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Cake by the Ocean [Elena]

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#1Jason V. 

Cake by the Ocean [Elena] Empty Wed Oct 25, 2017 4:58 pm

Jason V.
After having completed one or two missions for money, Jason had decided to relax by the beach for a little bit. He deserved it after all. He took a sip from his half full (or was it half empty?) glass of strawberry daiquiri bought from the nearby drink stand. Today was an alright day for him.

He was basking in the high noon sun, leaning on a rock while gazing at the sea. As for his attire he was in your typical beach wear, with swim trunks sandals on. Today was a pretty good day for him all things considered, he didn't have to deal with any real bullshit as of yet. Now however, he had to just chill for a little bit, as it were. He wanted to appreciate to pure uncorrupted view of the world for a little bit as he looked towards the ocean. This was what he fought for, the untainted beauty that was hidden inside the earth. It was good to remind himself what he fought for and not just get caught up in the purification and violence. If he forgot what he was fighting for at any moment, then he might start down the path of the corrupt and impure. He took a deep breath, and relaxed while watching the sun dance on the water for a little bit, he might leave in a few minutes, but not now.

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The beach was somewhere Elena usually avoided, however, she had slowly grown used to the slight burning sensation of the sun on her new vampiric skin texture. She had missed the warmth of the sun, caressing her pale skin gently, and decided it was time for her to give the sunlight another chance. She brought a black parasol with her just in case, and made sure to wear a thick layer of sun screen on her alabaster skin. She visited the drink booth before actually bathing in the sun. She ordered a simple pineapple juice, as she did not drink even though she has heard of it's beneficial properties to vampyres. Apparently, alcoholic drinks can suppress the urges of a vampyre to feast on human blood. Even with the knowledge stored in her mind, she still refused to drink. She didn't like alcohol, as she thought it was bitter and did not understand how people could like any beverage with alcoholic content in it.

She was in a traditional bathing suite, very conservative and did not reveal any body parts. She was a modest woman. She sat down beside a standing man, staring emotionless into the ocean. "Penny for your thoughts?" She asked the man.

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#3Jason V. 

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Jason V.
He was enjoying the water, the gentle soothing breeze that it brought, and most of all, he was enjoying the serene quiet that it all brought upon him, reminding him of the beauties of the world. After waiting for a few hours the sun start to begin it's cycle downwards, spreading over the horizon like a poached egg. That was what he waiting for, to see the sun fully collapse into the earth, with the sky lighting up in shades of pink, blue, orange and everything in between. That was what truly reminded him of the good of the world. He had finished off his strawberry daiquiri an hour previously, and had left the glass in the sand beside him. While he was anxious to see the sun set, and all the beauty that such an event would entail, his thoughts turned to the darker side of life. Such a beauty was tampered with day by day, and he needed to stop it. He needed to put those who would corrupt the beauty of the world into their place, purifying them of their dark intents and desires.

An important distinction to make is that he wasn't specifically thinking about the sunset when he talked about dark individuals corrupting the beauty of the world. By beauty he meant the natural order, life and death. To him the darkest thing around was in fact going against the natural beautiful order that the world had set out for them. Those who went against death by trying to cheat themselves out of a natural existence such as liches, and necromancers. Those who went against life by twisting their own lives or the lives of others into hideous beasts. And those who were corrupt themselves, entrusted with leading others and then failing them. The corrupt bankers, and politicians of the world. All these subverted the life intended for the world, and all would have to go.

He shook all of those thoughts from his head however, as he remembered why he was here after all. He didn't come to the church to wallow in a self misery or pity, thinking of the tasks that he would have to undertake if he wished to fully show his appreciation for the world. This was a time to love the world after all, and love it he would. He allowed himself to drift into the sunset, admiring the multiple patterns that started to show up with it setting.

While the sun was still up, but ver nearly past the sea, his momentary lapse into a sense of peace was interrupted. A woman had sat down next to him. Well, not exactly a woman, she looked a good deal younger than most woman would be, but still held herself with an aura of maturity that most did not possess. She looked slightly familiar, although Jason couldn't put his finger on where and how they would have met. Could be anyone after all, given all the travel he found himself doing, and all the faces he saw. He disregarded that thought, as he didn't really pay it much mind. She offered him a 'penny for his thoughts.'

This pulled him back to reality as it were. He to a few steps around, so that he was about 3 feet in front of her, with his back to the sun, giving her a bit of shade. He also now had a nice view of the beach that had previously been out of eyesight to him. The amount of people had died down considerably now that the day was coming to a close.

He smiled, subverting the doubt and indecision that had been plaguing him before. He decided that it would be best not to share with a (probable) complete stranger his entire life's story. He instead decided to go with a joke.

"well, make it 4 pennies and we'll have a deal." Depending on her reaction (like if she was amiable to him he'd continue the conversation, if not then the situation would have to be re-evaluated.) He would continue with, "How about you? What brings you to the beach?"

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