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Restless Souls: Let's Play! [Arisa:Yasuki Hallow Quest]

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Restless Souls: Let's Play! [Arisa:Yasuki Hallow Quest] Empty on Thu Oct 26, 2017 10:21 am

Arisa brushed her hair in front of the mirror as she hummed a melodic tune. She looked and gazed at her eye as, speaking to herself. Hyoen was out doing whatever he does on his own time and so she was just going to relax in this hotel tonight. A small giggle escaped her lips, ''You're silly Arisa, thinking you were pregnant. You're just gaining some weight from all that food.'' spoke the womanly voice, teasing her from her own lips. Her eyes slowly looked downward. ''I suppose it is bad to trust everyone you meet. I should've just gone to some doctor.'' she mumbled lowly as her eyes started to slant. ''It's not that you're dumb. You just trust people too much. Don't think too hard on it.'' spoke the womanly toned voice that escaped from Arisa's lips, yet it was from the mirror. Slowly Arisa nodded as she then put down the brush made out of ivory. The hair brushing part was made out of horse hair, finely fitted for silk hair. Yawning, stretching with her arms going out she started to get up and walked towards the wardrobe to see what seemed to fit tonight's weather, for clothing anyways.



Restless Souls: Let's Play! [Arisa:Yasuki Hallow Quest] Empty on Thu Oct 26, 2017 10:30 am

Yasuki and Nami walked into the new town of Dahlia. Another new town always seemed like a new adventure to Yasuki. "I suppose we should make our way and find a hotel room. We did just have quite the journey" Yasuki spoke as she looked down as if she was waiting for Nami to agree. She wasn't sure how far she had just traveled, but she knew it was quite a ways. As the two of them walked through the town she looked around looking for any sign that a hotel was near and was still reluctant to find one. "Surely there's one around here somewhere." she spoke optimistically as they continued to walk through the town in search of a place. Suddenly in the distance she saw a building which was some-what taller than most and the outside was lit up as if it was trying to attract travelers. "That's got to be it!" she shouted out as she pointed straight ahead. As they made their way to the building the two of them walked in and found the front desk where a lady was sat at a computer looking to be quite busy. "Uhm, pardon me. But I was looking to get a room?" Yasuki asked politely trying not to disrupt the woman too much, she would then wait to be directed patiently with her companion by her side.



Restless Souls: Let's Play! [Arisa:Yasuki Hallow Quest] Empty on Thu Oct 26, 2017 10:39 am

The old lady yawned in her rocking chair behind the counter. She felt so peaceful, so tired and she honestly just wanted to take a nap. The bags under her eyes symbolized that she hasn't slept in a day or two. She has eaten, but the only thing to drink that she had around was a simple glass of water. There was no ice, only a couple of cracks that have yet to break, that poor glass. The hotel had some cobwebs on the sides of the ceiling, on each corner and the spiders crawled every-so-often up and down from the ceiling when they felt like it. As her eyes closed and her body was going to fall asleep, someone came in with an interrupting voice that was like a little girl's making her eyes open wide. Her lips scowled as her face was like a grumpy owl's face, looking towards the freakishly tall haunting looking child. ''Who in bee's knee's do you think you are? Waking up an old lady like that, letting the door slam!'' she spoke to the girl.
Arisa finally got done getting dressed and into jogging pants and a turtle sweat-shirt, some shoes and white socks. Her body twisted towards the table to grab the keys for the hotel room and left it. She went through the halls and had her eyes wander around in curiosity as she went towards the downstairs.




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Yasuki could tell that it was going to be awhile before the lady woke up, though she knew that all she could really do was stand there and wait. She could see the older lady start to move around after she had spoke, but she didn't seem to be in any kind of hurry to get Yasuki a room. 'Maybe there's another hotel that I can go to...' she thought as she decided to almost turn around and head back out the door. At that time the lady spoke and didn't seem to take as kindly to Yasuki being, what she thought, quite nice and polite. "I uhm... Didn't think the door shut that loud, my apologies. But I was wanting to get a hotel room, you see I just traveled to town and had quite a large journey." Yasuki said trying to explain herself in a haste.

