already know is Fernando Milano, and this is my lovely establishment."

"I can tell. What exactly are you in need of service today, Fernando?" The shop owner could not smile any bigger and disclosed what was to him the biggest sale of the known world and of the history of all existence. He pulled out a massive catalog book containing various fabrics which looked a bit too expensive to be of much real use. He pointed to several as he began speaking again.

"These fabrics are some of the most well sought after fabrics this side of Fiore, and I MUST get my hands on them. But alas, I need to be here to make sure sales are going well with the store. So...."

"Urion, sir."

"Ah yes yes, Urion. Be a good sport and search the town's shops for the fabrics I showcased to you. I'll give you some money to go fetch them, nothing too grandiose." Fernando picked up a couple million jewels from his counter and handed them to Urion. Cold. Hard. Cash. Urion did not expect this guy, in a place like Baska Town, to be so loaded with money. Nonetheless, it was not in the Blue Pegasus mage's place to question such a man, a total stranger, on how he really acquired such a large amount of Jewels. Without another word, Urion sought to find the oh-so-needed fabrics for Fernando in the local shops, which would not take too long considering they were all clumped together. It did not take too long to discover a flea market containing a vast array of designer fabrics, rare fabrics, and foreign fabrics. Some of which were fashioned out of items not even Urion could possibly imagine existing. Many fabrics were reported to have been fashioned from the underbelly scales of dragons, even though no one had ever seen a living dragon in several centuries to date. Some were reported to be fashioned out of pure mana and woven into delicate fabrics. Many others boasted being impervious to even the fires of Hell itself.

As "tempting" as those sounded, Urion had a feeling that Fernando would not be so amused to have his money wasted on squandering and foolish attempts by poor peddlers to swindle money. Fernando wanted real, authentic fabrics and Urion so happened to stumble upon a vendor that possessed most of the fabrics he was aiming to purchase. Urion approached the vendor cautiously and began to bargain for the fabrics, even though with the amount of Jewels on hand Urion could have easily bought out the entire vendor seven times over if need be. Fernando would want all the fabrics bought to be purchased in a specific amount, so Urion got to doing just that. He managed to secure all the of the fabrics Fernando requested, with relative ease in part to the absurd amount of Jewels the Blue Pegasus mage was handed to secure the fabrics.

They had to be folded in a specific fashion so that they would not be ruined by the time Urion made his way back to the fashion shop where Fernando was currently waiting.It was a slow walk, due to Urion just wanting to see and inspect the town for what it was without rushing on by. He had done a good job keeping his anger in check so far, but the thought of blowing up in anger was lingering. Such a peaceful town reminded Urion of the last relatively peaceful time he resided in, and the reception he received after blowing up. For now, all the Blue Pegasus mage could do was to complete the mission, get his rewards, and go eat some food.

Fernando was relieved to have the fabrics he wanted in such a pristine condition as well as having some Jewels left over to keep peace at heart. Urion was rewarded and he headed on to see what other mission he could undertake.


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