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Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea [private]

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Noel's match struck true, his last cigarette went up in flames. Ten minutes, no, twenty minutes late. Aguero was supposed to be here twenty minutes ago. Anxiety and worry had overwhelmed his heart. Just a few hours ago, he invited Aguero to meet him along the Orchidia River; for reasons that were out of Noel's control. After news broke out in Hargeon about a figure from Grimoire Heart murking Blue Pegasus mages', and high ranking mages at that, he couldn't still sit any longer. Noel knew the identity behind this attack as Icarus, the agent from Grimoire Heart that invited him to spy on other guilds on his behalf. And Noel invited Aguero here today to confess these facts to him. Rustled footsteps originated from the west, Noel could tell because he had his detection spell activated for quite some bit now. Paranoia had led him to do things he wouldn't have done before, not before having met Icarus. The murderous aura that dripped from this man gave Noel an overwhelming feeling of insignificance.

The facts where that he had yet to leak out any real concrete information to Icarus, sure, there were details here and there about the names and identity of some mages, but no indepth details like their strengths and weaknesses. Perhaps Aguero could agree that this was going to be Noel's redeeming factor, and show him mercy? He could only hope so.

"Is that you, Aguero?"

Noel spoke out to the shadows.

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"Of course it's me, who did you expect?"

Aguero isn't known for holding back his tongue in social conventions such as these. Inviting people to strange locations wasn't in Noel's regular MO. Something was up, and Aguero could tell by how nervous the Lamia Scale wizard was being. Even going as far as sending out particles through the shadows that led Aguero to Noel. These were no simple parlor tricks, Noel had changed from the loose cannon he was when he entered Lamia Scale. Though Aguero wasn't exactly happy to see this; seeing his mages grow up and become more refined usually had its consequences.

"Why have you invited me to meet you, Maarschalk Noel Raion?"

Aguero looked sharply into the eyes of Noel, expecting a degree of honesty from someone his age. The cold wind that passed through wasn't a factor that Aguero had to deal with. His menacing aura cared little for the surrounding weather. But, disregarding that, he wouldn't leave the confinements of Lamia Scale just to meet Noel; this meeting had better be worth his time. Aguero began to think that Noel had become interested in obtaining the guild from him, knowing that they have the rule in place in which they cannot refuse a fight. Perhaps drawing him out in a place like this was going to be Noel's method of challenging his authority.


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Upon hearing the confirmation of Aguero's voice, he lowered his head in shame. Who did Noel expect? Icarus, most likely. That's the person who's been lingering in his head for quite a while.

"Nobody, just you, just you."

A light stutter dominated his lip for a moment, a good reflection of Noel's anxiety. He knew that Aguero didn't like dealing with whimps.

"This thing happened... with a Grimoire Heart mage."

He swallowed firmly, before looking back up into Aguero's piercing eyes. His aura was no joke either.

"Called... called Icarus."

A nervous chuckle followed. He couldn't believe the own insanity that he just muttered, he looked up to estimate what Aguero's reaction was going to be. Noel's stance spoke of no hostility, it showed the exact opposite, which was rare for Noel. He usually showed a high amount of hostility towards everyone.

"It changed me. He.. he changed me."

Noel referred to Icarus as an it, that's what he recognized Icarus as, a monster not from this earth. This was the time for Noel to confess.

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Aguero listened to what Noel had to say, with eyes squinted at the end of every sentence. Stuttering and being all pathetic like, what a sad tale. This wasn't anything new for Aguero, driving boogeymen back into the abyss where they came from. His confidence is vast, and no individual was ever going to change that. He's heard about this Icarus from various different communication lines, he certainly posed to be a danger to the rest of the community.

A sigh escaped the lips of Aguero, who became deeply disappointed in Noel. Seeing his will broken this easily. Though this Icarus fellow sounded interesting, certainly more interesting than Noel. Maybe through this affiliation, Noel could allow Aguero to meet this man and end it for once and for all. Aguero tried getting his hands on meeting this Icarus fellow, but he remained quite illustrious. Only rumors that hinted towards his location, which always changed.

"Set up a meeting, and I'll forgive your sins."

Aguero's words were serious, they also implied something dangerous -- this wasn't an option for Noel, he had to do it, or face Aguero's wrath.


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He didn't care for the things Noel had done? He didn't care? Noel wasn't sure what to say. Mere stutters escaped his lips. He heard Aguero's thorough sigh. He was nothing in his eyes. And the realization of this began creeping up on Noel's spirit; the feeling of defeat overwhelmed him. Defeat without combat, the lowest form of defeat, following a certain code in life, Noel never gave up -- not until he met Icarus, and had allowed his will to be mended by him. He gripped his sword tightly, so tight that his fingers began to bleed. The ultimatum set up by Aguero wasn't unreasonable, he could do it, he was sure -- Noel was prepared to give his life in order to absolve himself of the sins.

