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Bring me dat bass [Nameless]

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Bring me dat bass [Nameless] Empty Sat Oct 28, 2017 5:18 pm

Baron stroked his chin as he looked out to sea on a fine fall night. He was wrestling with some demons, thoughts had begun to enter his head about magic, the visions in his head of that beautiful woman he had grown obsessed with played back in his mind on repeat as he would often space out and not recall who or what he was doing when he came to. He still didn't have a name to pin to her face, her fierce demeanor, stern expression and no nonsense attitude sent shivers down his spine as he looked at her in every dream. He wanted to pin a name to her, thus he gave her one 'the woman in white' for starters.

Sure, he may never see her, she was a figment of his imagination the most he knew, a combination of various women he had met on the road or perhaps the manifestation of his dream woman from days alone on the trail, entering his mind every night to tease him, run from him, leave him, push him, drown him and overall just disappoint his hopes to get to know her time and time again. he wouldn't be finding her any time soon, he had no idea where to start, so what better way to clear his mind than fishing?

He was on the dock a line made of a strong stick he had found in the forest castes out, his bait a rather large grub he pried out of a tree not too far from the beach. Not only did he had a fishing line, but he also had a wooden crabbing cage he had bought from the market lined with dead tuna for some lobster or crab tonight. This was going to be quite a meal.

The lone wolf was in a blank tank top, black sweat pants, and sneakers, something to keep him agile in case of an attack, his axe wasn't too far behind him and at the moment he sat on a bench that looked out to sea as his fishing line rested against the rail of the dock. Something would had to bite.. he was sure of it.

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#2Namé Les 

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Namé Les


"Solos, onrus deyro. . . " She mumbled to herself, wandering the docks with her hands folded behind her back. The night was warm, and a light wind kept in the breeze. It was pleasant, and it was enjoyable.

Still, she had a thing to take care of. She had to move on to the next city and then on and then on. There was things to be done and shrines to tend to. Perhaps if others followed her her task would be easy. After all, a little company never hurt anyone.

She wore nothing more than a light gray jacket and hood, her pants were simple black slacks. Her armor sat on her shoulders and her sword was slung on her back. It was weird to have a broadsword as opposed to her usual katana, but still it was nice to have something familiar.

But it was only then that the sounds of the ocean and light waves did she notice a man.

But for whatever reason, she did not call out to him. She stood there, standing with her hands in the pockets of her jacket. She stared at the man fishing, wondering what would lead him to be alone on this night.

But the same could be asked of her. Why was she alone? But still, she couldn't find herself to talk to the man, even if he was just a dock walk away. All it would take would be less than a minute of walking.

"I could run to him in a dozen seconds." she thought to herself. She measured it. She counted the distance, but still she stayed. Was she scared?

Of course.

It was the first interaction she would have with anyone since her incident.

She needed a friend.


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He crossed one leg over another and thought about his day thus far, he would have to clean his fish after he caught them and get them back to the camp site later tonight, probably would be best to hang them in a tree so they can dry out, though the smell would be unbearable, he’d probably have to gut them on the beach and toss their organs in the water for whatever lived in the shallows nowadays.

After fishing came his crabs, he’d likely toss a few back in the water to keep one for himself, though he didn’t expect to catch much of anything considering the weather was cooling down. Crabs were probably going to begin hibernating or whatever they did in the colder days of the year, shit he was gonna go hungry if he didn’t find a new source of food in that case.

With fish to gut, and crabs to store he would then likely need to scavenge some liquor from his bag, Lord knows he didn’t have much left since his little play date with Elena, thus he’d likely have to make a round to town again to grab a little something, though it was likely he had a few hints of tequilla left in his bags.

He stood up from his seat and looked over the edge of the rail at the water below, it was dark but he could see traces of his line moving through the water, looked like something was nibbling at his bait, a few sardines maybe?

Picking up his fishing rod, footsteps caught his ear, it was dark out so his eyes may not have been all that good but he did spot a figure approaching as they wandered closer. ‘Someone out at this time of night?’ he thought to himself, it was highly unlikely they were out for a stroll, in fact they were probably looking for trouble… Well shit he didn’t feel like fighting on a fishing day.

He adjusted his fishing line between the bars of the rail in case something was on it and turned to fully face the stranger. “Who goes there?” he called out to them in the best “deep” voice he could muster.

