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Restless Souls: Black Widow [Quest: Solo Esperia]

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Rule Number Two: Karma is a bitch

Every action has a consequence, it was a saying her father was quite fond of using, but till today she couldn't help but wonder about the meaning of those words. It was only after a certain eventful encounter that the young Esperia started to understand the meaning of those words, and just how powerful of a signal they tended to deliver. It all began during the moment of dusk near the final days of October.

If there was one habit Esperia had, then it was that whenever she visited a town there was one location in particular that she was prone to visit: the church.

It must have been a curious sight to see one so young seated on one of the benches as dusk approached, her hands clasped together in a feverous prayer. Sometimes the priest of the church would come to ask her what she was praying for, and when she explained that she was praying for the souls of her deceased family to find peace the usual reaction was one of pity and sympathy.

However, this time she was not in the company of a priest, no instead the shimmering outline of a young woman was seated beside her. Perhaps it was that otherworldly presence that made the girl open her eyes and gaze at the young woman who was following her example. "What are you praying for miss?"

The lady finished her prayer before she turned toward Esperia and addressed her in a soft and gentle tone. "To someday be able to see a group of people who were very dear to me."

The words were filled with warmth and sorrow, and it was a request she could understand quite strongly, in the end, she had often longed to see her family again, to be able to talk to her sister once more... Even if that was impossible.

"What is keeping you from visiting them?" The words caused a weak chuckle to come from the lady as she replied in a bemused tone. "Because I am incapable of traveling that far without help. My physical body remains buried in the graveyard, and without a willing vessel I can't travel further than the church."

A hand raised to her cheek as Esperia pondered about the words for a bit, to be able to grant a ghost her final wish, surely that wouldn't be a bad thing to do? After a moment of careful consideration, she inquired with a little smile. "Can I help you visit those people?"

The ghost's eyes widened in disbelief at the girl's suggestion, a moment of hesitation following as her voice quivered lightly. "Are you sure, although I appreciate the gesture, I don't believe being possessed will be a pleasant feeling."

The girl shook her head gently, a hand tapping her chest as she explained in a cheerful tone. "I'd be a sad excuse of an Eisenberg if I can't help a ghost pass on into whatever lay beyond. So let's go and find those friends of yours, shall we?"

The ghost's eyes grew moist with tears as she attempted to embrace the girl, seemingly sinking into her body. "My name is Elma, Elma Albrand... What is your name young lady?"

Rising off her seat as she heard the ghost's voice in her head she whispered softly. "Esperia, Esperia Von Eisenberg~"



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A soft hum escaped Esperia's lips while she walked side by side with the corporeal form of the ghost that for some curious reason didn't get noticed by the other people inside Baska. It was rather fascinating, to be able to communicate with her through a means of mental communication.

"So that's how Lawrence proposed to you? That sounds so romantic!" The girl exclaimed with a smile as  Elma finished the retelling of her story. It was a rather sweet and endearing story to be honest, and right now she was on her way to meet Lawrence himself! She wasn't sure the result of having Elma meet them, but she felt the ghostly lady deserved a chance to say her proper farewell to her loved ones.

It appeared Elma used to live in a small villa alongside Lawrence, Lawrence's sister Meera and Meera's husband George. and the manor itself came into sight! However, more curious was the fact that outside the manor was a small dog house where a canine creature was laying with a sorrowful look on its face.

"Is that... it's Agni! little Agni!" Elma's excited exclamation caused the young lady to clap her hands together as she explained to Esperia with a smile upon her lips. "My father gave me Agni as a present when I married Lawrence. But why is he outside? Agni was always so sweet and allowed to stay inside!"

Peculiar... Approaching the dog Esperia carefully crouched down before the dog as it first looked at her in bewilderment, but for a peculiar reason, the dog darted over toward her, a happy bark following as the dog pounced her and licked her cheek!

"W-Wait doggie!" Elma's chuckle and Agni's happy licks caused Esperia to giggle softly as Elma explained in a gentle tone. "It's likely Agni recognizes you as a good girl and a friend of mine, can you please be a dear and keep Agni company while I visit the others?"

Nodding her head gently Esperia watched Elma floating up toward the manor while she herself continued to pet and snuggle the large dog. "So you're Elma's friend~ I hope the others will be just as happy to see her~" However, Agni whimpered at the comment, provoking yet another curious thought from the young lady. Why did the dog suddenly look so sad?

A sudden cry came from the manor, and looking up Esperia saw Elma floating out of the building and toward the garden. Rushed footsteps chased after her, and finally catching up to her Esperia heard something she wishes she had never done.

