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Medicare [Job Snowflake]

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#1Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was following a trail through the forest as he had found a wounded deer on his morning walk. He wanted to help it and get it cured so it would survive the day and be able to keep living. Especially because the deer’s in this area were dying out. The hunters of Baska were overhunting and it was bad for the eco system. Since that Snowflake and him were going to stay here for a while to do jobs he could try and save the ecosystem during his free time. Elisa was walking beside him and finding the shortest path for Chelvaric. It didn’t take long to find the deer and Chelvaric crotched down to bandage the animal and treat its wounds. He stroked it’s neck so it would stay calm and threw some salt in the wounds to clean them. He then made Leafeon heal the smaller wounds on the deer’s body and to put it asleep. Leafeon made spores fall around its nose and not much later it would sleep tightly. He closed the wounds with thread and needle and then bandaged them. the Deerling would be okay. He should go back now and find Snowy for the job they were going to do.


Medicare [Job Snowflake] HVEbuMl

#2Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

On one of the roofs of a random building in Baska Town was a young girl with snow white hair, gazing down at the people beneath her, observing each and every part of their movements. It was a habit of hers to study humans closely, how they act and what they do in different situations – a method that she used to teach herself to improve her communication skills. She would take note of how people would smile upon greeting each other, some hugging their familiar due to their intimacy but none of those were comfortable for her since she was very awkward with both genders – until she met Chelvaric. Being with him, Snowflake was able to learn a lot of things from him, including ways to enhance her dull interpersonal skills and so far, she’s been doing much better than before.

A soundless sigh slipped from her lips; not out of exhaustion but of relief and content after enjoying the sight as she leaped off the roof, her body falling aimlessly from quite the height, her clothes flipping around her furiously. People nearby yelped out of surprise at her stunt but she simply ignored them, after making sure that none was injured. Recalling a few hours ago, she had promised to meet her paramour at a café nearby and her eyes would glance around the area.

”I think it’s this one.”

Her eyes landed on the building right across her, decorated in a quite feminine way – pink and flowers with all the cute accessories – as she started to walk towards the building. The soft bell rang above her head when she opened the door and stepped foot inside. After spotting a vacant seat, she’d sit herself down while she waited for Chelvaric.


#3Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
He was walking through the town and looking at everyone who was walking past him as they were still quite surprised that an elf was walking through the town, he hoped they would quickly get used to it as he doesn’t want to be the center of attention all the time as it wasn’t really something he liked to be. He rather is the invisible person who everyone ignored so he could be in peace and not care too much about the people around him. He came to the place that Snowflake had mentioned when she asked him to come over. He didn’t like the outside of the place too much as it was really pink and decorated with all small kind of stuff like handbags and the like.

He walked inside and walked up to Snowy as he gave her a deep kiss on her full lips before he sat down on his bench. “I had a busy morning snowy, so what is the reason you called me over today? Did you get another job for us to do?”, he asked of her and smiled as her hair was falling perfectly again and she looked so beautiful with her tender skin.


Medicare [Job Snowflake] HVEbuMl

#4Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

The aroma of coffee and bread wafted into her nose as the waitress approached her with the tray of her order; croissants with ham and cheese and a cup of hot cappuccino. Since she hadn’t eaten anything in the morning, this might as well be her breakfast for the day. The female blew the fumes rising from the cup and raised the cup to her lips, gently touching the liquid against the mouth and once she assured herself that the coffee wasn’t too hot – she took a sip for herself and savoured the bitter yet, sweet taste of coffee on her mouth. For someone who didn’t like a bitter taste nor an extremely sugary taste, cappuccino was the perfect one for her, out of all the coffees that she had tasted. The warmth of the drink spread over her chest and to the rest of her body, soothing her like no other and took a generous bite from her croissants.

Croissants and coffee were a good pair and the bread would easily neutralise the taste of coffee on her tongue, which she loved and allowing her to drink cups of coffee without worrying about its taste. Not long after, the person whom she had been waiting for entered the store and she’d wave in his direction before receiving a passionate kiss on her lips, which she gladly returned. Edging a hand into the pocket of her trench coat, she reached for the paper request that she had collected a few hours ago and pushed it in front of Chelvaric. ”Mhm. Here is the quest. What’d you think?” The woman asked and took another sip of her coffee.


#5Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric took the paper from his paramour as she pressed the job request in front of his nose. He took the paper from the table and read it quickly over. It seemed a fairly standard job, just get the medicine and deliver them at the right locations it shouldn’t take too long to accomplish the job.

Seems like a straightforward job, it’s good that we're doing some intro jobs first I am quite rusty after I received this body

He said to her and he stood up to leave for the hospital where the job was. He would assume that Snow was following him and started walking as Elisa jumped off the table and started to follow him towards the hospital they were going too.

It didn’t take long or they would arrive at the hospital, the building wasn’t much more than a barn that got repurposed to a medical place. The red cross was hanging outside to show that they were a peaceful and medical facility. They entered the place and not much later a doctor came running to him and he asked to take off his shirt and to pee in a cup and after everything was done the doctor said that he was as healthy as a freshly born baby. “We're here for the job doc not for an examination”, Chelvaric said awkwardly.


Medicare [Job Snowflake] HVEbuMl

#6Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

Once Chelvaric confirmed that he would be up for the mission, Snowflake took a final sip of her coffee and stood up from her seat and grabbed her trench coat that laid on the empty seat beside her. Rolling a few jewels over the counter, she paid for the meal that she had eaten and slipped into her jacket. Despite how the weather was starting to grow each day, the white haired mage was wearing a white blouse neatly tucked inside a rather short skirt and black boots – at least, the trench coat could keep her warm – not that she was ever bothered by the cold. After fifteen minutes or so, the Blue Pegasus mages had already arrived at their location which was no more than a hospital barn; which was to be expected in a village.

The doctor gave the two of them an examination and although she was positive that she hadn’t attracted any diseases nor illnesses, she simply just let the doctor do his job while her partner bluntly stated that they were here for the request. ”Oh! You must be the mages!” The old man exclaimed and the tone of his voice was apparent of happiness that they were here. He introduced himself as Gerard and scuttled away behind his desk to store away his medical facilities and returned to them to inform them about the details. Gerard began to explain that the two white bags located by the corner of the room are for his patients but apparently, there was no one to help him with the delivery. It seemed like a pretty easy job, after all.


#7Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric walked with the doctor as he had found out they were the mages he had requested at the request board. He was happy they had shown up as his patients were waiting for the medicine that was in the bags. Chelvaric grabbed the bags from the floor and left to the addresses they had received from the man they weren’t super far but the hospital seemed to be a bit flooded with a lot of patients so they just didn’t have time to get to the delivery.

At least it was a nice nonrainy day so the walk was quite nice he was holding her hand on one side of his body while holding the bags on the other side of his body. It didn’t take long or they would arrive at the first location which was a small family house where a little kid had the measles and they needed the medicine to get rid of it. They were thanked for their services and quickly left for the next house which was in the same street as the first patient. There was an old man who opened the door and quickly grabbed the medicine after which he closed the door. They went back to receive their reward and then went home.

[job finished]

Medicare [Job Snowflake] HVEbuMl

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