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Restless Souls: Wrong Cure {Lucian}

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#1Lucian V. Crimson 

Restless Souls: Wrong Cure {Lucian} Empty Wed Oct 25, 2017 3:57 am

Lucian V. Crimson
Hmmm, never could really put my finger on why things felt so strange around here lately. Something was in the air and it was not magical in nature. This was something that transcended the realm of man and mortal, it was a spiritual feeling much like those times when Krotodamus would call for me to come speak with him. But this feeling it wasn't of a heavenly power, there was a tinge of sadness. Rage, and anger. There was a taste for vengeance and retribution. It was near stifling and I do not know why. Why would these emotions be so strong right now? Why do I feel this tingling on my skin, if not for...


The apparition eased itself into view, the form of a small child, a young boy appeared. His eyes somber, they were puffy as well as if he had been crying. His face sunken slowly as if he was once sick in his life. His mouth was closed and locked into a frown. Around his body was the gown of a patient. He floated through the solid items and he seemed to be shy. But the emotions were stronger than they had been mere moments before.

"Yes.... I ..I..I need your help mister. "

His voice reminded me of a broken child, one that felt that unfulfilled and wronged. There was a hurt in his eyes much like my own had been. And though he may be a spirit, and some have been known to take the form of children to trap men, I can feel the truth. I do not know how. But he is genuine.

"What can I do? And what is your name? "

His face picked up slightly and there seemed to be a shine in his countenance despite it's ghostly pale. The boy floated closer and it was easier to see the damage he had sustained while his time in life. There was still the image of the stretched skin on his frame.

"I am Billy. And...And Doctor Vernon killed me. You, have to tell my mommy and daddy that he gave me the wrong medicine. They will tell on him and then he will never hurt any other kid again. "

Billy, this must be the child I heard about that died from the incurable disease. Hmm, that doctor did always do seem to be hiding something. I remember from the announcement and how he had become very reclusive in recent days. This would explain it all. Shameful indeed.

"It will be done, do want me to tell your mother and father anything? "

Billy seemed to ponder for a brief moment before the sadness began to return. But, as quickly as it had come it vanished. Replaced with a sense of peace and joy.

"Tell mommy and daddy I love them very much and that Mr. Snuffles should be given to Alisa. Thank you, mister. Bye-bye. "

The spirit floated slowly up and began to fade, and with him, the emotions disappeared as well. Farewell.

The home of the little boy wasn't hard to find considering that there were was a memorial of gifts and other offerings of condolences outside of the home.

The house was rather somber which was to be expected. Well, here goes nothing.

The knock rang through the hollow street. The gruff voice that came from behind it made it evident that this was the father.

The man that answered the door had the weight of the world on his shoulders, his eyes were just like his sons. The same shape and color. They too were puffy and spoke to the fact that he had been grieving on this late night as well.

"What do you want?"

"Sir, call your wife, I have an important message for you and your wife. "

The husband looked gruffly and distrustful. I don't blame him but this had to be done.

"Melissa. Come here. What's the message? "


The wife and husband stood arm and arm. They couldn't handle any more bad news. They were grieving parents whose lives would never be the same again. Their baby was taken from them unnecessarily

"I have a message from Billy before you question me. He told me to tell you the doctor lied. He prescribed the wrong medicine and didn't want to lose his credibility. If you challenge him on it. He will flounder and your exposure will make him confess."

The parents face contorted into confusion and rightful anger. But this needed to be done.

"Why should we believe you?"

"Because Billy says he loves you both very much and to give Mr. Snuffles to Alisa. "

This time their faces formed into a tinge of sadness and elation. Tears started to fall but they were ones of joy.

"How..How did you know? "

"I talked to your son. He has moved on now. Go set this right. "

The father moved quickly, his face was made of stone and there was brisk speed in his walk as he gathered his things.

"Thank you, sir... How can we repay you?"

The moon hung high in the sky, and the light illuminated the tear stains on her cheeks. But the joy was also lit in her eyes.

"No need. I am just a messenger. I lost my parents as a young man so I know your pain. "

The father came back to the door and kissed his wife, his hands were rough but there was vigor in his shake.

"Thank you again. "

"Yall are welcome. "

The man disappeared into the night on the path toward truth and justice and me... Well, I don't know which way I am headed. Just glad joy walked with me.


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Restless Souls: Wrong Cure {Lucian} Qhre37u


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