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Day Dreams [Baron]

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#1Zoë Storm 

Day Dreams [Baron] Empty Wed Oct 25, 2017 6:53 pm

Zoë Storm
Being at the beach was something that Zoe, enjoyed quite a bit. The sun out, the sky was clear, and the heat rays from the sun was penetrating her tanned skin to become even more golden. This would be a perfect scenario if Zoe had the confidence to go into the water. The girl has had a fear of drowning for a long period of time, and despite dressing in a white bikini for pure fact she was at a beach, she would not get near the water what so ever. It was quite sad really, but this is just who she is.

Watching a game of beach volley ball was getting Zoe in the mood to join in and play even if the she was absolutely appalling at the game, she just wanted to have good time today. She had put of doing missions in the town, but she knew that they would not particularly hard. One that she had particularly eyed up was going to help a guy get prepared for a weight lifting competition. Zoe herself did not lift weights but how hard could it be to help a guy lift metal?

Lost in her train of thought Zoe was unable to realise that the volleyball was coming her way to hit her in the face.


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Baron scoped out the beachfront from his tent, he had on sunglasses of all things and raised a hand over his eyes to block out the sun as he looked around the place to see who or what he could get into. Seemed he was in for a day of sun and favor as the cool autumn air seemed to retreat for the day. He continued to scope things out, maybe he could kick over some sand castles today and then help folks rebuild to show he wasn’t that bad a guy. Then again he wasn’t the kind of guy to do something so rude out of the blue without reason and given the lack of beach babes he’d be all for not in playing the typical water side jerk.

Just at the center of the beach a game of volleyball was going on, the perfect time for him to wake on up and enjoy some bikini babes! He clapped his hands and puts his hands in the pockets of his black trunks as he walked down the beach. Could have been doing anything at the moment, he began to make his way towards the game with a confident grin on his face, he had to look good if he wanted join in after all. How hard could it possibly be for him to just get up and join on in.

Just as he got closer he noticed that the volley ball had been knocked rouge and was careening towards a young woman’s face. Now was his chance! Leaning forward like a baseball outfielder making a save he dug his left hand into the ground not too far from her and propelled himself to make the saving smack as he swatted the ball back towards the game. The result of his landing would be him resting on his side facing the woman, head propped up on his right hand with a knee bent upwards for him to replicate a relaxed but casual pose.

“Ya know, if you wanted a ball to hit you in the face, you could have just asked me.” he spoke coolly, with a cheesy grin.

Day Dreams [Baron] MJmwSQc
"Hey Guest, wanna train with me? No worries, I'll start soft and get harder as we go."
#3Zoë Storm 

Day Dreams [Baron] Empty Tue Oct 31, 2017 6:47 pm

Zoë Storm
“Ya know, if you wanted a ball to hit you in the face, you could have just asked me.” he spoke coolly, with a cheesy grin.

"EH?" Zoe was dumbfounded definitely lost and confused as to why this guy was here, and in such a pose. The young girl was yet to realise that a volleyball was on route to hit her and this strapping lad here had just prevent it from doing so in a very and uniquely cool way. However his cheesy grin was definitely one to remember as his smile just caused a large grin on her face.

Zoe was not one to really warm up to people fairly quickly however for a strange reason this man's demeanour just seemed to welcome anyone which definitely put Zoe at ease. With the beaming smile on her own face, Zoe replicated the pose that this man was in, though it was significantly smaller thanks to her smaller body proportions.

Despite it being fairly awkward for a person to just imitate a person they just met, Zoe thought it to be fairly cute, thus proceeding to do it anyway.


Zoe's smile reduced as she looked into the person eye's. Although it was brief one could usually gather a small bit about a persons personality through them.


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Oddly enough instead of being scolded or scoffed at this young woman welcomed him and his “cool” pose with open arms even going as far as to replicate what he was doing.

It had been quite some time since Baron met someone like this girl, her deep tan and powdery hair put him in mind of his younger sister, though unlike Vicky this girl seemed a bit more friendly and all the more welcoming to strangers. It seemed their appearance was all they shared Vicky would have likely smacked him for posing like this, or well smack any guy for trying to chat her up.

“Hmm…” he cupped his chin with a hand and continued to stare the girl up and down before returning her smile. It was fairly cute how she was imitating him, almost like a little sister trying to be like big brother in a sense. He chuckled aloud and extended his free hand to her after propping his head back up with his other one.

“Hi, pleasure to meet ya.” if she shook his hand he would do his routine greeting of strangers, a kiss on the back of their palm before letting them take their hand back .

“Name’s Baron, Baron Corbin, but you can call me Baron or Barry, or Bar bar… I have a few nicknames… And you are?”

Day Dreams [Baron] MJmwSQc
"Hey Guest, wanna train with me? No worries, I'll start soft and get harder as we go."
#5Zoë Storm 

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Zoë Storm
Zoe's playful nature was definitely assisting her at this given moment in time. As the man who was soon to introduce himself as Baron Corbin, continued to lie there staring her up and down. Honestly Zoe was beginning to feel a little uncomfortable with this, but she did not have to say a thing as he just returned her smile with one of his own.

With his introduction, Zoe outstretched her hand to shake his, only to be shocked with the sudden kiss on the back of her hand. The moment his lips touched her skin, chills flowed throughout her entire body causing her to feel slightly strange. She did know how to feel about it, but she just let it slide.

"I am Zoë Storm. My friends usually call me Zo. I am not fussed what I am called."

"Quite, a nice day we are havi-" With the two of them imbued in conversation, Zoe failed to realise crab that was crawling towards her feet. It probably did not help that she was wiggling her toes in the beach sand, causing the shelled animal to believe it was some sort of food. And of course with the crab trying to get the 'food' it pinched her toes causing her to yelp in pain.


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Baron blinked as the woman seemed to squeal in pain as a sand crab had taken a pinch at her toes. Stepping into action he stood up and picked her up, bridal style the crab seeming to fall to the ground. “Don’t worry! Everything will be ok!” he bellowed as he looked out to the side of the beach, “My tent isn’t too far from here, i’ll get you patched up in no time!” honestly this seemed like a scene from a bad film, but if she came along he would do just that! Get a bandage for that foot of hers and all. He licked his lips and looked out to sea before dashing off of the beach with the girl in hand, heading to his tent to help her out and all. It felt good to be good, he could get used to it even. Maybe he could take advantage of this goodness and do more good later! But for now he would be taking her to his tent to patch her up… Among other things. She was probably hungry.Like a mack truck he’d jet down the road with the woman in his arms, what a good guy he was and soon they would arrive at his tent for her “treatment”


Day Dreams [Baron] MJmwSQc
"Hey Guest, wanna train with me? No worries, I'll start soft and get harder as we go."

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