"I shall, Master."

After letting go of his sword, Noel sat cross-legged. His spine elongating, his hands resting, shoulders relaxed, his chin fully tucked in, jaw opened slightly, and at last his gaze rested. A mental shout, directed at Icarus was given. This was Noel's way of attracting Icarus' attention, and given that Icarus had responded within twenty minutes each time so far, this wasn't going to fail.

"He'll be here in around twenty minutes -- I'll aide you in fighting him."

Noel said, looking readily prepared for combat. Aguero always was ready for a bout, as was Noel.

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Aguero happily nodded. At least this meeting was going to be worth his time. Observing the Lamia Scale mage call out for Icarus was quite unique; this wasn't the first time the Noel and Icarus met-up, and Aguero took note of this. Knowing Icarus' lethality, it was surprising that Noel came out of it alive, so he must have traded something off. Perhaps it was a good bit of his sanity, but perhaps it was something else. All became irrelevant though, as Noel successfully contacted him. Aguero readied up, starting to amass large amounts of mana. What followed after though was a chuckle.

"You? Aide me? Hah, you're nothing but a speck of his power, the only thing you can aide me in is by being a meat shield, and even after all of this, you're worth more than that. No, I want you to do something else."

Aguero spoke with great intimidation, his murderous aura was increasing by the second.

"Back at the guild, there's an envelope in my desk, bottom drawer at the right-hand side. A Guild seal keeps it from being opened, if I perish, the seal will perish too"

The implications of battle weren't a joke. Aguero fully knew what the consequences were.

"Now leave. I have to focus."


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No reinforcements. Nothing? This man wanted no aide whatsoever? He gritted his teeth as hard as he could. Anger is rarely shown by Noel; though this time it wasn't anger at someone else, it was at himself, for being too weak. For giving up. For not believing, or having hope. He knew Aguero in and out, this man was in it to win it, Valhalla was meant for people like Aguero. Perhaps Noel could one day aspire to become as great of a man as Aguero is.

He stood up and nodded to his guild master. There was little left to say. It didn't stop Noel from hesitating though, every fiber in his existence wanted to warn Aguero, wanting to tell him that Icarus was very dangerous.

"I wish you great fortune in the battle to come."

Those were Noel's last words to his guild master, before he began wandering off. Another interesting aspect was that he stayed around to watch the bout unfold, but he knew that Aguero wouldn't like that. Red covered his sight, the wrath and rage that boiled deeply in Noel made itself visible by the strength he put in his footsteps. They echoed a few times through the ground.

He left and wandered towards Lamia Scale ...

~ exit

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It didn't take long for the surrounding darkness to take an ominous shift. A powerful gathering of mana pooled up opposite of Aguero, and out appeared Icarus. His malevolent mahogany mana clashed immediately against the shamrock presence of Aguero. This wasn't time for banter, Icarus came here with different intentions, but knew from the get-go that things weren't the way they were supposed to be. A certain lamb had betrayed his trust, but had opened a portal of new opportunities. His right arm extended towards the renowned guild master, with Damocles pointing at the mans head. Icarus drew a big breath of air, knowing that this battle was going to be over in a split second. His intuition could tell.


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No guts.
No glory. 

Aguero's muscles tightened when he saw the male appear out of a shroud of darkness. Instantaneously upon his arrival Aguero begun powering up. The veins in his entire body pulsated visibly for a moment, before a moment of total calm dominated his upper body. A distance of thirty meters separated the two men. All of Aguero's power begun concentrating on his lower legs, he lurched over, letting two fingers of his free hand rest on the ground. A monstrous amount of aura released as Aguero set off at supersonic speeds. His movement caused a huge crater in the ground, followed by a blast of sound. Calabas separated the air in front of Aguero during his dash. Aguero's might shifted from his speed to his strength; the strike he was delivering wasn't a piercing one, it was a strike -- a strike powerful enough to tear reality in two. His keen eyes kept Icarus in sight, not allowing him to counterattack without having this counterattack responded to.


