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Era to Hargeon (foot travel)

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Era to Hargeon (foot travel) Empty on Sun Oct 22, 2017 12:38 pm

Akai stumbled through the paths. He didn't know what he had eaten, he felt weak, unstable. He really shouldn't have eaten those berries the peddler gave him. Everything was blurred, he didn't actually know if he would end up being okay in the end of this. Sliding his hand from tree to tree he tried to support himself, he didn't know what would happpen maybe he should just try and rest, he'd feel better. Akai coughed up blood, it splattered on his jeans and white short, wiping it away then burshing his hair out of his face he was left with red streaks in his white hair, was he dying?

Waking up after his nap Akai felt better, he didn't feel weak and feeble like he was yesterday. Sliding his hands Up the tree he pulled him self, he still felt weak and his vision was blurry, reaching for his glasses he noticed they were gone. Sighing he was forced to use his incredible sense of smell to get to Hargeon, he remembered that Kerii had been there last he checked, she'd probably gone to another town but it was worth a shot to check for her in Hargeon, they hadn't separated on the best of terms, so he had decided it had finally been long enough to go back and try to fix everything. Maybe he'd be lucky, but he doubted it, Kerii didn't seem like the person to easily forgive, and he doubted that she was even in Hargeon still. He had spent the last few months casually doing nothing enjoying the sites he hadn't nearly done enough quests to be as strong as he wanted to be. Sliding his hand around to find the next tree he noticed he was crying. As if he knew something bad would happen soon. Walking gently from tree to tree he cried in silence, the ominous feel of the wind surrounding him at every moment. The smells of death suddenly smelled stronger then they ever had, Trying to breathe from his nose he felt trap and his breath began to speed up. Something was bad was about to happen to Akai, he didn't know what yet, but it was on his doorstep. Whether it was death or mortal injury, he wasn't prepared yet, he wasnt done living yet.


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