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♡ BASKA - FANTASTIC FABRICS [Sayaka/Solo] ♡  Empty Sun Oct 29, 2017 1:32 pm

♡ BASKA - FANTASTIC FABRICS [Sayaka/Solo] ♡  Sak210

Sayaka was awoken by the lovely chirping of the bird couple, who created a nest beside her window. Her aquamarine eyes glittered on the reflection of the window. She yawned and stretched her arms, smiling at the loving bird couple when she opened her windows, to allow some fresh air enter the room. "Good morning to you guys too!" She giggled at the adorable pair. Life is truly beautiful, mother nature is truly the finest artist of all, she pondered as she admired nature's creations in awe. The small details in life really becomes much more meaningful if you have a romantic outlook on life, such as Sayaka.

Sayaka was on a mission, to search for Elena, the gifted prodigy of her tribe. She had traveled with a fellow friend, Esperia, however they were accidentally separated along the way to Baska. I wonder if Esperia is safe, she furrowed her eyebrows, and sighed. Not only did she had to find Elena, she also have to find Esperia now. Still, she did not allow her tedious chores affect her cheerful, optimistic attitude. After she was finished dressing up, and tidying up her hair, she decided it was time for breakfast. After all, today was going to be a big day, and breakfast is the most important meal of a day.

She thanked the hostess that lead her to her one party table. "Just a glass of iced water please, she responded as, when the waiter asked her if she wanted anything to drink, to start off her meal. Flipping to the second page of the menu, she noticed that they offered french toast, and immediately decided that she would have  exactly that for breakfast today. She clapped her hands and thanked the waiter when her food arrived. She gently pour the maple syrup over the french toast. Her nostrils flared, inhaling the sweet aroma of the delicious french toast, soaked in sugary syrup. Cutting a small corner, she took a bite, and giggled at the saccharine flavour of her breakfast. "The food is splendid, maam!" She complimented the waiter who took her order. After paying for her meal, she decided to head out and to start looking for Esperia.

She looked at her guild symbol tattooed on the surface of her right hand, the colour of the guild logo was a baby pink - Sayaka's favourite colour. Since Esperia was nowhere to be found, Sayaka decided that she might as well be doing some quests for clients, the larger her network, the easier it is to find someone after all, she thought. She hummed to herself as she skipped to the location of the request board. The board was full of missions located in Baska, she looked around and found an interesting request - to find the specified rare fabric for the client, and bring it to them. Sayaka had never made anything from fabric before, however, she was rather interested in clothing herself. She decided that she would accept this request to help the client find their fabric needed.


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♡ BASKA - FANTASTIC FABRICS [Sayaka/Solo] ♡  Empty Sun Oct 29, 2017 3:40 pm

She peered into the window of the boutique, to find many dresses with intricate designs. Elena looked at her pink flier, to make sure that she was in the right location before knocking briefly knocking on the door. "Yes love, how can I help you?" A man said, as he peeked out of his door. He had purple hair done up, and had a fox fur scarf wrapped around his tanned neck.

Fernando explained to Sayaka that he is currently designing a new fashion line. He wants to make beautiful, flamboyant and bright clothes for his collection and is need of assistance from a mage, to help with finding the best and rarest fabric that there is. He also warned her that, while there are a number of stores and places in Baska that sell rare fabrics, but she would need to bargain a lot in order to get them. Fernando said doesn’t have time for that, so he is sending you in his place instead. Sayaka agreed to elp him, and Fernando proceeded to show Sayaka around his boutique, to give her a few examples of what kind of fabric, he is looking for. As Sayaka would be searching for this fabric on her own without his help, due to him being busy with work from his elegant boutique.

Sayaka travelled to the market place, in search of the fabrics Fernando has requested. It was rather busy, filled with elders, and mothers grocery shopping with their children. She noticed a child crying, because her mother had rejected his plead for some candy. Sayaka's sympathetic nature took over her, and she responded by offering to purchase the candy for the toddler instead, to which the mother thanked her graciously for. She smiled at the child as he happily munched on the candy, and walked away holding his mother's hand. After visiting the nearby local fabric stores, she had no luck so she decided to pay the infamous flea market a visit, in hopes of finding the rare fabric requested by the client. The flea market is famous for the trading, merchants that travel from all around the world. There must be some  rare and beautiful fabric here! Sayaka assured herself, that she would be able to complete the quest. Fernando had provided Sayaka with a plentiful amount of money, a amount way more than she actually needed but it does not hurt to be cautious. Better safe, than sorry. Sayaka had purchased a lot of different fabrics from different travelling merchants, and she was sure that Fernando would be pleased with her taste of choosing exquisite designs of fabric. She carefully folded each fabric, to make sure that it would not crease a long her way back to Fernando's gorgeous boutique. She secured them each in plastic bags, so that no dirt would damage the expensive, exotic fabrics. After her mission of finding rare fabrics was accomplished, she had some free time remaining, and decided to look around at other foreign goods. When she was finally done, she returned to Fernando's boutique, and was praised for her taste and rewarded.


♡ BASKA - FANTASTIC FABRICS [Sayaka/Solo] ♡  Sak210

♡ BASKA - FANTASTIC FABRICS [Sayaka/Solo] ♡  End11

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