Honestly, he was a bit nervous, anyone who wandered around this time of night could have been a bad dude, but he kept up straight and took off his tank top. “If you wanna wrestle we can go man!” his fishing pole stiffened and began bend a bit, “That’s right, bring that bass here if you wanna get wrestled on.” he narrowed his eyes and crouched into a stance with his arms out wide. He always wanted to wrestle a mugger into submission.

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#4Namé Les 

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Namé Les


No prayer could prepare her for that.

"Uhh, No thanks!" she would say, cupping her hand over her mouth as she called out. She most certainly wasn't going to go near this man now, he was crazed, and probably for good reason. But even so, maybe he could help.

"I'm uh... Just looking for my sister. . . sir!" she would bow, but she didn't consider the difference of distance. Could he even see her? Was walking towards him going to start a fight or would it help deescalate their night?

Namé wasn't sure of what to make of it, but she ha to make a choice. She could wait for the man, and deal with his behavior, however pleasant, or she could leave. With the toss of a coin within her mind she decided to stay. At least for a few more minutes.

"Have you seen a girl in a black dress?" she would call out, wondering who else could hear them.

It was certainly an odd night.


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With a tilt of his head he was surprised that they didn’t want to wrestle him, that was just plain rude. Who would decline a gentlemen’s challenge? What about the gentlemen’s code of not declaring a fair wrestle? Sure, he wasn’t in the best shape and it would be a hot and sweaty a fair, he was a big sweaty man after all but that did not mean that his opponent had the right to decline his offer with such haste! A shiver went up his spine as the wind coursed over the dock with a light breeze, shit it was colder than he thought. With another shiver, he shuddered and put his top back on. Ok, he would have to let them slide for now, but when spring came oh boy they would have been in trouble!

That’s when it hit him, it was a woman’s voice that replied! He had never wrestled a woman before, well no, he had wrestled a few times with childhood friends, but those affairs usually ended with him on his back explaining that he couldn’t get up for quite some time because well… Reasons. Ah! Back to the woman at hand! He began making a route towards them, leaving his fishing pole unattended as it bended against the bars more.

“Looking for your sister ey?” he rubbed his chin, “What’s this sister look like?” he would need details if he were to assist, as he could have seen many women in his time in Hargeon. From tall ones to short ones, mature ones to young ones. There were dozens of woman in Hargeon town that could have matched her sister’s description if she wasn’t careful.

When they finally met in a mutual spot he extended a hand first off before addressing her description, if she took his hand he would kiss hers like a true gentleman and let her go before speaking on her sister, if she pulled her hand back he would look dejected but accept it all the same and answer. “Well I’ve seen many women, none in a black dress but if you like I can help you look soon? I’m just catching dinner right now.”

“Hm, then again I may have seen the woman you’re looking for, but I’m afraid we’ll have to spend some time together so I can jog my memory, you know? That way you can give me anymore details you might have.” he beamed a smile, sharp teeth glowing in the night as devilish eyes looked her up and down. It was her choice… But he could be very persuasive.

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#6Namé Les 

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Namé Les


As they met, she would meet his hand with hers. "Her name is Chi Lau. I am Namé Les." If he kissed her hand she would blush like any other typical girl. She wasn't creeped out by the man, but should be make a move on her person, she would make his night end as short as his.. .well.. .uh. . .

"I wouldn't mind a dinner." she would say. "Though, I'd hate to take all night talking. Maybe if we make it quick, I can make some time for, other things . . . like. . . "

Namé wondered where Chi would be. She was well off, that was for sure. She had been blessed with her skills, while Namé was given no more than the knowledge of her weapons. It was a simple trade, and it had their pros and cons.

". . . A quest of sorts."

If fate would allow it, he would be the one to take her to the other cities and towns to light the shrines. It would be at that moment that Namé would fulfill her task to her family and serve her lady as needed. If was the same as her village, they would find themselves on the opposite ends of the world, seeing the dark and the light and making the best choice for both sides of their world. But who knows how she was actually going to take this new world.


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A blush on fine olive cheeks was what he had found, what a prize this woman was. THough she had a strange name that must have been foreign. It sort of sounded like ‘nameless’, which just could have been her toying with him, but it made him no difference he’d simply call her Name or Les since saying both would be a bit of a bother to remember.

She wouldn’t have minded a dinner? What was this now? He was hitting home runs left and right when it came to offering people food, he should have stuck to baseball with his luck. Then again, when she spoke about making time for other things Baron’s expression lit up like a firecracker overstuffed with flash powder, it was a fiery and excited smile. Oh who knew what she could have meant by that? It could have meant a lot of things, searching for her sister, sparring, fishing, oh the things, then again he wouldn’t want to scare this raven haired hare off just yet, she already seemed skittish as it was.