She looked towards the woman and could tell she wasn't having that good of a day as the woman looked overly exhausted. After pressing in some keys on her keyboard, she looked towards Yasuki and then grabbed a key from behind her, "Here, take it and get out of my lobby." the woman said rudely. Yasuki grabbed the key from the lady and started to head towards the room as mentioned on the key. "Finally... Hopefully we'll be able to get some rest." Yasuki said in a hush tone down towards Nami.



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The old lady looked at the girl with the black hair, red eyes and the fact she was super tall. She reminded her of the myth of the large lady. The lady would roam around and find a victim and when they were alone, she would suck their soul out. Rather they be man or woman, boy or girl, the demon wouldn't care. It was told to her as a child, but never has she heard of it. ''Oh well...'' she whispereing, dozing off into her own sleep, dreamy slumber. The girl had a weird fish pet and usually she would kick them out, but she felt too tired... too tired indeed.

Arisa looked forward towards the stairs to go downstairs. Yawning softly, one foot at a time she went down them. She could hear creaks from the wood as she walked down. Turning to the right and out of the stair's room she cornered her eyes to see a long black haired girl or woman, with some water-like pet. 'Wait... isn't that...' she thought and squinted. ''Yasuki?'' she questioned and walked slowly towards the girl. Arisa was going to be cautious in case this girl wasn't her sister. You never know in a weird place like this one.




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Heading off to her room it seemed like the hallway was never ending as it just kept on going on and on. Yasuki looked down the hallway as it began to come to an end. "Surely our room is here somewhere." she would say as they continued walking. When they approached the room she heard a voice call out "Yasuki?" she heard from behind her. This made the ruby-like red eyed girl turn in curiosity as it sounded like the voice of her sister, Arisa. When she turned she could see it was indeed her sister who was right behind her. "What are you doing here?" Yasuki questioned. "Did you finish those carnival games back in Woodsea? How'd you do?" she questioned towards her sister again. Yasuki was always quite pleased to see her sister, but she knew that it wasn't forever as sooner than later Arisa would just disappear and move on to another town again and that would leave Yasuki to have to find her all over again.

"Well, I was just going to check into the room and relax. Unless you have some plans or something that I can tag-along for..." Yasuki mentioned as she opened the door to the hotel room that she had just gotten.



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She looked at her sister and listened to her and her story. There was really no story though, just questions. She asked on what she was doing here, how the carnival was and so forth. She would think back then on when she felt so edgy. She was doing really shitty, but out of no where she won all the games after three or four, she didn't remember. She sighed softly and crossed her arms against her big chest, standing and looking at her. ''I suppose i did alright. I came here with a Lamia friend. We booked a hotel room on the second floor, but he left to go do some stuff. Not sure.'' she spoke and then wondered herself. ''How did you do in the games?'' she questioned. She waited for her sister to answer and out of no where she hear some weird whispers. ''Come play with us.~'' spoke a haunting sync'd tune. It was like a group or two people speaking at the same time, perfect timing too. Arisa wasn't sure if she heard it right or not, but she let her eyes wander while listening to her sister. Finally, a sudden chill then grazed against her soft skin, giving a slight shiver.




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She listened to her sister explain how she came to Dahlia and that she traveled with another guild mate. This led Yasuki to wonder if it was the other guild mate that she met as well back in Hargeon. Yasuki heard that her sister started the carnival games are some pretty rough luck and then won the next however many after losing like three or four. "Oh well, at least you won some." she said in a positive tone. Yasuki remembered the games of the carnival herself and knew she won over half of them but she wasn't sure if she wanted to brag about how many she won. But then again, this was her sister and she wanted to outshine her. "I did pretty decent as well, as soon as we arrived I won the first three, lost a few, and then won some more!" she said excitedly.

In the middle of talking about her luck in the carnival, she heard a whisper saying to come and play. Yasuki looked towards her sister and then looked around the hallway. "Did you hear that?" she questioned. Afterwards Yasuki could feel a chill against her skin. "Nami?" she called out thinking her companion rushed into the room as she opened it earlier, though finding the companion at her side. Yasuki then shut the door and looked towards her sister again, "What do you think that was?" she asked.



