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A Spectator's Chat (Arisa)

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The boos and woos of the many spectators. The fighters of the brave men. This was the prime attraction in Baska, one of the many local tournaments that were held in the town. He was watching the martial arts tournament, and decided not to participate himself since he wasn't that good without his sword, so here he was eating a small bucket of popcorn in the viewer's stand. He would enjoy the fighting between the two guys, the one he wanted to win coming on top. The tournment was almost over, the semi finals starting after a quick intermission. He had 5 minutes. Christian wanted to go refill his popcorn, but first he had to get through the crowd. He tried his best to navigate through all the people while at the same time looking to not bump into anyone by accident, but he had a feeling that knowing he would bump into someone by accident when he thought about the quality of his luck. Either way, he walked through the huge crowd hoping he wouldn't hit somebody by accident, or vice versa. The line to the concession would be long, but he hoped he could get there safely. Little did he know, fate was cruel to him sometimes, and lady luck even more so.

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'Extra Extra! Get your food! Your drinks! Something for your girlfriend! Right here.~' spoke a male carrying a carter full of shit, not literally. Arisa slowly walked down the stone stairs that lead down to her seat. She happily got a fine seat, perfect spot to see the fights. Sadly, she missed most of the fights, but not before the semi-finals. The semi-finals was where she got destroyed by the man who became the person she had affection towards. Her violet hair was pulled back in a pony with a pin of a pink flower on the right side of her head, connected to a pin clipping her hair.

Soon enough she saw her seat, a man sitting next to that area where she was guided to. The one guiding her left and sat on his own seat with her sitting alone with this brown haired stranger. Something as interesting about him, looking different than other humans. He didn't have a dark aura though like those that are vampires, lycans and whatever else was out there. ''Pardon me.'' she spoke sweetly with a motherly, goddess-like smile from her full lips. Her body turned a little to sit comfortably. Before sitting down she patted down her purple kimono with her hands to flatten the fabric down while sitting. Her eyes of golden cornered to look at this brown haired fellow. ''So what have I missed? Or did you just get here too?'' she questioned the stranger.
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Christian managed to make it back with a bucket of popcorn, just barely surviving the herd of people that all wanted the same thing. The popcorn wasn't even that good, now that he thought about it... oh well, it worked when you were just watching something he supposed. Christian took a pinch of his popcorn, when suddenly a girl sat beside him. She was very pretty, had a motherly like smile, and a very nice voice... Christian gulped. He shook his head to himself slightly, stopping himself from thinking anything about the girl. Last time this happened, he ended up getting bit in the neck and drained of his blood.

Christian would notice the woman was asking questions, and while he certainly wasn't going to fall for the same thing that happened last time, and was careful of who he trusted, he supposed she was just a person asking a question. He quickly relaxed himself, before briefly talking in his soft voice as he usually did nowadays, starting to want to break his habit of not speaking. He found if he did that, life would eventually become just a little bit easier for him. Besides, it wasn't like had to speak a lot or anything...

"Cera just lost, it's Pierre, Fieri, Ethan and Punisher left." he said, Punisher being the odd name of the bunch. He seemed to just be a man who liked to put a mask on and roleplay as if he was a superhero. It was slightly entertaining, at the very least... though he'd imagine by the end of the next round it may get old pretty quick. Not to mention, all the potential bragging he would do if he won... some people just took their cosplaying too far.

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Her hands rested on her soft yet muscular thighs, watching the next battle that was about to start. Her eyes were golden like the sun put in a see-through orb split up into two. Her full lips replied with a smile towards the young man and giggled sweetly. Some just lost and now it was some others, one specifically having a weird name. She scoffed softly and looked forward, glaring. ''This is nothing compared to last Winter's Tournament. Saddening it is...'' she started, nodded once and tilted her head towards the boy with her eyes following to gaze at him. ''That tournament had no ridiculous cosplay nor silly names. Punisher... please. He's probably weaker than a random drunk man at a bar.'' she spoke.

She wasn't being cocky herself, no, she wasn't strong compared to a lot of people she knew. Her eyes moved to look forward now as the fight started. The only humorous thing that probably ever happened in that last battle was simple flirting while fighting or/and when her opponent stripped off his robe. 'Still can't believe how our fates entwined.' she thought when it came to him. This boy was an interesting 'human' or at least he was not a 'dark race'. He had no dark aura so he was clear. Her motherly smile from her goddess lips appeared, eyes closed for a second. ''Is this your first time watching the tournament? Excuse me if I'm asking too much.'' she politely spoke. 'Asking too much, bah... Woman please.' spoke the dark voice in her head. She ignored it as she tends to ignore a lot of things about herself.
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Christian couldn't help but wonder about the winter tournament that the woman was talking about. It seemed he missed a pretty big one, while this one was more of a local tournament of people in the area. He smiled towards the woman awkwardly, as he would watch the match go on. He couldn't help but wonder about this other tournament that she was talking about, what was it like? It was an interesting thing to imagine in his head. Christian himself had liked these since he was a child, but hadn't been to one for years ever since he moved away to become a professional chef.

Christian shook his head at the woman's question, chuckling a bit when she asked if she was asking too much. He thought a little bit about if he should speak or not, but decided that he would try to do it to improve on speaking, as it would help a lot especially in a kitchen when orders would need to be given. "I saw many when I was little." He said, as he would notice that the Punisher had won his match, advancing to the finals. The next match would be between Fieri and Ethan. He was rooting for Fieri, honestly. Christian looked back to the woman, speaking once more, even if it meant he had to force himself out of his comfort zone to improve himself. "Can you tell me more about this other tournament?

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Arisa listened to him question about the last Tournament that happened. She was even in it in which case was there a point to bring herself up? Sadly, she didn't know much about the other fights besides the last round in which it was Maarschalk Vs Finn, the one from Blue Pegasus. Her eyes gazed forward at the boring typical fighting styles they were playing out.

''Well, the last one was more exciting and had different exotic fighting styles. Some were funny yet strong, some were just plan out strong. The first round I was in, sadly the guy got disqualified...for some reason. My second round was interesting, funny perhaps even. He was polite, gentle, but he had some flirty jokes too as he faught against me. The semi-finals was weird to me. He was absolutely strong, but he engaged the battle quite differently than anyone else I have seen. Can you imagine? Seeing some tall bulk guy, running at you naked after taking off his robes?'' she started to speak more than she was use to, but she giggled cutely and cocked her head to look at the boy.

''I obviously didn't make it to the finals, but that guy, he won the finals afterwards.'' she finally spoke. Slowly she looked forward, got up and dusted off her kimono. ''Well, at least I enjoyed our small chat and your company. Someday we'll do this again perhaps.'' she spoke once more, starting to walk up the stairs to leave. ''Bye now.~'' Arisa lastly spoke before leaving.



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After listening to all of what the woman said, he waved goodbye and thought about what he just heard. So, the other tournaments were of a completely different Caliber, huh? Well, he supposed he'd watch through this one anyways, though he would like to see the other one someday. That being said though, a problem arose as Christian sat and watched. He didn't really find it all that entertaining now... after learning of the one the woman spoke about, he just couldn't find much joy in watching this one, even if it was a childhood thing. He wanted to make it to the finals, but near the end he just got bored and decided to leave. In the end, Fieri won, and it turned out the Punisher was mostly talk. After all, why else would he wear such a silly mask and do all that roleplaying on stage? If he was a real fighter, he wouldn't need all of those gimmicks. He would just want to win. Christian left the arena that day, and vowed that one day he would enter, or even watch one of the tournaments that took place in the town of Baska that were huge like the woman said. He hoped to see the day when he could experience that.


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