Sadly, his hopes were dashed when she mentioned a quest, here he thought he would be in for quite a night of fun and wonder, as it turned out she wanted to do more searching. Then again, while she was on a quest for her sister he could be on a quest for her… “Bass!” he fumbled the last word in his mind, though it may have sounded similar he cried out the wrong word on purpose as his fishing pole seemed ready to snap as the sound of cracking wood caught his attention. He jogged back to his spot and looked back at the woman, “Hey, come ‘ere for a sec!” he beckoned her over with one hand as the other slid his pole from between the bars.

“Give me a hand with this? It’s a big one!” he held out the pole to her, this was no trick he needed the extra muscle mostly because he couldn’t do it all on his own, whatever was on the other line was a monster!”

“Heck, if you help me, I’ll help you on your quest!” he called out to her as he tugged on the line, whatever was in the water pulling him forward, but he would not be deceived as he pulled back. The water was splashing wildly, he couldn’t see much of anything, but from the sounds he had found what he was fishing for! Probably.

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Namé Les


She smiled. Helping him with a fish would make him indebted to her until she discovered Chi. It was a fine change from serving those that the Manji served. They were all swords for hired, sometimes more literal than others. It would amuse her, but still it was something to adjust to.

She would follow the man to his fishing spot only to find his pole shaking with a prize. She knew it all too well. She used to fish with her mother on occasion, so the sea was a familiar friend.

She would hook her fingers around the reel itself and tie her skin into the line. It would wrap around her flesh, but it was the small cost of blood to ensure a capture. With her other hand she begun to lean with the man to pull the fish, or whatever it was out of the water. She would loosen ever slightly to allow the line to be pulled in bit by bit.

"It's a deal." she would say. "But it doesn't have to be all work. I know she's fine. So whose to say we can't have fun in the middle!"

And with that begun to pull.


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It seemed she accepted his offer, and with that he let her get a grasp of his fishing pole as he held on with one hand until she took a hold. To his surprise she took the line instead, a dangerous move of sorts but one that would be beneficial all the same. Then again, she wasn’t dealing with some random fishermen, she was dealing with Baron freaking Corbin and if one thought he wasn’t going to take advantage of this situation they were sadly mistaken.

While she leaned in for the fish he wrapped one hand around her waist, fingers collecting around her form, his body pushed against her side, given the position he shifted behind her a tad hit and his much longer arms clasped over the ones she had entangled in the fishing line. “Too easy.” he huffed, hand stretching just above hers as he snagged the line out of the water.

For a moment the splashing stopped and out of the water hung a massive striped bass, just as he thought. An older fishermen had told him of this spot for night fishing, it was mentioned the bigger fish usually hunted at night but this one was massive! It had to be a good three feet long with a fat white underbelly and cobalt stripe down the side. A successful catch, but so the creature wouldn’t suffer suffocation he took the line from the woman with a gentle touch cutting it with his teeth so the fish would be in his possession and with the blunt end of his upsidedown axe he clocked the fish over the head to put it into shock for a much easier death.

“So you were saying fun in the middle huh? What kinda fun? Like that bit we just had?” he joked laying the fish on the wooden deck.

“I’m up to help you though, just where do you want to start? My tent for dinner? Who knows, maybe i’ll charge you a hug an hour for my services.” he paused for a moment and narrowed his eyes. She almost looked like the woman from his dreams now that he thought about it, though her eyes were that rich shade of blue he often saw and her lips were far more full and luscious. No, this woman was one of her own, hmm. So her sister may have been one in the same, it would be hard to miss out on someone like her.

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#10Namé Les 

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Namé Les


She begun to laugh at his words. Sure the fish was big, but his plans seemed to be even larger.

"To be honest I haven't really planned it much in my mind. All I need to do is see and search each city. Where we start and where we end up is up to you." She would smile at him, leaning slightly with a hand on her hip. "My sister is better at planning things, but I guess you'll find out when we meet her."

It was true for the most part. She was an excellent tactician. Their war nature was common for all of them, it was nothing new. But Chi was different. She was not only brutal, but she thought quickly on her feet and begun to use all sorts of things no one would even think about.  

Namé on the other hand was an easily distracted girl who grew hot headed in battle and turned to rage when she needed to. It was their way. No one knows where Namé turns to for her strength, not even her.

