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Baska to Oak (Foot Travel)

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Baska to Oak (Foot Travel) Empty Sun Oct 29, 2017 10:20 am

This was it. The heart in Geb beat as he began to walk from Oak. He had relaxed in Baska for a few hours and had some pizza there, which was pretty good, though not quite great just yet. He thought the cheese and the distribution of said cheese could use a little bit of work. Sauce and crust were excellent, though.

Geb walked down the path to Oak, hands in his pockets as he wondered about what the gallery had been going like. It had been so long since he had been to Oak. When he thought about this, Geb would also think about all the places his journey had taken him so far. A lot of places to be frank, and he was happy he was able to go to all of them. He was a truly blessed individual to get to see all of the sights that he was able to see. And so he continued on the path to Oak, eventually getting to the town. As he entered the gates, only one thought entered his mind. He wanted to get to the Gallery as fast as he could. It was getting late, so it would most likely be closed. Here goes.

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Baska to Oak (Foot Travel) BORZAPv

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