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Magnolia to Baska [Train Travel/Laito]

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Magnolia to Baska [Train Travel/Laito] Empty Sun Oct 29, 2017 10:20 am

Laito bought his ticket and boarded the train which was far larger than anything he had traveled in before now. On top of that, it was decorated in nice colors and seats, the train was magical in a way. Laito had to smile at the thing, his yes traveling the length of the automobile. He walked to a chair, and yawned until he was sitting behind an elderly couple. They were reading a news article, and it looked like the same old same old. People stilled rattled by the death of Blue Pegasus' guild master.

Laito had never met the guy, so his attention wasn't really occupied on the subject. Instead his mind wandered off to whom did it. Eve though the paper said it was natural causes. Laito knew that was bullshit, a guild master doesn't just died of natural causes. That was obvious, so then... How could he make them regret their sins of murder? It was always like this to him. Constantly, what arose from the pits of his brains. Was not the sad parts. Just... The vengeful? It was hilarious! He had no ties to the Blue guild, nor to their master, and yet he wished to bring pain on the one's to blame for another's death.

Maybe Laito was just crazy in an odd way.

Demented or something.

He didn't felt indifferent really, he just had a core in him. One you'd not necessarily see in a boy his age. There wasn't any qualms with hurting bad guys, in fact, he often found himself thinking too hard on what he could do to them to make up for the hurt that these families had been dealt. Killing one man, could hurt fifty people connected to him. Surely you have to know, with all crime comes an answered jurisdiction. A judgement. The line between right an wrong isn't some jump rope. That's what makes bad guys so sick. They do whatever they want carelessly.

Laito stared out the window. His eyes were growing heavy. Perhaps he'd nap, and then when he awoke he'd be in Baska? The young man slept, and slept, and slept. When his eyes opened that morning the man who had take his ticket before, told him they were half an hour from their destination. Laito cupped his bag, and rubbed his eyes. Time to get off.


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