"Lead and I'll follow." she would say. ". . . do you by chance have a map? I'm rather new to Fiore. My family came from Sin."

It was a blurb of words. Hopefully it wasn't too much. But still, she needed to tell him a few things if they were going to get anywhere.


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Baron was shocked when she began, she didn’t have a plan to find her sister? Well shit… He was hoping she was a local. No problem, it was just a bit of walk to the next town anyway and he had things to do all around… He’d make this work, he had to if he wanted to help her after all.

Alright so first thing was to devise a plan, he could do that with relative ease as long as he kept his head on straight, maybe helping her out would be what he needed to do that and then some. His hand took a nice squeeze of her hip as he let her go and folded his arms, his right hand cupping his chin. “Well, in that case if is all on me I’d say we take a little time in the neighboring towns, Marigold and Magnolia are pretty from what I heat, pretty big in their own rights.”

Ok, so he was to be a leader, it may put a damper on his working but he didn’t mind all that much, if he could help her find her sister who knew how she would repay him after all. If she was a good cook she might even cook him a big meal. Speaking of food tonight, they’ll be dining on fish it seemed.

“Oh a map? Sure i have one back at my tent, how about we head back and I fry this big guy up? Treat you to some fire grilled bass.” he shot her a grin before picking up his fish and axe, he also had some alcohol back at camp and given how jittery she was it seemed she could use a good drink.

“Oh and uh my family is from Bosco, or well, i’m from Bosco so no worries in being lost.” Then again he didn’t much need a map so if the night went sour he could just give her his map, he was a gentlemen after all more or less.

“So, anything else I should know?” he slung the fish over his shoulder and axe on his other, “Small details? Big details?”

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Namé Les


"Well," the both of them would embark on whatever direction the man settled on. "We both were taken to Fiore out of misfortune. " She would sigh "We, along with some of our other relatives were captured with a lot of our family heirlooms. The others went to track our kidnappers down, and I was tasked with finding my sister." She wondered what was the real reason she told him. "Fiore is going to be our new home, since we can't go back to Sin. So I want to learn every city here before I call someplace my new home for my sister and I."

She had said it so many times, but it was only so many times she could say that lie. She was related to her. As close as a distant cousin. Chi was a pure Manji who was taught the ancient magic.

Namé was less than a fraction, tied to her only in name sake. She knew the customs the traditions, but in reality, she was a Fuma, and that was the blood in her veins. She was no legendary swordsman. She was raised in a family of blacksmiths, not warlords. but perhaps even that would help the two of them in this world.

". . .But long ago, before our ancestors moved to Sin, they were residents of Fiore. They've left shrines all over this country and I want to relight all of the shrines. The one in Hargeon was already lit. I know she was here, and maybe even be close by." She smiled as she stared into the man's face, "Also I'm single. . . Is that what you were waiting for?" She would smile.

She could play these games too. But even if it was for her family. She was a blacksmith raised in a village of assassins. Her instincts would be enough to find her queen. She would protect their namesake.


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Baron was definitely intrigued by what little of her story she did tell him, he hadn’t thought of asking her for more information on her the misfortune that befell her and her sister, that would be too easy and rude to boot. If they were going to be partners and she got comfortable with him he’d likely asks her, her full story but for now it would probably have been better for the two to share light details and see how they reacted to one another with more time and bonding if anything. He listened attentively to what she spoke on, her sister and her seeking a new home, where she came from, he hadn’t heard of this “land of sin” but in his defense he was a simply country boy who hadn’t even heard of Fiore until he opened a book on it in grade school.

For a moment he would think about her words, so few words that resonated with him so heavily. He hadn’t known much about others when they first met, yet based on word alone she shared part of her story with him, he’d have to keep that in mind if she ever asked him something. Though his story probably wasn’t as nearly as interesting considering her was just a kid from a farm.

Despite not sharing much Baron figured that Les had quite a lot to her than she led on. Was she a powerful mage? Powerful swordsman? Maybe she held the secret to an ancient treasure or burial ground, there was an expanse of what felt like endless possibilities, yet he would settle on one for now: she was just a girl looking for her sister and that would be more than enough insight on her life for him at the moment.

When she spoke on his mind went back to full attention, they watched her lips as they moved. What full, red things they were, yet despite what looked like a lack of attention he focused on every word before looking down at the ground for a moment. She spoke on a shrine and apparently there were many spread about Fiore, he kept his eyes on the ground as he thought about all of the cities left for him to explore. If they were careful they could make good time to Dahlia and Marigold, then she’d probably be able to catch her sister in one of those towns if he wasn’t working too hard or she wanted to split.