"Esperia... they... they..." The tearful ghost turned toward her while Agni howled at the tragic visage before her. "They poisoned me! Those three plotted my death!"

A painful tugging was felt in her chest, her hand trying to suppress the painful feeling building up within her chest. "Elma... do you still love them?"

The sorrowful cry and the shaking of her head was enough of an answer as she lowered a hand toward Agni's head, petting him lightly. "Elma, is there an easy way to sneak into the manor?"

Elma nodded her head lightly, pointing at a trapdoor at the side of the building. "It's unlocked, leads to the basement of the manor, but why?"

Esperia slowly took a step toward the building, a hand grasping tightly into a fist. "An eye for an eye... a tooth for a tooth... Murder for murder, I'm going to kill those who stole your life."

It was the first time, but hearing of such unjustice made Esperia sure of one thing: tonight would be the night those murderers would be punished!

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Restless Souls: Black Widow [Quest: Solo Esperia] MHKs2Uu

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Perhaps it was on a whim, but her heart was truly affected immensely by the grief Elma had felt at the betrayal at the hands of her beloved ones. Slowly opening the trapdoor the girl descended into the dimly lit basement, Elma and Agni close behind her. It didn't take long for her to see that it was a basement used to store things, but unfortunately, she had no time to enjoy sight-seeing! No, this was a quest for justice!

Sneaking her way up the basement Esperia listened to Elma's explanation how the ghostly lady had overheard the trio talking about how they had succeeded in their schemes, gloating over it even! Unforgivable... However, if she wanted to kill those three she needed a weapon, in the end, she doubted her magic would be able to help her enough, but it seemed lady luck smiled upon her for the basement led into what appeared to be a kitchen, and her weapon of choice already came into view: a small cleaver used for cutting raw meat!

Grasping a hold of the handle of the weapon the girl continued onwards into the manor while whispering softly. "Elma, if it becomes too painful please close your eyes and cover your ears."

A gentle whisper followed as Esperia made her way toward the first target, the man on the first floor of the manor, Lawrence himself was seated in a fanciful chair near the hearthplace, enjoying a sip from what appeared to be a glass of wine.

The man had seemed obvious to her presence, and seeing the towel next to the bucket that held the wine bottle she decided on her approach. Hand raised with the cleaver, as the man in the chair, spoke. "Is that you Meera? I left the check in the study room-"

But before he could finish Esperia swung forwards, the cleaver slashing straight into the man's shoulder, a pained scream coming from him.

"W-Who are you?!" The girl briefly staggered backward, her small body trembling in shock at the bloody sight before her. No Esperia, don't give in to fear... Reassuring herself the girl steadied herself, raising her cleaver slowly above the man who was spasming in the chair. "E-Elma's avenger!" A scream followed from the girl as she swung the cleaver down, slashing straight onto the man's head, the end result being so bloody that the girl found herself feeling nauseous and puked out her dinner.

"Esperia!" Elma's worried voice resounded from beside her, a hand reaching for her but the girl shook her head gently. "I'm alright Elma... We got to hurt, it's possible Meera and George heard this."

It was just as expected, hurried footsteps came from nearby, causing Esperia to rapidly hide herself beside the door, waiting for it to be flung open as a man and a woman rushed inside. "By the gods--- what happened here!"

The man, likely George screamed in disbelief yet the sight of Agni's bark next to Lawrence's body was enough of a distraction for her to move!

Her cleaver flung through the air, the metal blade slicing through Meera's neck, like a knife slicing through butter, and with her body collapsing onto the ground the girl had been too late to stop George from tackling her against the wall. "What is this about?!" The man threateningly said, the slam making her drop the cleaver while his hand tightened around her throat!

Her breath taken away the girl flailed and felt herself getting light-headed, but a fierce bark accompanied Agni's pounce onto George's back, the fangs of the beast trying to tear into the man's flesh!

A pained gasp came from the girl as she dropped onto her knees, her hand rapidly reaching for the cleaver while George flailed with Agni latched onto him, and by the time the man pushed Agni off him, it was too late already! In a frenzy for her own survival the girl tackled George onto the ground, her cleaver raised high while she repeatedly flung it down onto him, wailing cries escaping from the girl. For several moments it continued, as time became a blur and Esperia felt a warm sensation against her hands, Agni having tried to calm her down by licking her blood-stained hands while Elma whispered softly.

"It's over Esperia... you avenged me..."

It was after that night that a story spread around Baska, of how a blood-stained maiden extracted revenge upon a group of murderers, and how a lone girl was now found in the companionship of a dog.

Yet little could people have known how significant the events of that night had changed Esperia... for the better or the worse...

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Restless Souls: Black Widow [Quest: Solo Esperia] MHKs2Uu

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