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To Baska [Foot Travel from: Dahlia]

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To Baska [Foot Travel from: Dahlia] Empty on Fri Oct 27, 2017 11:35 am

She rested on her bed with her head on her soft hands which twined pieces of hair while doing so. Her back felt painful and she sighed softly in relief to find out that she really wasn't pregnant. Well she was, but because she's an angel... the Gods decided that she shouldn't have one, most one that could've turned later against them in the future. She wasn't sure if that was true or not, nor did she really care since it was done and over with. She knew in her heart that it would not have a good life any ways. She missed him so, that certain man that reached her unknown heart, her mind -- he was engraved, his name into her very soul. Were all angels 'cursed' to love the same person till they died? It seemed very so, but she didn't know any other angel/Seraphim on land. Arisa hoped that she will someday find someone like her. Maybe she really wasn't related to anyone after all and the stories, her memories of her family were fake. Were they really though? She didn't really know...

She slowly got up as she was going to start traveling again. It was hard to stay in one place now... She felt like she had to keep on moving. Of course in the days to come, she was going to come back here. 'Hopefully Hyoen will be okay without me being here.' she thought softly, tilted her head with a small smile. Her eyes closed halfway as her lips curved into a frown. Her full lips quivered while eyes started to water. 'No... I have to keep on being strong.' she thought, shook her head and brushed her hair with her fingers, stroking the strands of her pink hair. Finally, she got up and packed her shit, wrote a letter to Hyoen and left the hotel without more words than needed. She was going to a train in her manor's area, Orchidia. Where was she going to go? She didn't know where the train stopped. Her feet fast paced through the town, woods and towards where she first met him. It was giving her a lot of memories as she felt lost truthfully. Maybe getting stronger will make her forget? No. Probably not as she will always remember the times she enjoyed. Her head tilted up as she entered Orchidia and onto the train area she went....

She looked at Orchidia and had a small blank in her mind. She looked at the train station and walked towards the sign. She thought that she could take a train station here all the way to Baska or so she was going to plan, but when she got to the sign she was most disappointed in the news. Her eyes slanted as she looked at that it only went to Magnolia. 'Magnolia ?! I just passed that shit!' a womanly voice spoke in her thoughts sort of pissed. Sure she really wasn't the one who was walking physically, but she still was going to complain. Her heart was beating quickly as she continued on her walk. She lifted her back over her shoulder and went forward. She wasn't going to turn back now, nope. She looked forward with her golden eyes and watched all the civilians just go on to their business in their life. She wasn't sure what they were doing, she didn't read people's mind... Sometimes she wished she could read their minds though.



To Baska [Foot Travel from: Dahlia] Empty on Fri Oct 27, 2017 12:26 pm

Her mind drifted off as she passed some of these interesting areas. One area was really freaking cold, shivered a bit to where her inner light tried to warm her up, but wait... Light doesn't burn nor warm you up. She wondered what was warming her up then. She was losing her weight as she did all this walking, barely ate even. Her emotions were getting the best of her. Great-fully not everything was lost as the good portions were solid, staying in place while her stomach, sadly some muscle was being eaten by time and the insides of her body. Her full lips were dry, using her tongue to moisture them every-so-often.

Next was a place that reminded her of Baska, but the place before this place was after that ice place. That one place was full of rocks, rocks everywhere. Look left? Rocks, Look right? Rocks, everywhere had rocks and mountains. How far did she have to go to get to where there weren't rocks? Softly she took a deep breather as she lazily took steps towards the destination. She was at least hoping this was the right way. Shrugging off she went forward, swirving and onto the distance was her destination. Baska was the second place she met him, again, the Tournament was quite something. She won the first, the second, but never was she ever going to win against the third. Yes... The third person was indeed the one who lit up her flames in her soul. He triggered something in her that she never knew existed with her. Sniffing the air she took another breather. ''I still remember his scent... Am I just going crazy? Is that why you left me?'' she quietly spoke, gazed downward with a frown on her full beautiful lips. She kept questioning, but soon enough she saw the grassy town of Baska. She met different people here months ago. Finally, she tried to search out for a hotel... Hopefully, there was on here. She wondered about how much of this place has changed. Once again she remembered of when she fought. First it was a dude named Geb, from some guild she didn't even know. The fight wasn't much as he was disqualified. To her it was really dumb. The next fight was with someone from the very guild she was in, Lamia Scale. His name? It was Rowan or something like that. She certainly didn't really know much of names anymore. 'Wonder how Nas is... and Lucifer. It's been awhile since I've seen them.' she thought randomly. Her head tilted upwards, hair sliding more down against her butt and by her heels. Her eyes glowed with the sun that was above her. It was really warm feeling, embracing even. She wished she had that magic she had not that long ago. The sword she had was beautiful, but maybe she will come by with a new weapon, something more better than that one. Only time will tell.



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