As deep in thought as he was, the word that caught his full attention was the ‘single’ part of what she said, with a wider grin that he had mustered before he put his fishing line in his mouth and took her by her hand. “Then what are we waiting for?!” his words were followed by a hearty laugh as he pulled the young woman along, running down the dock and towards the beach to his camp.

“I’m gonna make you a meal and I’ve got plenty to drink!” he was almost as giddy as a child to show her his place, then again it dawned on him… Sleeping arrangements would be tight.

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Namé Les


She laughed as he pulled her away with such excitement. He was like a child who had just discovered a brand new playground. She wished she could be just as half as excited as he was. She wanted to enjoy herself, but the thought of Chi being lost or unsure of her path brought her fear. If Namé even just told her, or even just talked to her, it would ease her. Chi doesn't need a Fuma, they were just merchants who were played in the hands of the ones at the top of their nobility. They held no responsibility like the others, but their stature kept them above everyone without any risk at themselves.

"Ooh~!" she would catch that word. Drinking. She adored the pretty colorful drinks. She could sip them until the end of days. She often busied herself with colors and paints. a drink was all the same, only instead of hurting your hands or fingers it was your head.

"Then I guess I'll be spending the night with ya too, huh?" she laughed, "I hope you have room for the both of us!"

Namé. Two syllables. Nah-May. It was something so odd to some to hear. She was the opposite to her sister in every way. To find herself changing from a loud giddy girl to this broken woman was something she kept in her mind. Was Chi even more dark than before or did she too become her opposite?

It worried her.

It was all she had to think about.


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He was excited to have her with him, he was unsure rather or not she’d be sleeping in the tent or he’d be sleeping outside. Ideally he would sleep under the stars as the rains had passed by already and there was no worry of animals invading his camping site, it was only right he would allow her to take the bed she was a lady and he was a man, they were not married nor were they in any sort of relationship thus he would not be joining her out of respect for her maidenhood. It was strange to understand why he felt this way, normally he was more than willing to sleep with someone of the opposite gender but this woman seemed a bit stressed for his hijinks.

Soon they would stop running when they made their way to the site, it was mostly cleared of debris and he managed to make his firepit moderate in size a circle of stones surrounding a pile of sticks, his tent was still in front of the tree line. There wasn’t much to it but it was small and cozy enough for him. “Welcome to casa de Baron.” he gestured to the camp.

There wasn’t much to it other than he kept all of his things close, his clothes was carelessly thrown across a stump as well, his things out to dry after a wash.

“Uh, well Les, sleeping arrangements… I’ll be sleeping out there I guess, I can probably sleep against the log.” he scratched the back of his head, “Lemme show you the tent.” he leaned forward and unzip the opening, the inside was fairly spacious enough room for his legs to move about freely and all so she would likely find things comfortable.

“I’ll get started on dinner, you can uh get comfortable in there… Just let me..” he crawled in the tent and grabbed a small bag from inside as he held the flap open for her to enter. When she got inside she would find a simple build: the floor was black and matter, on top of it was his green sleeping bag at the entrance with a small plush pillow and his bag was at the back of the tent in a corner. “Take some time and relax.”

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Namé Les


She would silently nod, her mind occupied on the few of her family that still lived. She wondered who else could have made it out, or who even-

Someone had to tend to the shrines. Someone had to. There had to be more than just them. Even if they were a mixed blood like herself, there had to be others.

As she made her way into the tent, she couldn't help but feel choked. Sure there was room but it felt as if she was being strangled, if not psychically, then mentally. She began to undress, getting relaxed and comfortable. Her jacket would be placed on the ground, where she would sit. Her shoes removed along with her stockings. Soon all she would dawn was a black halter top, her black slacks and her barefeet to enjoy the world around her when she would step outside to enjoy the night.

She was with this man, a stranger until moments ago. Would the rest of her time in Fiore be like this? Could she accept that? Was this man for her journey or perhaps longer?

Time would tell.

"I do hope I can enjoy his company. . . " she thought to herself. Her legs would cross and her eyes would close.

She would clear her mind.


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As she entered he looked about the place, it was going to be quite a tasks finding a reasonable place to sleep tonight but for the lovely lady he would do so just until they got comfortable enough with each other or he managed to find another tent on the road. No matter, for now he would simply get things done outside.

