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Dahlia to Magnolia [Foot Travel]

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#1Finn Mertens 

Dahlia to Magnolia [Foot Travel] Empty on Tue Oct 24, 2017 3:18 pm

Finn Mertens
Dahlia had been a unique experience, and it had certainly made Finn feel as though he had learned a lot. That being said, he wasn't entirely sure what he had learned. He had yet to take the time required to break down the events in his head. He wasn't someone who would benefit from analyzing it all like a computer. Still, these things took time to process. It wasn't as though talking to spirits and ghosts was a regular occurrence to be chalked up to another average Saturday. With time though, hopefully he'd have a better conceptualization of whatever had been birthed in his mind.

As the dark and malevolent city faded away behind him, a bright and joyous town peaked over the horizon. Magnolia was not at all like Dahlia. The irony of the Fairy Tail guild being located so close to the crime capitol of Fiore was not lost on Finn, and even drew a chuckle from Jake. The two of them made eye contact. They were still tired from all the spirits, they didn't wanna make the entire walk home quite yet. What harm would there be in resting within the confines of Magnolia if only for a few days, right?

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Dahlia to Magnolia [Foot Travel] C47FSON

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