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Noble Reconstruction (Solo quest)

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Syliph had almost finished his time in Hargeon, he didn't plan on staying much longer, he'd probably move on to Crocus or something, maybe Era, he didn't know. He had completed most of the quests he could complete as a wizard at his level in Hargeon. Hopefully he'd get stronger as time went on. Syliph decided it was best to explore parts of Hargeon he hadn't seen yet to get a feel for what was going on in the town. Hopefully he'd meet some new people, he had been rather unsocial so far, mostly sticking to completing quests so he could earn some more money. Coming back to reality Syliph noticed that he was no longer in maintown hargeon, he had wondered into a more broken down part of town. entire sides of houses were falling down, doors were missing, it was obvious that natural diasters of all kinds had taken a toll on this part of Hargeon. Syliph wasn't surprised, hargeon was in south fiore so bad storms weren't an unkown part of life here in Hargeon. Syliph looked around, some houses were in total disrepair while others were missing a few windows or bricks here in there, either way it was sad. Up ahead he heard what sounded like building, Syliph would be glad to help, he didn't mind that much. He saw many people near a house rebuilding it, it must have broken down earlier in the year during a storm because it was missing part of wall, and there was a huge hold in the roof where a tree or something must have fallen on it. There was a young teenager directing the entire thing, people were all around him at all times, asking questions about what they should do next every other minute, while the kid seemed a little out of his element, he looked like he had everything running smoothly under his control, Syliph could probably ask him what he could do to help. Upon closer inspection Syliph realized it was none other then Hargeon's own Rein Valystasia running the contruction site, Rein had come to power when his father died unexpectedly, while other members of the
class hadn't accepted him yet because of his young age, many of the people in Hargeon adored Rein Valystasia, he was apparently very dedicated to the upkeeping of Hargeon and everyone that lived there, he was supposedly even better then his father. Walking up SYliph tapped him on the shoulder, "Excuse me, Lord Rein, I was walking by and I saw you were helping with reconstruction there anything I can do to help?" Rein turned around at Syliph's question and looked delighted, "Oh my goodness, you have no idea how great that would be. let me see...there's a dock down the street from here that people working on, can you take those supplies over buy the materials and go help with a dock, they're a little short over there." Syliph nodded and walked away, he headed over to the materials and searched through the pile of materials to find what Lord Valystasia had been talking about. There was a small bucket full of hammers and nails and some water resistant glue labled DOCK. Grabbing the bucket he headed down the way Lord Valystasia had pointed. The destroyed street was emotional torture for Syliph, the broken building reminded him of the remains of his village, luckily this place didn't reek of blood and also didn't have decapitated cows everywhere. Syliph's breath began to speed up, so did his heart rate, suddenly the world began to swirl, Syliph sat down, the world still spinning Syliph closed his eyes. Memories welled up like painful sores.

Syliph sat at his dinner table, innocently swinging his his legs at the dinner table, his younger sister chatting away innocently about what she had done that day in school, his father and mother listening intently. Syliph glanced out the window, nothing seemed odd at first, all he saw were torches, a normal occurence in any town. Suddenly he realized that the torches were being held by unfamiliar angry people. His village was hidden, these were strangers, bad strangers. He remembered screaming at his parents, who tried to get them out the backdoor, but they were caught trying to get out, a illumin member stabbed his mother and father splattering their blood all over him and his sister, he remembered his sister being hit over the head, and him being hit over the head too. Snapping out of his flashback Syliph gasped, tears were streaming down his face. Someone was shaking him, "Are you okay Kid?" Syliph shook his head yes. The guy noticed he had the bucket, "are you coming to help out with the dock?" Syliph nodded again, the guy waved for him to follow. Getting up shakily Syliph followed the man, ready to put away the horrifying backflash behind him.

The work at the docks had been carefree for Syliph, it'd helped him relax and unwind, not having to think of his memories he keeps so deep and locked away, he didn't ask the questions others would ask, he blocked them away and lived his life looking forward, waiting for his chance to be stronger and be able to fight back against all the extremists and their discriminatory ways. After they had finished the dock Syliph walked back to Lord Valystasia, the sun was setting and there wasn't much light left outside anymore, Lord Valystasia looked at Syliph, "Thanks for the help today, one of my workers said you fainted earlier, I hope you feel better, so in honor of helping us I wanted to give you this little reward, it isn't much but please take it, I'm glad someone cares about the people of Hargeon, its a hefty job sometimes and i can't always keep up, its exauhsting." Lord Valystasia dropped the bag of money into his hand, Syliph smiled, "Thank you lord Valystasia." Lord Valystasia responded, "please call me Rein, I much prefer it to lord, I don't like being held above people." Syliph nodded and began to walk away, he already felt better.


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