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Bring me dat bass [Nameless]

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#26Namé Les 

Bring me dat bass [Nameless] - Page 2 Empty Fri Nov 03, 2017 10:31 pm

Namé Les


If her god could tell her, he would. If he could stop her, he would. But he was nothing more than a whisper from time to time. If he watched the entire night unfold, perhaps he'd have thought to allow it. But this night had taken a turn that was highly unexpected.

The two of them were together until her task was complete. At that time, he would be the one to decide if she would remain at his side. She may have been born to the Fuma House, but she was a Manji in her heart. Her loyalty would be as strong as her own life. As such, she would be devoted.
"There's no reason to freeze." she would laugh, her voice began to grow quiet. "Besides I'm kind of afraid of the dark." A nervous laughter would follow and she would rise from her seat.

As he would put out the flame, she would find her way into the tent to be wearing only the two intimates she possessed. She would wrap herself in the bed she made and her clothing would be folded neatly near where she laid her head.

What was to become of this night.


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There were two options on the table he could have accepted her offer of sleeping in the tent with her, or he could have froze outside and let himself catch ill. He needed to to pick soon as he could feel the cold pick up. He weighed the two options with his hands, trying to weigh one over the other.

Just because they slept in the same tent didn’t mean they had to do anything, though if they did would it mean they were together? Could he handle a woman in his life right now?What if they did do it and they ended up with a pup of their own… He couldn’t afford a kid on his salary. Then again, having a woman around would help him get through the nights a lot easier.

As he thought the cold front came in a heck of alot quicker and he found himself sitting on the log where he would sleep. “Ok, I’m doin’ it.” he got on all fours and crawled into the tent wit her. It wasn’t too roomy but he made due as he laid next to her, hands lacing over his stomach. “Sooo, we are sleeping together huh? You know, if you get cold you can come over here for a little warmth I won’t bite…”

He tried his best to sound somewhat friendly and less flirty, but he was failing time and time again. “Besides, we’re partners, we help each other and…” his words trailed off as he looked at her once again, it was dark but from what he could see her clothing was being used as a pillow meaning… SHE WASN’T WEARING ANYTHING.

“Oh! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to lay down next to you!” he crawled to a corner of the tent and curled up into a ball, “Nighty night!”

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#28Namé Les 

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Namé Les


He would enter and her heart would being to race. it would beat until it pounded until all she heard was her own pulse. She didn't know what to expect of him. Would he be true to his word and-

"That sound . . ." she could hear him get close, but something unexpected followed. She could hear the sound of cloth rubbing against the tent. He was still clothed. Was he a liar or was he nervous? How could she be left so vulnerable!

But then he seemed to draw away from her. All it took was one look at her. Was she that revolting? She was disgusting.

. . . "He is. . . Soft."

The voice rang, almost like her on conscience. Perhaps there was truth to it. Maybe he wasn't as hearty and strong as he appeared. Perhaps he was as broken as she was.

"But. . . " she would sneak a glance towards him, almost making sure he'd notice her sneaking a peak. "I thought you were gonna join me?" She would turn back and begin to curl up. "At least give me some of your warmth. Please?"


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There were a few thoughts running through his mind, he was afraid that was true. But there was very little he expected to do tonight. Hell, he had never even slept in a bed with a woman before! How was he supposed to give her warmth?

He took a few breaths, “I can do this… Nothing new… Just like in the books.” he sat up from his pitiful position and rubbed his hands together. Just uh, he just had to get close to her. He turned around to look at her. Under that blanket she was ready, that was for sure.

He mumbled to himself for a moment, ‘I am Baron hear me roar or well, howl.’ he thought to himself as he looked back at her. She wanted warmth, she’d get it. He took off his top, that would be all for now.

Resting next to her he turned on his side and crawled up just close enough to feel her body against his as his right arm pulled her into an embrace.

Just giving her heat, that was his intent. Large frame pressing against a smaller one he leaned into her taking a whiff of her feminine scent, sweet and tantalizing. His breath was slow, shallow as his nerves began to get the best of him.

“You wanted me…” his embrace became firm, “Now you’ve got me.” what was he doing? He didn’t know her, but he didn’t mind, it didn’t feel wrong to do this, but there was so little he knew about her.

“Maybe we’ll continue the Manji bloodline tonight.”

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#30Namé Les 

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Namé Les


She wasn't new to being accompanied, it was natural to her. However, to have a man take charge for once, or rather, to have a man at all was all new to her.

"Another night." she would say, pressing her back against the man. "For now, I want to enjoy this moment. I don't want to rush, whatever this is.
I want to savor it.
she'd laugh, her eyes closed. "We'll have a long time together."

She forbid herself to say that word. Forever. It was something she couldn't promise. She served her god just as everyone else in her village did. They were devoted, some more than others. Some even saw that god, others came close to finding the true identity, but always fell short. It was the Manji who held anything, if at all. No one dares question them. It was believed that was why they were powerful. The god chose them, and they offered their soul in return. It was a price to pay, and few were jealous of it.

She wanted to love this man, but he would never be her priority. He could always fall second to a god whose name no one really knew. Namé Les knew her title at least, as well as few others.

Would be accept this god? Could he?

Would be be willing to give it up, to serve this deity?


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Well then… This was certainly a predicament, he said something stupid and yet again it didn’t stick. Just sort of rolled down the wall. Well hey if he wasn’t getting slapped it was a win for him.

He wondered what ‘another night’ meant, then it occurred to him given what he had said that she meant… Oh boy, was he in trouble. He couldn’t keep up all of this googaing over woman anylonger, he needed to settle down sooner or later. “Rush what this…” he repeated her words, did he just get some romance in one night? Damn he knew he was good, but there was no way he was that good.

“We will?” he answered looking behind himself as he thought of an answer, well damn.

With shifty eyes he looked from side to side, ok this was a thing. He didn’t quite expect to come out of dinner with this current… Predicament but it was there and he had to face this head on like any wise man would. He needed to cool it down and just uh, play the role in this relationship that he was no possibly in. There was still their agreement of him helping her, but if something did come up he’d likely have to bail for a bit here and there…. ‘Damn it’ he held on to her, well then casual adventure wasn’t gonna be a thing.

With that he would soon fall asleep in a panic, resting against her and all, making sure to be close but not too ‘close’ he shut is eyes and rested.

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"Hey Guest, wanna train with me? No worries, I'll start soft and get harder as we go."
#32Namé Les 

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Namé Les
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