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Fantastic Fabrics [Solo Mission | Esperia]

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Sometimes all a person needed to feel better after a horrible event was time, companionship and a distraction. For the young Esperia this were some essential things she needed in her life. With the way things happened last night she was still quite horrified about the fact she had murdered someone, but fortunately for her she wasn't alone. A gentle rub came at the side of her leg, making Esperia look down to see the little Growlithe at her feet. It was Agni, the Growlithe that had once belonged to Elma and had now chosen to accompany her at Elma's final wish.

"Don't worry Agni~ I'm fine." Smiling briefly at her companion Esperia turned her gaze from the dog back toward the bulletin board that was strapped to the limit with fliers and requests. One request in particular drawn her attention: it was a stylish and rather pretty pink flier that asked for someone to help with some important shopping.

Gently pulling the flier from the bulletin board Esperia started to make her way toward the store mentioned on the paper, her gaze drifting around while finding her curiosity stirred at all the stores that were located in the area.

After a short walk, she arrived at the boutique the flier belonged to, and yet little had prepared her for the enthusiastic greeting from the owner of the story.

"Ohohohoho~ hello young lady! Have you come here for a new dress?" Fernando smiled brightly at her, yet his smile only brightened even further when she lifted her hands to show the flier she had brought along.

"Gracious me~ Are you the little angel send from above to help me with my new fashion line? Perfect, FABULOUS even~"

The man ushered her inside the store while she explained she had indeed come to offer her help with whatever issue he had been facing. "I see~ I see~ Well, I'm truly glad you are paying me a visit young lady! You see, there are several very rare and exclusive fabrics I require, but there is a big problem..."

The mentioning of a problem made Esperia tilt her head to the side in confusion, seemingly somewhat curious at the mentioning of a problem.

"The merchants that possess the goods I need are traveling merchants who are currently at the yearly market, and due to the rarity of the fabric, they will likely be asking a lot... I don't have the time to haggle and bargain, so I need someone smart like you to handle the purchases for me."

That seemed like a surprisingly simple assignment... so she simply needed to visit the merchants at the market and bargain with them? She might not have been a merchant's daughter, but she was sure she would be able to accomplish this mission!

"Leave it to me~" The girl's exclamation made the man nod in approval while handing her a rather large and heavy purse. "What I need are the Elestia Fabrics, you'll recognize them by their light blue color and silken-like touch."

And with that the girl darted off toward the market, ready to start her work!


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It didn't take long for Esperia to reach the marketplace alongside Agni, the little Growlithe pup chasing after her while wagging his tail with a hint of clear excitement. If there was one thing to tell about the yearly flea market, then it was that it made Baska truly swell in popularity, and that was no exaggeration! The town became incredibly lively and people all over the world came to visit the grand marketplace in search for the incredibly rare stuff that merchants sold here.

If she was, to be honest, Esperia truly had to hold back the urge to not go onto a shopping spree herself, especially after she passed a couple of vendors selling weaponry, especially the guns making her let out a little sigh at the awareness of how small her own purse was. However, she would soon be able to change this! In the end, the request she was helping with would pay her for her efforts, and so Esperia reached the area the merchants she needed to visit were at. She could hear from her spot how one of the men was talking that they would need to sell their stuff soon, lest they'd have to take their fabrics with them to their next destination: South Fiore!

This was a very important detail for the young lady, and one she intended to use at all costs. "Greetings sir~ I believe I saw some Elestia fabric among your wares?"

The merchant perched up in excitement at the sound of her voice, a trademark merchant's smile emerging upon his lips while he replied in return. "I do miss~ I do~ Fabric woven by the tailors of the Elestia tribe themselves! Authentic! Of course, it's also the reason why it's such a sought-after item."

A glance at the fabric confirmed it was the real deal, in the end, she had seen the tailors weaving it in person in the past before, so after a moment she asked in a soft tone. "How much would it cost to buy them?"

The merchant was quick to reply "One hundred thousand jewels a piece." That... was a high price, but she did understand the exclusivity of the fabric and knew Fernando was counting on her! so she hummed softly.

"If you were to be unable to sell them at this market you would be required to travel to another region... Elestia silk doesn't deal well with temperature changes unless highly expensive treatment is provided during the creating of clothes."

She paused for a moment, raising a hand to her cheek while the merchant's eyes widened in disbelief. "Y-You sound like an expert..." The girl merely smiled innocently as she explained. "I lived with the Elestia tribe for several years, but back onto the subject: How about a twenty-five percent discount for your whole supply? Considering the silk will worsen by the time you reach another market it's still a full twenty-five percent profit you'd have over having to sell the damaged silk."

The man raised a hand to his cheek, stroking it lightly while humming softly. "You're driving a hard bargain here young lady..." But Esperia was still not done with her attempt. "I'll add in a bonus~"

Agni had taken a seat beside her, looking at the man with a pair of adorable puppy eyes while the girl exclaimed cheerfully. "I'll offer you a smile as a bonus~"

The man laughed softly as he extended a hand toward her. "It's a deal!" and in response, Esperia smiled at the man and shook his hand. "It was a pleasure doing business with you!"

It didn't take long for Esperia to deliver the box of silk back to the boutique Fernando owned, his surprise at finding her return with so many fabric yet retain a fair amount of the funds she had been given.

"Gracious me, how in the world did you buy them that cheaply?" Esperia soon started to explain everything that had transpired, leading to a job well-done, an honest man able to continue his ambitions and her having fulfilled a good job for the day!

522+685=1207/1000 WC

[Job done~]

Fantastic Fabrics [Solo Mission | Esperia]    MHKs2Uu

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