Restless Souls: Let's Play! [Arisa:Yasuki Hallow Quest] Empty on Thu Oct 26, 2017 11:36 am

Her eyes continued to wander as she kept hearing 'Play with us' over and over again. Arisa wasn't sure who the hell it was or they were, because they didn't feel like appearing before her/infront of her. She heard her sister question about hearing it, nodding to answer it. ''Not sure who you are, but I'll or we'll play with you.'' she told whoever it was. She waited for a response and they would appear. ''Hehehe, let's all play hide and seek outside!'' one of the little girls spoke. They nodded, ''Sure, alright...'' she then said. Arisa signaled for her sister to follow as they went outside. ''Alright! Count to ten!'' spoke another child. Arisa turned away towards a tree to hide her eyes and counted to ten seconds. She counted....

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10!

It was ten, she looked around the woods for them in different areas. There was one behind another tree, another child up on a branch after climbing it and the other was hiding in some old run-down wagon. Yasuki was probably able to find the other two children as there were five kids. After returning to the main spot they bowed and smiled. ''Thank you for playing with us!~'' they spoke in sync again, gave them pops and left. ''I guess we can just go back to the hotel now and sleep....'' she spoke softly and started to walk back.




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The whispers of children asking to play with us continued. Suddenly she heard Arisa agree to play with them and Yasuki would nod to play as well. She then heard another say "Let's play hide and seek outside!" as she saw Arisa give her the signal to follow behind. As they approached outside one of the ghost children told the two sisters to count to ten while the five of them hide. Yasuki closed her eyes and listened to Arisa's count to ten while she was counting along. After ten was counted she opened her eyes and right away saw Arisa finding one child after another. But that left two for Yasuki to find.

"Ready or Not, here I come!" Yasuki called out in a playful matter to play along with the game. As she approached a bush she found one behind the bush squatted down to stay hidden. "Found you!" she called out. This left one more to be found, Yasuki would look high and low with no luck. She then walked over to one side of the building, still no luck. As she walked over to the other side of the building she could hear giggling and then looked and found the last ghost hidden on the side of the building against the wall. "Ah, Clever!" she called out as she found the last of the five. The children gathered up and then in unison would say "Thank you for playing with us." as they handed over some pumpkin pops and left. Yasuki would then hear her sister say about heading back into the hotel and relaxing some more and followed behind.



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Arisa watched the children pass away into whatever it was that dead people go to after dying and then looked away. Her body turned towards to the hotel room that was like some haunted house. She felt like it was time to shower again and get ready for bed. She felt like she hasn't really slept much either. She would fake on a smile and looked at Yasuki. ''I think when we get back, imma go enjoy my spa, bath and eat some fruit. Sounds amazing right about now.'' Arisa reported and walked to the door, opening it slowly with her hand so she doesn't wake up the old lady. 'Oh wait, she's not here.' she thought while her eyes cornered to see the chair empty. 'So where is she?' she wondered. That was a mystery for another time as she walked towards the stairs and looked at her sister. ''Cya later. Night. haha.'' she spoke. Arisa wanted to make a joke towards her sister like the typical 'Don't let the bug bite' or something like that, but she felt too lazy to. Her hips swayed, long legs pranced as she walked to her room. Hyoen was there asleep by the time she got out. Finally, Arisa went to get ready for her spa and afterwards she went to bed.





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From the corner of her eyes she could see the children pass away seeming to be happy that people played their game of hide and seek with them. She looked straight back towards the hotel door and could see Arisa start to slowly open the door, "Good call on the slow opening you don't want to wake u-" Yasuki would start to say but paused shortly after, seeing as she didn't see the older lady that was at the front desk earlier. She could tell that her sister seemed to be in a deep thought and when she mentioned about relaxing in her hotel room all Yasuki could do was nod to agree as she was just so exhausted from her travel. "Maybe, after I relax I might explore more or travel to another place... But first, relaxing in the hotel room sounds great." she would say in a response to her sister. She saw her sister continue up another set of stairs, "I guess I'll see you later, hopefully." she said one last time before she continued through the hallway to her own room.

When she got to the room she once again opened the door and Nami rushed in, jumping on the bed and all. "Looks like we have the same idea, haha." she jokingly said towards her companion. Yasuki entered her room and then turned to close the door and make sure it locked as she then got ready for bed as in the morning it seemed to be another packed day of travel ahead.



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