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Restless Souls: Lets Play!

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#1Finn Mertens 

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Finn Mertens
It seemed that death knew no age nor reason. The things that were significant to one would likely never register on another's radar, if not given similar circumstance. How could a stranger hope to comprehend the driving force behind an individual? The things that Finn could look at and agree were important seemed to hold no sway over some people, and this of course worked both ways. The individuals who had been following him this time, restless and desiring something of him, were unique in nature. It was not their age, as he had helped with child spirits only a day or so prior. It was not their numbers, as he realized with those same children that spirits could be held together by a common goal. It was their desire. What had kept them bound to the world, and their reason for bothering Finn once they had marked him as their target.

They wished only to have fun one more night. It was obvious within a few minutes of their pestering him that these spirits were immature. They would trip him, tug at his hood, push things around, make lights flicker. That being said, this was never done at inopportune times. During his travel up and down staircases, or through shady parts of Dahlia (well, shadier), there was no such interference. These spirits didn't seem to want to bring Finn any harm, but rather to grab his attention. These pranks, childlike in nature, were immature for a very good reason. The spirits performing the action were still young, children no older than the two spirits he had aided previously. Their wish was not so grandiose though. They wished not for vengeance, nor did they wish for peace. They wished only to enjoy themselves as children for one more night. The desire was pure in a way that he had not expected from anything, let alone these spirits. He could not turn them down, nor could Jake. Their wish would be easy to grant, and so he would do just that.

Finn asked them what sort of game they would like to play, and it was as though they had been waiting for that moment for eternities. They cheered immediately, looking at one another with hope and excitement. They gave Finn appreciative smiles, and they told him that they wished for nothing more than a game of hide and seek. Finn and Jake would seek them out in the forest, and upon each spirit being found, they would disappear and follow the duo. This would ensure of no cheating, and make sure that everyone was kept together. While the spirits faced little in terms of danger, they still couldn't just appear and disappear at will. They could get lost, and more importantly, they could lose track of one another. If these siblings lost each other, they would have relatively nothing left. While it wasn't a point Finn would make out loud, it was one he realized very clearly. Regardless, it was time to play.

WC: 503

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#2Finn Mertens 

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Finn Mertens
As they all trailed into the forest, the five Brady's told Finn and Jake to begin counting. Putting their backs to the groups, closing their eyes, and leaning against a large willow, the pair began their loud and simultaneous counting. Their voices were monotonous, but deep down they held a bit of eagerness. These kids were so full of energy, so absolutely ready for this game, that it was hard not to allow it to rub off. Even if just a little, the duo wanted to enjoy this game with the kids. It was one thing to play a game out of pity, it was another thing entirely for both parties to enjoy themselves.

As the pair reached one hundred, they turned away from the tree and saw that no one was left around. Looking at each other, Finn and Jake devised a plan. They would split up, but they would stay in constant vision of each other. That would allow them bonus angles, range of vision, and a much quicker sweep of the forest. Plus, what sort of kid didn't like a challenge in their games? If they saw the pair coming, it'd now feel much more like the two adults giving it their all, rather than an act of kindness.

And so they split up and began searching. The first two kids were surprisingly easy to find. One was hiding in a bush, half phased out of view to make it much harder to see him. The other kid was up a tree near by, sitting on the branches and kicking his legs. It was as if he never expected people to look up when he was found, and just like that two were eliminated from this game of hide and go seek.

The next child was found hidden inside of a tree. Yes, literally inside of it. The tree was hollowed out, scorch marks still around the ground and bark. It seemed to have been struck by lightning, though whether that lightning was of natural or magical causes was anyone's guess. The fourth child was found in a fox hole that Jake checked as a joke. The hole was much larger than what a fox would require, but it was of similar build. With four kids found, Jake and Finn continued to scan the forest for close to an hour with no benefit.

"How crazy would it be if he's been following us this whole time. Just invisible."

"Wow you're good!"

And with that, the child phased into view. He had been following them the whole time while invisible. Such a thing had never been specified as against the rules. As a spirit who made no sound, had no scent, and needed not to show himself, he figured it'd be the ultimate hiding spot. While the others were just fun to have someone to play with, he was eager to win. With the oldest brother found, all the kids phased into view and smiled at each other before smiling at Finn and Jake. They looked just as appreciative and content as the other spirits, and without further ado, they waved the pair goodbye and vanished.

WC: 1036

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