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Road Less Traveled - Oak Town to Baska Town [Foot Travel]

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Road Less Traveled - Oak Town to Baska Town [Foot Travel] Empty Sat Oct 28, 2017 11:39 pm

Urion had seen all of what he would ever want to see in the town of Oak. He had not only been able to witness the construction of beacons for the town, but he also experienced the ill fate of those persons who happened to wander on the ill-fortuned side of chance and succession. The dead guard was not so much troubling than it was perplexing. Whatever, or whomever, decided that that guard, in particular, would not be able to see the light of day ever again was a mystery. Urion decided as he packed his traveling back that, maybe it would not be best to question whether that was truly ethical or not. Assisting Lord Servas of House Phantasm was another interesting plight that Urion did not think he would forget for the forseeable future. Of all people to show emotion, Lord Servas was not one of the people Urion imagined. However, it showed that the nobleman had some integrity and emotion to him, despite his current position as monarch. Urion looked at the gates of Oak Town and took another short glance at his map towards Baska Town. It was the nearest establishment and it would also seem that there would be more Light Guild friendly mission to partake in. All he had to do now was travel.

[Exit to Baska Town]

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