Just as he picked up the fish, having dropped it on his drying clothes as he situation the tent for the young lady he thought about this situation as it seemed to have played out many times already for him. Him treating a beautiful woman to dinner… Damn he must have been a magnet for hungry woman or something.

Speaking of women, he thought about her quest to find her sibling and while he was willing to assist he did have a quest of his own to tend to: finding the woman from his dreams. Over the past few nights her form began to shift and change, she had taken on qualities from many different woman it seemed, one night she would be a blonde, another she was raven haired and the night after that she could have been tall with blue hair! Whoever she was she alluded him and he wanted to find her, sure she was just a figment of his imagination but he had all of the time in the world to match one of her many forms with a woman from Fiore.

As for the woman he was with now, it was certain he would have to get to know her better one of these days as they traveled. At the moment his mind shifted between her beauty and what she could have been doing in his tent. A strong possibility of undressing, and it would be a shame if he forgot his onions in the tent by mistake… No! He was a gentleman tonight! If need be he would run to town and acquire needed spices.

With his newly caught fish in hand he would remove the hook from its maw and begin preparing it for cooking. He pulled a knife from his pocket, a small blade that would do little harm to a person but was sharp enough to slice open the belly of his large bass. Next came the disturbing part, placing the fish on the log he clasped his hands and thanked it for nourishing him and his companion before picking it up and removing its insides. He’d open its belly further and yanked out guts, entrails and other things resting it now hollow on one of his dirty shirts.

Stepping away for a moment he would pick up whatever organs had falled during procedure and carried them a few minutes away to the shore line to toss them in the shallows for anything that might have found them tasty. He was one to share his bounty with nature after all, heck maybe there was a fish out there trying to impress a lady fish like he was trying to impress the woman in his tent. Was he really trying to impress her? Maybe, she was beautiful, but he still had a mission to find the woman from his dreams thus he would have to try hard not to fall for her charms too much, it would be him helping her simply put.

After washing his hands of blood in the shallows, he went back to the camping site and picked up his fish. Now that it was ready he’d open his bag of spices and pull out only three, pepper, salt, and a shaker containing what was an assortment of dried herbs all mixed together. He would rest the fish over the log and shake his salt over it, one side, then another, doing the same for the pepper, one side and another, and then finishing with his herbs the crushed red pepper the most prominent of his spices as his flaked onto the fish’s body.

Once he figured it well seasoned he would wrap up by breaking his fishing pole in half making it just long enough for the fish and impaling the fish on it through its mouth before leaning it over the fire close enough to begin cooking.

After roughly half an hour the flesh would properly cook and the smell of freshly seasoned and mouthwatering white meat would fill the air he was cooking it well. Though at the moment he was laying on the ground by the fire watching it crackle. "Hey, you alive in there? Dinner's almost ready!" he called, "If you want I can come and poke you a bit to wake you up." he joked with a yawn.

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Namé Les


"Aimless child. You are a fool to chase after her. Your duty is to upkeep your namesake. I will look after my daughters."

She exhaled. It would be the closest she would ever get to the Samurai Spirits. It was all she knew how to-

The aroma of cooked meat. She was drawn to it. It was something that was different than her soup and rice. It was something other than her mother's cooked meals. It was a good change.

As she got up to leave the tent, he called out, and she would exit, just as she did before. She would step out feeling the grass between her toes. It was enjoyable to feel nature like that.

"I've decided to do something else." she would say with a smile. "My sister is safe, I know that now. But I still want to travel Fiore. I need to see all of my family shrines. It's customary that I build one in the city I'll live in."

She would smile. "It is the will of my god, and until he tells me otherwise, I guess what we do in each city is up to you~!"

And she would take a seat beside him, watching the fire burn and pop with each second. She never had moments like this before. It was a brand new adventure. For her, Fiore was her escape. It was a new beginning. There was no time to be sad. She would cherish her time on this world.


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He poked the fire with a blank stare as he waited for her, his mission was in mind but if he was honest he didn’t have a clue where to start looking. On top of looking for Les’ sister he had to find someone who may not have even existed oh how cruel life could be.

The embers would crackle and pop as he prodded them with his stick, seemed this would be quite a journey for the two and if they were going to go searching he’d have to wrap up his business in Hargeon soon.

