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All Fired Up [Urion | Quest]

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All Fired Up [Urion | Quest] Empty Sat Oct 28, 2017 1:08 pm

The gates to Oak Town were not pristine, gilded, or flashy in any sense. They were archaic, rustic, and in need to proper maintenance. Of course, that was all made from Urion's quick observation. He was not a native to the region of West Fiore, and was even more so unfamiliar with Oak Town. He had been a member of Blue Pegasus for under a year and was only now going out and participating in active missions. It was not something he wanted to do initially, but hearing that the job itself was coming from the leader of House Phantasm, it was too interesting to pass up. Urion understood a little bit of what was to be done for the day; a beacon for the town in case of emergencies. Logically speaking, Phantom Lord would be the first responders, but perhaps Lord Servas had something up his sleeve. Traversing the hill was no issue, Urion having found a guard putting the finishing touches on a brand new beacon.

"Good Job on the beacon."

Before the guard had time to respond, Urion spotted another beacon in the distance, one that appeared to be already completed. It was past a set of woods, but the distance was not as bad as it could be. Deforestation was occurring, and to be fair where would Lord Servas get all of the available lumber to construct the beacons? More walking to do, Urion thought, but it would not be for much longer if his mind wandered off to another random thought. The Blue Pegasus mage wondered what he could do for when he returned to the guild. It would only be a matter of time before he was done with his excursion in Oak. He wondered where else he could travel to; it had to be a place with ample opportunities, no doubt.

The woods were not as terrifying as what might be expected of a wooded area nearby a town housing a Dark Guild. Urion assumed there would probably be signs of debauchery and sin, but the birds were as vocal as they could be and the scent of nature was pungent. Although Urion thought it best to walk with his geta, he did admire how luscious the grass appeared against the rays of the beaming sun overhead. Wildlife could be heard nearby, something akin to the prancing of deer and the pitter patter of homely chipmunks and squirrels. Urion found it all more than soothing; his anger had not gotten the best of him for quite some time, and he intended to let the peace around him keep it that way for as long as he could.

The next beacon was present, complete and everything. It did not seem to be put together very well, but it stood nonetheless. The wind was not as harsh as it could be, which was probably why the beacon tower even stood in the first place. It creaked and heaved at the slightest gust, bound together haphazardly. Near the base of the tower was a guard for House Phantasm, who found it possible to sleep near the beacon tower. Unfortunately, should any calamity arise that would require the beacons to be lit, the town of Oak and the Dark Guild Phantom Lord may not be warned and prepared in time to face a probable oncoming onslaught. Urion woke up the guard from his slumber and warned him of some fires that started in the distance. Obviously, the fires in the distance were caused by people who were camping nearby. Why they were camping nearby was up to discussion and argument but that was not the matter at hand. The guard looked up at Urion with disgust, but the Blue Pegasus mage did not care to bother with the opinion of a half-asleep guard.

The next tower was not too far in the distance, a probable ten-minute walk due north from the current beacon tower. Urion yawned and headed further north past the haphazardly constructed beacon tower, wondering why Servas hired such people to be at his service. Perhaps they are expendable to a person like the leader of House Phantasm. If the man ever needed true muscle he could easily look forward to interacting with Phantom Lord and its Guild Master. Urion knew better than to question the actions of his employer. The man was looking forward to collecting money for future plans. A house would be nice.

The final beacon seemed to be standing, although it was just on the verge of completion. It appeared to be the most well done, but incomplete nonetheless. There was an odd stench in the air, something reminiscent of stale blood. Urion knew the scent well; it was a scent reminding him of past endeavors and lost lives. Someone had died, but he could not tell, at least not at first. After walking around the beacon he stumbled upon the corpse. If the guard ever had a neck, Urion would not be able to know, given that it had been viciously ripped out. It could have been a wild animal, but the man was in full armor. Urion was not informed of especially strong predatory animals lurking near Oak Town, but considering what Oak Town was about he was not surprised. Still, it bewildered him. Urion made an about face and made his way back to the main gate, informing the guard of what he had found at the last beacon. The guard seemed shocked, but not surprised. Whatever had taken the man's neck was still out there, and Urion was better off traveling soon before he himself would be missing a neck. He received his reward and headed for Oak Town's interior for more assignments before heading to the next town. A town such as Oak Town would not have much jobs for Light Guild mages.


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