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Magnolia to Worth Woodsea [Foot Travel]

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Tenshi †
It was a short stay, but one that allowed him some pleasant memories. He hadn't been in Magnolia all that long the first time either, but it had been long enough for him to enjoy his stay. Magnolia was a place that held an emotion attachment to Finn now. it had been an area in which he deepened his bonds with a few of his guildmates. It had been the place in which he had begun to push his mastery over his weapon, continuing on the path of bettering himself. Perhaps most importantly, it had been the place in which he and Seira had met for the first time.

During his brief stay in the city, he visited the nearby forest in order to go through it once more. He found the location in which he had first found her, separate from the beaten path. It was a light clearing, one that had served to cause her trauma that night. He still had no idea what had even happened, nor had he ever brought it up again. It had seemed that whatever it was, she'd been able to work through it. That was a positive thing, and something that did not have to be relived simply to sate his curiosity of the matter.

While in the area he had stumbled across a quickly dug grave. He knew not whose body resided within it. Still, it was remarkably close to where he and Seira had first been that night. It was not in the direction in which she'd first come running, but it was within throwing distance. Whatever had gotten this poor spirit may have been what injured her. Hell, it might have even killed her had she not been so quick upon his arrival. He gently rested a hand on the grave, and allowed himself the guilty pleasure of thanking fate that it was not her in there.

With that, he had made his way away from Magnolia and off to his home of Worth Woodsea. He had not seen Seira in quite some time. He remembered Jake's awkward invitation to her after their first night together, trying to entice her to visit their home there. The tree house was a large and solid structure, built both within and around a preexisting tree. It was beautiful, especially this time of year. Finn imagined that she would enjoy it, even if only just long enough to visit.

He wouldn't worry about that now though. She had things to attend to, things that he hoped she was successful in completing. He would soon track her down again. He needed nothing from her, nor did he wish to prevent her from getting her necessities dealt with. Still, he missed her. It was only their last meeting that their relationship had officially escalated to any level of significance. Was it a crime for him to wish to see his significant other? He grinned over at Jake. Jake still had no idea, but he'd find out once they made it home. Finn wasn't keeping it a secret, rather he was waiting for the perfect opportunity to reveal the good news. What better time than at home?

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Magnolia to Worth Woodsea [Foot Travel] D09aavQ

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