When the flame finally flickered back up to kiss the meat of the now partially charred fish he would grip the base of the stick and pull up out of the ground taking the fish with it. He looked over it, opening the belly to check the meat, much to his surprise it all burned just right, but who was he to be so rude? His guest could decide rather they liked his cooking or not. Just as he shifted his position to pick up his bag she spoke again, this time throwing him for a loop. Her god wanted her to not find her sister? Well he had heard stranger...

He looked her up and down, seemed she was hiding quite a form underneath all of that clutter earlier. A darn good one at that, his tongue poked the inside of his cheek as he watched her for what felt like a moment too long while she parked herself beside him.

“Well if that’s what you would like to do, how about we get started in here, then go to Dahlia?” he fanned the fish and placed it on the lid of his boiling pot before handing it over to Les. “Here you go, one Baron made charbroiled bass. Aka bring me dat bass.”

“So you’re gonna pick a city and build your own? Sounds good to me.” he shrugged, “Wait… Anything I want?” he asked with narrow eyes and shifty grin.

If she had taken the fish he would excuse himself for a moment crawling into his tent for a moment. After a while he would fiddle around making it shake a bit, as he retrieved something important to him: his pair of silver flasks.

“Well we can’t eat without something to drink!” he called as he crawled back out of the tend handing her a flasks, “Drink up! Nothing says partners like tequila!” and so the games would begin.

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Namé Les


Her plate was a lid. It was odd, but not the weirdest thing. She would begin to pick it up with her hands, tearing at the meat. She was almost barbaric to the natives of Fiore, but she still carried herself with some elegance.

She would take a bite, the rest of him processing her words. It would take some getting used to, but she assumed they would both grow close by the end of this. Maybe it was what she wanted, maybe it was what she needed. But for now, it was what she had.

With his return he would bring some drinks. It was only then it dawned on her that she knew so little about her companion.

She would take her drink in hand, only to open it and take a quick sip. She was used to the Namikozu brewery. Tequila? It was nothing compared to their distilled Soju. But still, it put her at ease.

"So tell me about yourself." She would say, lifting her drink to her lips, a smile held there as her eyes traced he flames. "You're probably one of the only people I've ever talked to besides my family. You've practically seen me naked."

She spoke metaphorically. She never shared her personal life with others, not even her relatives. Her customs were known, as were the other houses. Each name had a history and none of them changed, at least, none besides the Manji.

But still, everyone had their own fate.


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As she ate he continued to poke at the fire until it would die down a bit,it was only a temporary arrangement so that his partner wouldn’t get too hot, especially since she had stripped into something a bit more comfortable just now.

It seemed she was indifferent about the drink he brought her, more than okay to him but he wanted to see if he could get her to take off some of the edge she seemed to be treading on.

As she took ate he would watch for a moment too long and look away with an embarrassed expression when she asked him a question. It had been quite some time since he was alone like this with someone, just a few days honestly.

“Uh, well, as you know my name’s Baron.” he chuckled, “I’m from Bosco, grew up on a farm with a big family. I was a troublesome kid, got angry a lot but uh given a twist a fate I ended up here in Fiore.” he explained some of his story to her it seemed enough so far though since she did share a bit with him he would tell her a bit more. “I’ve been on the road alone for a few years now and honestly, I wouldn’t mind seeing you naked a little more.”

He mostly caught her metaphor but the opportunity to speak was far too good to give up. He rubbed his shoulder and rested a hand on her thigh. “And I’m single too…” he was so slapped.

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Namé Les


"I used to have a dog named Fetus." As his hand touched her, the idea of him knowing all about her rushed her mind and her face turned red. She would allow this man into her life, and for this moment. She would see where it would take them

". . . Well actually he was everyone's dog." she would add on, dragging the night to a story about  dog. "He belonged to the Warlord of the Manji clan. It was said he could speak to the gods and talk in other languages. But really all I ever knew of him to do was ruin every date I was on."

She would look around, wondering if the dog was around. "Girls don't like it when he licked their feet. They never talked to me again after he invaded my life." She'd laugh, taking a drink as she did so. She was going to let loose, even slightly.

A Manji's work was never done. But fate would always ensure another backup plan to the bloodline.

... not Chi, or Namé could ever be prepared for the madness that would follow this time. They were in a new land, and their god would see that a certain plan would come into place.


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This was an interesting fact to know… He didn’t have a clue how to respond to the name fetus for a dog… This woman certainly knew how to carry a conversation, thus he would nod “Yes, that is interesting, very interesting, my sister had a mare I used to nickname “not the face!” because it used to try to kick me in the face.

