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A Shrine To Be Grown (命)

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#1Chisu Lau Manji 

A Shrine To Be Grown  (命) Empty Thu Oct 26, 2017 8:20 pm

Chisu Lau Manji
A Shrine To Be Grown  (命) 0-10


She had trouble finding this lantern, but still discovered it's location off instinct and pure heart. She was caught in the midst of a forest, the trees around it burned to a crisp and stone ruins surrounded what should have been where the temple was. It was one of the more respected shrines she believed.

She bowed her head in respects to the great god that was honored without their name. She had begun to learn more and more about her nameless god. Of which, Chi named her.

"Honorable, Nameless."

Chi would take a single match and place it inside of the single stone lantern. It was ceremonial for her to light the lantern when the god was spoken to.

"I beg of you to allow me the strength to protect my given master."

She bowed her head again before kneeling onto her pillow. She pressed her head against the dirt before the shrine. She hoped others would be able to understand the reason for such a place.

She looked at the shrine, all of the letters and symbols seen and protected, but of something she had seen before but hadn't understood. She took out some cloth and charcoal and rubbed it over the symbols. It was something she would have to research later.

"Perhaps I will learn your true name one day, my guardian."

She rose up, took her father's case and her god's relic and left. This was another day of her long journey.


To pray at this shrine, please light the lantern, or place a lit candle around the stone lantern. After your post, please exit.

Please bow, however it is not required. On this shrine it is apparent to honor a single god who's name has been long weathered away.

#2Audrey Namatzu 

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Audrey Namatzu

"Please don't bite!"

Today was the day. Audrey was going to go out and do what she saw a few others doing in the town of Oak, going out to some old shrine and praying to some old god. She didn't really understand what the point of this was, but she figured she would give it a shot anyways. She only knew a few things about what she was going to go do, she was going to pray to an unnamed god, and that she had to light a candle. That was about all the information she had about what she was going to do, and she figured she had to do it quietly and honestly. She walked up to the shrine and her feet stopped right at the edge of the velvet pillow placed so perfectly on the ground. She let her knees gently fall onto the pillow and pulled a candle and a match out of her bag, She struck the match on a rock nearby and lit the candle, closed her eyes, and prayed silently.

She sat there for a while before getting up and bowing to the shrine, picking up her backpack, and leaving. There had been some kind of presence there that had felt magical yet mysterious. She couldn't really describe how she felt afterwards, as it felt that there was something there that wasn't the slightest bit human, and she had been doing the right thing going there. She walked home and was just going to sit with Snowy on her bed and contemplate what she had just done.



A Shrine To Be Grown  (命) Iz4v1s

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The shrine itself was quaint and well-designed; Oriental-like carvings were rare in these parts of Fiore from what Urion had seen himself in his travels. There was a calm buzz about the town about the shrine and its canny and mystical ability to grant prosperity and success to those that whispered to it. Such persons prayed to a nameless god whose name was lost to the generations for whatever reasons that contributed to it. Urion decided that there could be no harm in giving homage to such a probable old and wise deity, who could give him the guidance needed to overcome the future misadventures he would have to face.

Urion lit the already present lantern and knelt down on both knees before the shrine and clasped his hands together. Closing his eyes he gave a solemn and brief prayer for a few things. First thing was for safe travels as he walked the lands of Fiore. What followed after was a sense of direction in regards to how the personal information regarding his lineage. He was unsure how all of it would play out in the end. He only wished that everything would culminate in due time and make some sort of sense. Getting up and bowing, the Blue Pegasus mage walked away, on the search for something else to take part in.



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Vidarr kneeled in front of the lantern, placing his spear next to it. He fiddled silently with his golden ring, he wasn’t one to show weakness. Lighting a match he lit the lantern of the nameless god, he had no idea who worshipped or did worshipped it, he only did it to be polite, his mother had always been a firm believer in luck as a god, and his father mostly agreed. Vidarr spoke softly,”mom, dad, I’m sorry I wasn’t there the night of the fire. It was a terrible way to die, I sworn I would have done better but please forgive me, mom I know you would have done everything to get out, don’t blame your weakness, dad, I knew you did everything you could do for mom, make sure she doesn’t go crazy with guilt.” Vidarr smiled softly at the sky, a tear dribbled down his face, with a quick gesture he wiped it away, one more sniffle and he’d be done crying. Standing up he’d walk away entirely done with this experience, he preferred fun. Not depressing memories that caused a person to cry, what a shame.

#5Aria Scylar 

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Aria Scylar

Aria had come to pay her respects today. Even though she didn't care much about others, she did care for the ones above and her sister. She had come here every once in a while just for normal reasons, but today had felt... special. She wasn't sure why but it had just seemed that way and Aria wasn't going to let that feeling get ignored. She was going to make today special, and nothing was going to keep her from that. She had brought her normal offering and her match to light the lantern, but today she had brought something extra special. A note. Now that may not sound special but what it contained was very important. She lit the lantern and had bowed to the shrine. She then let her knees fall on the satin red pillow and payed her respects normally, and made sure to put the note right next to the offering, to make sure that the ancient god wouldn't miss it when he had come down to take his offering. She stood up and bowed to the shrine again, now getting ready to leave. She didn't know how long she would do this, but it had meant something to her and she was going to keep it up for as long as possible.


A Shrine To Be Grown  (命) 1gg6ee
#6Audrey Namatzu 

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Audrey Namatzu

Audrey Namatzu

How long had it been since she last came to this place? No, she had never left. Grimoire Heart was all but a story at this time. They had taken the crown and killed the king only to be emperor. It was a strange world. but now, she was full of opportunity and choices. She didn't know what lay outside of this city, and had all but forgotten the world. Everyone seemed to move and flock away like the mindless mortals that they were,

"Stupidheads." she said to herself as she stood before the shrine. This was once a place of worship and cleansing one's soul, but now it had been tainted, and disturbed. She lifted her foot and kicked it, her pet doing the same to chill it over to weather the stone.

"Everything falls." she would say, trying to knock it down. It was true that this place once made her happy, but something, deep down was being released. What had happened? What made her feel this way? Why did she feel so alone?

With another kick followed by another, and another, the stone would crumble and fall to the ground. She wasn't sure why she did it, but she swore that she was told to do it. Someone told her. And she felt she had to do it.

"Let's go Snowy." she would say to her pet, turning to walk away from her deed. "We'll get some food at home, okay?"

A Shrine To Be Grown  (命) Iz4v1s

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