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A complex movement had to occur for Icarus to evade what Aguero just had accomplished. Icarus analyzed thousands of situations within a blink of an eye -- Aguero's speed wasn't a laughing matter. As it happened in almost perfect synchronization, Icarus lowered his upper body backwards, having his legs remain straight while doing this action. He knew Aguero wasn't a fool, and is likely to aim for his most vital spots. This was a huge gamble that Icarus took, purely out of his respect for Aguero's power. This gamble wasn't made as risky by using Damocles to force Aguero to aim higher than he intended to. By directing the sword upwards from a downwards position, Aguero hadn't a choice but to aim for Icarus upper torso -- which is why he lowered his upper body. Aguero's attack missed Icarus, and traveled far away from the two, where it collided with mountains and promptly sliced them in two. Icarus used the force of Aguero's strike to move backwards, his excellent footwork allowed this to happen. Though this time, Icarus was going to be on the offensive, he let wind gather around his sword and direct it at Aguero.


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Rain begun pounding on the windows. Book pages being turned. The world underwater. A heart beating. The flutter of a deck of cards being shuffled. Piano music. The whisper of the wind. An enormous amount of mana begun leaking out of Aguero; powerful enough to ring a gong loud enough to be heard all throughout Fiore. Memories of his childhood began emerging from the deep void of his brain, old music. The river of Orchidia had its landscape shifted, the pressure that surrounded Aguero was akin to the ocean floor. Icarus' attack wasn't capable of touching Aguero's skin. He wasn't taken serious. This enraged the Lamia Scale guildmaster. Playtime was over.

His speed increased from last time. This time he became an afterimage. What followed wasn't a singular strike, like his first one, but a thousand strikes. The roaring crescendo of Calabasas was akin of silence after a storm. Like time itself had stopped, Aguero's final note had been played.


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The pace had been picked up by the Lamia Scale Guild Maser. Aguero's speed went from a Moonlight Sonata to Fantasie Impromptu. Icarus felt his mana gather up for what seemed like his last attack. This was an all out brawl, no longer just two people testing each other out. He couldn't tell how fast, but he could tell that it happened. A thousand strikes begun chasing Icarus, which led Icarus to take flight, increasing the distance between himself and these strikes that were all individually capable of fatally striking him. A lapse of concentration will cost him his life. Even the aged oak fell to the tempests winds. Icarus rose up into the air, and pointed Damocles at Aguero, or more accurately, at the entirety of Orchidia. A massive rumble followed, as Icarus' strike met up with the thousand strikes of Aguero. This rumble was powerful enough to leave the entirety of Orchidia in an incredible earthquake. Icarus paid with his humanity in order to have saved himself. When Icarus descended, he noticed that Aguero had used up most of his power. He was going to give him no quarter, and go on the offense.


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Aguero's inner animal was exposed during this bout. People always have had a strange feeling around him, they weren't fond of his fighting. He crossed the line too often, enjoyed himself too much. Aguero is a freak of nature. Some Council members frequently joke that he's an animal that wears a human face. The strike that Icarus sent down had enough force to destroy Orchidia's river and more, had Aguero's attack not stopped it. The dissipating energy was powerful enough to send tremors throughout the entirety of Northern  Fiore. Birds started fleeing the area. After Icarus' descent, Aguero used Calabasas against the earth in front of Icarus, covering the area with a thick dust screen. His instinct allowed him to focus on his hearing, Aguero begun searching for signs of breathing.


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It didn't take long for Icarus to notice that Aguero had been overtaken by wrath. During his descent from the air a few cuts and bruises found their way across his body. The next attack came immediately. Though this attack wasn't directly aimed at him, he could tell. Icarus readied up his sword, pointing at where he previously saw Aguero. Icarus' ears began ringing; this battle had to end quickly. And thus he dashed, at the same speed that Aguero initially begun with. This attack that was thrown at him didn't contain hostile intent. Icarus' skill in fighting exceeded far beyond expectations, from the few exchanges he's had with Aguero, he could tell what attack had killing intent. His fighting was very centralized, hints of intent were obvious. Just as the dust smoke went up, Icarus moved at his fastest speed, and pierced Aguero's heart, knowing that this beast wouldn't rest from a lethal strike, Icarus moved away immediately, circled around Aguero and struck his heart from his back. Icarus couldn't take his time and completely obliterate Aguero, he respected him too much and moved away after every hit. Icarus repeated this process until he was sure that the monstrosity had been defeated. Aguero relied on Icarus to breathe, and that led to his downfall, the miniscule mistake he made was immediately capitalized upon, factor in the combination of Icarus knowing the intent of his attack, it was over. After the dust settled, a visage of a body laid on the ground. Icarus begun immediately panting, finally allowing himself to breathe. Aguero's last note had been played. 

Later that day, a body matching Aguero's description hung from a rope in front of the Lamia Scale Guild. 

A sign pinned against his chest that said

"I do not fear death"

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