He tried to lighten things up, her blush very telling so far, she seemed to be one that was easy to flatter, an ideal traveling companion though he didn’t know much about her besides the dog, her former mission, and her new mission. All the same, she was quite interesting and as obvious as it was she was also pretty adorable despite having been clad in armor not long ago.

“Well… Maybe we can test that out and I can lick-” he caught himself just then, a bit of a disturbing thing to say and hopefully she wouldn’t catch on to what he was about to say. It was one thing to bite a heel, but licking a foot was just plain taboo. He placed a hand over his mouth when he bit his tongue to stop himself and slowly calmed down a tad, being with such a beautiful woman was throwing him off it seemed. “I mean uh, now that you mention it, it sounds like we have something in common: we both have had animals ruin our love life!” he pointed out with a laugh.

“Though, that mare I mentioned was my little sister’s, and instead of licking feet she and my siblings made it hard for any woman that I took back home. Because of them I don’t think i’ve had a date since I was… 16?” a sad fact to reality, he hadn’t dated a single woman since then and in truth it was only one of many secrets hidden inside of him at the moment.

He took a sup of his alcohol, admittedly he was a bit buzzed tonight, he had just forgotten where he was supposed to be tonight, but he would make up for it later.

“Mm, ey you got somethin’ on your lips Les… Lemme get that for you.” he leaned over to her and cupped her cheek in his hand after waving her raven locks away, He leaned in for what looked like a kiss, if she allowed and then, in perfect momentum fell down just before their lips could touch, now resting next to the fire.

“Ow… haha.” cacklin’

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Namé Les


He spoke out, and she wondered if he even listened to her words. She wasn't talking about her feet, but of her date. No matter, perhaps it was a joke she didn't understand. In this country, it seemed as if the culture was vastly different than her own. To the commoners she felt primitive, but she knew that with her past, came ancient history and power with great tales.

But it would seem as if he too, had no had the best of luck with love. Perhaps that was what drew them together. They were two misfits who just happened to find each other in themselves. The question now was who would be the first to mess up, and how?

Just as the thought was conjured in her mind, he would reach out and cup her face. She would turn red and completely freeze up. She didn't know what to do. Sure she had gone on dates before, but never had she shared a kiss with a man before.

. . . But then he would fall to the ground, and she would find herself conflicted. What did she want from him?

She would move to get closer, sitting at his side.

"I'm a little sleepy." she would say, "And I can't remember where you told me to sleep." She asked him, telling the truth. With all that went on, she wasn't sure what their sleeping arrangements were anymore. With the thought, a wind would lightly pass through them.

And she would hope wherever he said, they would be together.


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This was quite a conundrum, his attempt to steal a kiss falling flat as he laid on the ground looking up at the foreign beauty. There was so much to be said, but it appeared that the atmosphere and time had disagreed with the notion as a slow yawn left his lips. It was almost time for bed and he didn’t even touch his pieces of fish just yet. Shame, he wanted to know more about her, but any questions he had would probably have to wait until tomorrow.

For a moment, after yawning he would only stare up into her pear colored eyes. She was intent to listen and watch him, as he was content in only looking at her. These two seemed like a match made in heaven, a bond hand picked by the gods above, but Baron knew better. Sure, they had quite a bit in common as far as family and it was obvious when it came to dating neither had that much luck, but what could make their relationship any better than those of the past? For starters there were no animals to get in their way at least.  

Even from below her she was still beautiful, but he couldn’t infer too much interest. If he was to find the woman of his dreams he needed to stay confident in himself and resist temptation, no matter how gorgeous or loving it seemed. He recalled her turning as red as a beet just before he tried to kiss her. The thought made him wonder if he could get away with it if he did press against her lips.

She sat at his side, he put his hands behind his head and flashed her a cheeky grin, this situation felt so right…

Soon breaking their silence she spoke on sleeping arrangements, he rubbed his chin and snapped his fingers. “Well, I was going to sleep out here under the stars and all, and you could get the tent. Wouldn’t be right to make someone so delightful sleep against a log.”

Looking up at the darkened sky he spoke once again, “Unless… You wanna sleep together? Don’t know if you’re comfortable with me seein’ ya in your pajamas... If you wear any. Cause I sure don't. That and I tend to sleep uh... In the buff.”

He would get up and slither to his tent, "Why don't you go wait for me and depending on what you're wearing we'll see how the night goes." he smiled as he swatted sand at the fire to put it out.

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